Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturday 5th July 2008

This weekend I woke up to a perfect winters day, cold and sunny. Even at midday the sun was casting long shadows you usually get later in the afternoon. After a good few hours looking in my favourite vintage shops – where I found one gem, a jumper I will wear soon – I enjoyed the perfect energy boost, the kind I cherish at this time of year. A nearby cafe serves traditional Italian hot chocolateMore of a cake mix than a drink, I chose the little one for this intense little luxury. Yummy!

On such a nice day, it would be shame not to sit outside. It is cold, but wrapped up in my scarf, and in my new ribbed tights, I was warm enough.


Amelia.Taryn said...

I love your blog.
I literally cannot stop reading.
I like the way you not only show a picture of what you are wearing and explain it tou also explain what happened and how you feel. Its just heartwarming and sweet.
BTW: where do you live, I want to check out some of the shops you mentioned. I also really want to try the hot chocolate cake mix. haahaahaaa

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, that hot chocolate looks AMAZING. Huge chocolate cravings now.

Sounds like you had a great day!

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh how funny, I go to the sister cafe of Tre Biccheri, Tre Espresso!
I love cold but sunny days, there is something I find calm and comforting about them.
Your red scarf are really something special, I must get myself one after seeing yours.

L. said...

Oh its those gorgeous boots again! The hot chocolate looks delicious, I miss good cafes.

The Waves said...

This post is *almost* making me miss winter. Almost, but not quite! :-) great outfit, btw, I love the skirt!

esme and the lane way said...

Amelia.Taryn: thanks very much! The hot chocolate cafe is on Rathdowne Street, North Carlton, it is really worth checking out. I am going to do some posts about the shops and things soon, too.

a cat of impossible colour: mmm, it is! and it it was! yum, yay for chocolate.

Lady Melbourne: is that in the city? I love them too, and winter in general... thanks about the scarf, sometimes I like a bit of colour.

I: thanks, I wear them soooo much now! Touch wood so far the glue has worked. The cafes here are one of my favourite things about Melbs...

The Waves: Thanks you! Our winters here are very mild, 3C overnight is unusually cold, it's around 15C during the day... comfortable, pleasant "cold". I do miss snow, though.

Karima said...

i had a hot chocolate like this once in matera. yum! i love your blog and your style and am adding you to my daily inspiration list.

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