Sunday, 8 June 2008

socks and the sea side

Wearing socks over tights has been a favourite thing of mine since the temperature (finally) dropped back in April. Lately, on our sunnier, warmer days, it has meant being warm enough, without needing a coat. There is also something about warm legs that is just sooooooo nice, a luxury I've never really noticed before. It wasn't so many years ago that through the cold London winters I would wear a thin summer skirt and knee high boots – no tights – and not feel the cold at all. Perhaps I'm getting old...

SO, on this lovely sunny day, we went down to the sea side (or, in proper local parlance, the beach – not that radically exotic sounding, really! But I am still an English girl at heart) to eat fish and chips, a traditional meal both in England and here, eaten by the sea in both cases, but a little more naturally beautiful here – or perhaps less grittily so, but I digress.


We had our chips just in front of a big old tree, with a great view of the water, and were soon joined by reg-legged friends, who might have felt at home with my red-clad legs, though mostly were after our chips. Of course we shared (sea gulls must have very high cholesterol) and then I felt the need to make like the birds and sit in the tree. I love trees, and have a very romantic idea of sitting in them, but am usually far too frightened of the lethal (and plentiful) spiders that like them too. However, this time I took the risk, and it was worth it! The tree had a perfect seat-like nook. We then went for a walk down to the sand. This was via a secluded little path that took us past all sorts of pretty (and sometimes alien) flora, and fauna – skinks! – that caught my eye. It was a special, very Australian trip.

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