Thursday, 25 September 2008

bye bye winter skirts!

Woooo today was warm and sunny! So warm and sunny that a silk cami and a cardigan was just right for the top. On the bottom though I wore a winter skirt with black tights and, my favourites, the clompy Sportsgirl platforms. The skirt's colour, a kind of granny pink (I love this colour) seemed right for the weather, even if the thick felt fabric is more a winter-time thing. It was juuuust right (just like Goldilocks) until about 2pm, when I actually got too warm! So, it would seem that heavier skirts are to be put away for a few months now. Fingers crossed. I am quite ready now; hey I'm looking forward to it!

witchery cardigan and cami
country road belt
thrifted skirt
sportsgirl shoes

Lately, however, I have had a strange desire to wear black tights with everything. Not so long ago I liked all different colours, greys and creams, but rarely black. Now, despite the season, they have been popping up almost everyday. It's ok, I have several pairs and a high wash rotation. But I hear tomorrow (Friday) is meant to be 25 C, so I might not need them at all! Bare legs! How exciting!

I am really starting to enjoy Spring, and the lighter colours and layers and so on. However, next week is going to be a dark week, if you know what I mean. I have a few things I want to try, and have also pulled out a dark dress from my donation box that I'm keen to try – and I'm planning on wearing it with black tights. I think there are some rainy days coming up, so I might just be ok... I also saw some floral tights today in a shop near home, that I might just have to revisit tomorrow. Floral tights – now that's appropriate!

music Emilie Simon


Lily White said...

I exposed myself very inappropriately today, but the weather was so gorgeous I couldn't resist! I should probably shave my legs and break out the tanning lotion before I bare them again, though..

PS - this comment doubles as a shameless plug for my new blog!

xox Lily

Q's Daydream said...

Cute outfit! You must go get those floral tights! :o)

Sal said...

Funny how our urges shift - how your black tights went from neglected to favorite, and just as the weather is warming.

Esme, such GLORIOUS photos - as always!

Evelyn said...

That last picture is so wonderful. It reminds me of Japan (not that I've ever been to Japan). More aptly it reminds me of my _idea_ of Japan. I love how while we're getting all pumped on the idea of fall/winter up here, you're shedding your layers down there. Makes for fantastic variety year round!

stn said...

It's so weird that it's getting to be summer over there. I'm preparing for a long, arduous, London winter.

a cat of impossible colour said...

Yay for spring! So exciting. And your photos are glorious - they make me want to hop on a plane and come to Melbourne.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

OH, lovely pictures as usual :)

It's so strange to imagine that youäre about to have summer while we're getting ready for the winter to come...

Skye said...

I could not wait to ditch my tights, I'm glad you're ready for spring now because it is inevitable!

You look as pretty as ever in your too hot pink skirt!

Louise said...

I love that dusky pink too. I'm envious that the weather is getting that warm though! We have the ever present Wellington wind to keep things a bit fresh. Great photos and well styled as always.

A dreamer said...

mm i love all that pink- your skirt especially. I thought it was sooo hot yesterday (thurs). I actually was sweating. hehe
funny how you've got the urge to wear black tights now that spring has come

Hailey @ said...

really lovely photos, Im jealous as we are heading into fall and winter in Canada! will live vicariously thru you.

Miss_Red said...

How gorgeous was it yesterday? I just wanted to sit out in the sun all day.
I love your outfit, the skirt is so pretty, such a delicate colour. Again I have to say how much I love looking at your pics, they're always beautiful!

Miss Karen said...

The photos are so beautiful - how gorgeous are those flowers (and you too of course :P )

I love the sound of the floral tights too!

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh I'm totally loving it! I'm not wearing tights! Yay!

The Paper Doll said...

I love that last photo of the cherry blossoms, and you look simply radient in the sun. Its beautiful here too so i know how your feeling!!

Lady Melbourne said...

Yep, no tights needed today thats for sure!
Skins white as a ghost but thats not that uncommon in Melbourne!
Your shots of Spring are gorgeous, very talented indeed.

heartofpearl♥ said...

i always love your photographs! they're beautiful~

i love this spring feeling:) lightens up my day!

Nadine said...

I totally adore the skirt and your use of pastel colors.

Thumbelina said...

Oh, I don't think I am going to get used to you talking about spring while I am so excited for Autumn and Winter, a bit disorienting (haha, and you think after all this time I would have been used to it...). This outfit is wonderful, and I completely understand your obsession for black hosiery... it has my heart at the moment too <3
Ciao dear,

LookingGlassGirl said...

I love the collection of photos at the bottom. I want a pair of floral tights now.

Nita-Karoliina said...

what a beautiful outfit and i so miss sun. you wear that look so good! pretty you!

StrikeMatch said...

I love the colour combinations, you have a fantastic eye. The floral tights sound exciting.

My email address is

Mila said...

I love every post of you so much.
You seem so to see that.

Thanks for sharing all these beauty love and i am happy for you the weather is great!


esme and the lane way said...

Lily White: the first bare legs of the season can be a shock! I will check out your blog.

Q's Daydream: thanks! I went back but they were $50 – too rich for my blood!

Sal: thanks very much! I know, it's not very in synch..!

Evelyn: thanks! I've not been either, but I'd love too... I like the variety too, but must admit I often like Autumn more than Spring!

stn: ah, London winters, I remember those. At least there are radiators there – here, we have NO heating. Brrrr!

a cat of impossible colour: thanks! The weather has been so lovely and bright lately. :)

the freelancer's fashionblog: thank you! I know, it feels so back-to-front and funny :)

Skye: haha I stamp my foot and say NO! Thanks very much :)

Louise: thanks! It has been sooo windy here too, today it is keeping things pretty fresh.

A dreamer: thanks! I know, my timing is impecable!

Hailey @ thanks! I'll live vicariously right back, I love the cold and snow! Scarves, boots, big coats! Yay!

Miss_Red: thanks very much! The weather makes it harder to knuckle down and work..:)

Miss Karen: thanks! I might get floral ones online (so much cheaper) but it might be to warm too soon!

Lady Smaggle: yay! It is a nice feeling, I had no tights on Friday!

The Paper Doll: thanks! It does brighten one's mood.. :)

Lady Melbourne: thank you! I am bright white, but I love it these days, it makes me feel old fashioned in a good way. :)

heartofpearl♥: thanks very much! It makes me happy, too. :)

Nadine: thanks very much! The skirt has little sailor-detailed buttons, they are cute!

Thumbelina: I know, I can't get used to it either :) thank you!

LookingGlassGirl: thanks! This link has some great ones, I am thinking about a tapestry pair:

Nita-Karoliina: hee thank you! :)

StrikeMatch: thanks! And thanks for your email address, email ahs been sent :)

Mila: thanks very much! The weather is good for the mood :)

Rachael said...

Such a pretty skirt, but summer heat in this country is pretty unavoidable.

I look forward to bare legs and summery outfits!

(And, for some insane reason I always forget to visit your blog, but I'll have to tattoo it onto my hand, because it's s very good).

Gem said...

beautiful outfit! and gorgeous cherry blossom photos :)

esme and the lane way said...

Rachael: thanks very much! :)

Gem: thank you!

ed said...


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