Tuesday, 10 June 2008

regrowth and decay

Today I went out to the countryside, to the mountain ranges north of the city. What started as a warm day in town was actually a very cold one away from the buildings and the noise – I should have kept up my new love of long-socks-over-tights and kept warm! I didn't have long but I found a few things I really liked; I love falling-down buildings, strange mushrooms (sometimes it might seem like I eat them) and general otherworldly things... little worlds within worlds. Perfection is over-rated! Things are looking pretty lush after yet another long, scorching summer, and the little things springing back to life are beautiful.

To stomp about in this wonderland I wore sturdy brown ankle boots, favourites of mine for a few years now, and a vintage Laura Ashley skirt as a dress, with a cardigan and leather jacket for some much needed warmth. I was out of range for the radio for most of the journey, but I did listen to Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, eat chocolate and drink red wine – perfect winter pleasures.

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