Monday, 14 July 2008

Ooh la la, il est quatorze juillet!

Happy Bastille day! Now, the only French thing about me is my name (Marianne), but I am going to mark this day all the same. For dinner, we are having French onion soup, with some cheese, bread, and plenty of wine. Yum.

In keeping with this, I am wearing red white and blue:

Usually I am not really a fan of the shapeless trapeze dresses on me, as I don't have super-long-and-thin legs sticking out from the hem. After today, I plan to wear this dress with belts, to keep from looking like a little kite. However, seeing as I plan to eat especially well tonight, I think I will be grateful for the extra room in the dress – and the camouflage it will provide!

Speaking of tasty food, and cheese in particular, today I went to my local cheese shop. Yep, I love Melbs for that – we have local boutique-like shops for cheese and wine within 5 minutes walk from our front door. Our local cheeserie (no?) is the Milawa Cheese shop, and, inside this wonderful old shop, they sell locally made cheeses of many kinds.

I am off to a client meeting, and then will be cooking for tonight. I am trying terribly hard to resist 'bon appetite' as it is just too cheesy (pardon the pun) but I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening! Bisous!


nikki said...

Oooh I love that outfit on you! It really suits you!!
I'm loving you + our similarities!
• Flowerbomb
• Height / lack of stick thin legs / need to cinch at waist
• Cheese!! My biggest vice, even before cheap wine!!
Thank you for finding me, I have linked you :)

Rachael said...

My gosh, I adore that outfit. I just saw it on wardrobe remix too! I absolute adore the blouse with the small bow, I might just have to experiment with that too!

L. said...

Tres jolie outfit! I love the red tights and the new background. It makes for one awesome picture.

I've also linked you back for those awards... Obviously you won't want to do it again but you are one of my favourites!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I think the trapeze dress looks great on you! I have actually come to the opposite conclusion lately and stopped belting my trapeze dress because somehow that is more flattering. Go figure, because my legs are CERTAINLY not thin and long and elegant, but for some reason it looks better. Possibly I have a fairground mirror in my room and haven't realised.

A bientot!

Skye said...

Really cute and tres frenchie too - that onion soup/cheese/wine plan sounds sooooo good as well.

Mimi said...

This outfit looks great on you. I love your shirt SO much.

esme and the lane way said...

nikki: thanks!

rachael: thank you, looking forward to seeing your version!

I: merci! The green bg is a bit.... strong, though! And, thank you very much.

a cat of impossible colour: thanks!

skye: thank you, and it was yummy, and today I want nothing but fruit and veg. I'm all cheesed out.

mimi: thank you:)

A dreamer said...

Even if you don't have stick thing legs, i reckon the trapeze looks great on you. I love your colour combos.. not all you need is a beret.

esme and the lane way said...

a dreamer: I meant lack of length,rather than thinness with my legs, but thank you. Yes, a beret would have been perfect yesterday!

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