Saturday, 26 July 2008

Fitzroy Gardens

Today I took a walk in the Fitzroy Gardens. My nanna cardigan is finally dry, and had it's first outing, as did the dusty pink skirt I shortened a few days ago. Both were wonderfully warm, and I didn't need to wear my leather jacket, as I do most days. If my camera battery hadn't run out (it gives only a few minutes warning, grrr, not enough!) I would have taken lots of pictures of this beautiful part of Melbourne, full of unusual plants and flowers even in the middle of winter.

Later we went to a friends house, and I painted my nails with one of her varnishes. I chose a dark red shade, as I like the contrast it has with the soft colours I am wearing.

Tomorrow morning, very early (I am not a morning person, so a coffee will be needed) I am going to a flea market. Hopefully I will return with some goodies – I am looking for some leather cases, a large mug, and, of course, clothing!


Earth blog said...

Nice blog!

Skye said...

Are you going to camberwell tomorrow? Wishing you lots of good market scavenging luck!

Grant said...

Love the ensemble; you look like you're about to walk into a Children's Fairytale. And that shade of red contrasts beautifully with the softer pallet of the ensemble. Xx


hi from Paris stylish lady Esme

as every saturday, i visit my friends and to discovered the best fashion blog
and unfortunately, yours belong to them ! lol

it's 2 pm here in Paris and i plan a great day of street style shooting in the streets of Paris.
Summer is beautiful in Paris.
Have you seen the amazing style i shooted this week ?
I am sure you'll find lots of inspiration.

i'll be glad to keep in touch, drink wine, switch links ! lol

i wish you a great day MKL
keep on being stylish and silly !

cheers from Paris


Lady Melbourne said...

Nana cardigan is gorgeous and so is your nail polish. I hope you find some wonderful things to show us tomorrow, it's one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday.

Miss Karen L said...

Gosh it's been ages since I visited Fitzroy Gardens, I forgot how beautiful it is. I love your outfit too - it looks perfect against the greenery!

esme and the lane way said...

earth blog: thanks.

skye: Yes! Thanks – I think I did quite well, it's posted now :)

grant: thank you! It was quite a fairytale spot, so that is appropriate :)


lady melbourne : thanks – two things, but they are great things!

Miss Karen L: me too, it is easy to forget about these local things. And thank you!

Orhan Kahn said...

Another few good pictures. And you look adorable.

esme and the lane way said...

orhan kahn: thanks.

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