Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Because I like them!

Some things make no sense, but I like them all the same... magazines! Logically, I should not like them – they use so much paper and are almost instantly out of date. But we are not logical beings. An hour away from the real world, with a good magazine and a good coffee, is bliss. I love the dream-like photo shoots, offering a glimpse of a world we can only imagine. Here are some shots of British Vogue April 2008, which I got today, after months of abstaining. I could have scanned these, but I wanted to put them in the same context I enjoyed them in. So, here is the Prada advert, from the opening pages...

I love the illustration and the idea of a fantasy world, perhaps down a rabbit hole, or lost in the forest somewhere.

And the clothes? As other-worldly as they appear here, I know I would enjoy wearing certain things from this!

Further in, there is an interview with Michelle Williams, and a photo shoot. The mood from the Prada ad is, for me, continued, and another beautiful world is created.

Yes, I would wear these outfits, but I think I want to live in this house more!

I am glad we are not robots.


Ion said...

It's strange because in the third and the fourth picture, we may think about barbie girl, although I think they are human models like others photos...
ps : Sorry for the text, I'm French and I suppose I may have made some mistake.
See you soon !

ed said...


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