Friday, 30 May 2008


Aprilmay is one of those places that make me happy I live in Melbourne. This beautiful little shop, off the beaten track in North Fitzroy, is full of little treasures. There are so many things I like in there, from vintage pieces to things made from new and recycled materials, it is very hard for me not to whip out my wallet and skip home with a new accessory – at the moment I have my eye on the beautiful bangles, though how I'd pick just one I don't know.

The shop stocks the wares of local designers who not only create covetable goodies but package them beautifully too. The owner is also a designer and creates her own gorgeous range, and puts the shop together with the most amazing eye for colour, which I noticed even more when I finally found the courage to go in and take pictures. And the final joy for me is that there is a strong retro/vintage aesthetic, which pleases me in itself, and is also good news for the environment – something which has mattered even more to me this year.

So here is a peak into aprilmay, a lovely excursion to make.

1 comment:

Ion said...

Just marvelous (and beautiful as you said) !

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