Tuesday, 15 July 2008

some things...

... just aren't right.

Don't you hate that?

This skirt, for example. Thrifted, pure wool, in an olive green I really like, especially when paired with cream and grey and brown, like this. When I first bought it (a few months back) I did sew it smaller, but, alas, it just does not fit. It is simply too big.

As much as I try to belt it up, or stand in a way to at least have it look ok from the front, it just doesn't work – it is gaping at the back, and kind of puffs out, and is just... not right. SO, it is going to have to be goodbye to the skirt.

Something else that hasn't been quite right for a little while now is my hair. What was meant to be a semi-permanent darker shade turned into black hair colour that just won't wash out. Eek. I now have a good 1.5 inches of roots, which just isn't a good look, especially when the roots are actually lighter than the rest of your hair. Thank you, L'oreal. So I am getting this fixed up asap, hopefully this week – and I am going to grow my hair long again. Fingers crossed I don't get scary orange hair!


Très Lola said...

Shame about the skirt! Thats happened to me a few times with op shopping... dissapointingly, it doesn't matter how badly you adore a piece, sometimes it just won't happen. Just think, by re-thrifting it you might just make someone elses day when they find it.

esme and the lane way said...

tres lola: I know, but it was so close..!

Lady Melbourne said...

Can you sew? I can't remember...if it has side seams you could always run it in.
I love that umbrella also, it's fab!
I'm having my haircut soon, but I always get the same boring thing done so no surprises there!

L. said...

It's funny when that weird fit thing happens. It usually happens to me with pants. I know I should try them on, but I get lazy and don't. Then I have all these pants with odd 'hip flaps'.... because I have no hips.

I want black/darker hair at the moment but I'm scared it will stain. I hope yours turns out okay.

Melanie said...

oh, such a sweet skirt.

i know what you mean about the hair, but for me my hair doesnt hold colour unless i get it done professionally. lame. so i end up with tinted hair not dyed hair

Fashion Hayley said...

I felt your pain about having light coloured roots for 4 years! I am a natural blonde (but not as blonde as I am now) so when I was colouring my hair black when I got roots it looked like I was going bald because my roots looked white. Now that a bleach my hair my roots look black, its crazy! I can never win!

esme and the lane way said...

Lady Melbourne: not well enough for this skirt. I already tried sewing up the sides, but it wasn't enough.

I: argh, hip flaps! Not fun. And be vay vay careful with darkening your hair, and do NOT use L'oreal Casting. .. semi-permanent... the box lied :)

melanie: thanks, I like it too. Isn't hair hard work sometimes!

fashion hayley: yes the bald look, exactly what I am starting to get now. Makes one feel so... attractive! Haha. I really like your blonde hair, btw :)

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