Sunday, 18 May 2008


Yesterday I spent some blissful minutes at the perfume counter. I have only worn perfume for the last, say, 18 months, having previously found it really hard to pick one I liked.

And then I found two.

And now, of course, I want more. I still like these two, but there are others out there I want to try. I know that marc jacobs' daisy is quite popular, and, after my initial indifferent reaction when it first came out, I really quite like it. It seems nice for spring.

I also like the Stella in Two:

and, just as I like the boots and the shoes, I love Chloe:

Something that adds to the experience for me is that the little cards you put the scent on are designed. Clearly a lot of thought (and money) goes in to them. I really like these three, from the embossing to the die cutting to the type treatments. They are lovely to take home.

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