Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Little red pot of magic

There is only one beauty product that I absolutely swear by.

This is a shame, as I like cosmetics; I like make up and creams and little bits of luxury and indulgence; I like pampering. However, I have never really investigated which ones actually work for me.

After a lot of research (well, that would mean some magazines) I did try a couple of quite expensive and well known products... and it was such a disappointment. One, an exfoliator, (the strapline claimed I could take a certain medical practitioner home with me) was nice enough – it had a subtle orange aroma and didn't irritate my skin – but it wasn't amazing. In fact, it was nothing bicarb soda couldn't do. Boo.

And, like bicarb, this one product that I do love is a cheap and popular one: Lucas' Papaw ointment.

Like everyone I know, I call it paw paw cream. It comes in a simple, yet stylish, red tub, lasts for ages and is truly fantastic. I use it every day as a lip balm, as a rich cream for my hands and my feet, and on the inevitable mozzie bites in summer. It was also amazing when I used it on a burn I got from ironing; I usually scar very easily but it has made it almost disappear already.

I love it!

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