Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Yay, today is hump day! It's the middle of the week, when the weekend is nearer, and I start to need some fresh air. To stave off cabin fever, I decided to take myself out for brunch. I rode to a local cafe (and it was yum) but, while I have no problems riding my bike in heels of any height, I did find a problem today with helmet hair. Perhaps I need one of those antique deep-sea diving helmets?

It was very sunny but not that warm today, and I wore my cape on my bike – I felt like a witch, which was great! I just need to put Babycat in the basket, and maybe cackle every now and then... :) I have loved witches since I was little, and used to dress up as one at every possible occasion, so I think I'm thrilled to relive a little of this!

silk scarf – vintage
jumper, wool skirt, cream leather belt – thrifted
shoes – vintage

I am still feeling quite ladylike, but wanted something comfortable and simple today, too. I also love these vintage shoes. I got them earlier this year, and they came in their original box, complete with this leaflet. I have no idea what it says, but I will try and find out tonight...

I thrifted this pure wool pencil skirt a month or so ago, and didn't think I'd be wearing it until next Autumn, but I am glad to get a chance to try it out. It's not that cold, though – I could go bare legged! It is nice to get my silk scarves out again, too; the added cover from the sun is always a bonus.

Speeaking of sun protection, I need a new factor 30 cream. I currently use Olay, and it is pretty good (not purple, not too greasy) but I've heard good things about the new Clarins one... has anyone tried it? Any tips for a really good sunscreen that isn't a pale blue grease-fest would be much appreciated!


Lily White said...

Are you able to scan in the leaflet or transcribe it? I'm learning Italian at uni, maybe I can help!

Being able to ride a bike in heels is definitely an accomplishment in my book!

esme and the lane way said...

Lily White: cool, thanks! I am going to an Italian relative-in-law tonight, so can ask them... but would love to type some up here, too!

And thanks – it is actually easier than in flat heels, but it stills looks impressive ;)

Skye said...

I've always thought of you as very ladylike - maybe you are moving towards more structured styles though?

I live at the beach so I only wear the hardcore Banana Boat kind of sunscreens, even on my face.

Lady Melbourne said...

Lady like is perfect on you! I particularly love those shoes, looks like spring is just gorgeous there at the moment!

Brigadeiro said...

From what I can see on the leaflet, it says (very roughly):

The body's well-being & health of the legs begin from the feet.

Ok, I started, but then gave up, as I can't see many words clearly, sorry!

thevintageyear said...

Oh, I love this look, I'm really digging the ladylike vibe. I can never seem to achieve this look! Those shoes are brilliant and I really like the scarf.

Rachael said...

Fabulous outfit, I love the tones. And bike riding in heels - life does not get more wonderful, surely?

Dot said...

I love La Roche-Posay's sunlotion, it's non-oily so even if you have problem skin like myself you'll be fine. It's a really light fluid. However, I'm not sure if you can get that brand in Australia? They use French thermal water and I just love their products in general.

Q's Daydream said...

Gorgeous as always! Love those shoes! :o)

Sal said...

The skirt looks fab with the skinny, pale belt.

Rosa said...

Yeah I was going to say pretty much what Brigaderio said! You look so lovely, Im getting jelous of all the australian bloggers starting summer as Im having to turn mine in. Im loving this warm sanish aumtum tho! Besos xx

WendyB said...

Great outfit.

Nadine said...

Your hair is so beautiful. You look like a princess!

loou said...

such a beautiful look, love the colours on your outfit, and the shoes are so pretty.

ambika said...

Those shoes are adorable. I wish my feet were small enough for vintage shoes.

*indie_queen* said...

Those shoes are just perfect, love them. I think getting a deep sea diving helmet would be hilarious and very unusual!!

enc said...

What a perfect and charming look!

Amelia said...

Nice outfit. I love the colors and the shoes.

Saorise, the Irish nymph said...

You Are GORGEOUS! and that skirt is so cute . . . i am officially drooling over this outfit!
xoxo, Saorise

The Paper Doll said...

Ooh, loving that little green skirt and those SHOES!! Drool... Haha, it would be a funny sight to see you cycling along looking ladylike with a cape and a deep sea diving helmet - if you ever do this, please take a picture for us all to see?

A dreamer said...

I love how classic you look. Gorgeous and so right for the weather right now.
Avene sunscreen is good.

esme and the lane way said...

Skye: ahh! I think – but then again not too exclusively! Yesterday was the clompy shoes!

Lady Melbourne: thanks! Oh, it is, I want to make a little video of it... I might try today.

Brigadeiro: hehe thanks, cool! I should transcribe some of it in (I completely forgot to ask the Italian speakers, that's tax talk for you!)

thevintageyear: thanks very much! It is fun to wear.

Rachael: thanks! I agree, coasting along at around 8km/hour, taking in the view... heaven!

Dot: I've only heard good things about that brand, and that sounds great so I'm going to see if they are here – I hope so! Thanks for the tip!

Q's Daydream: thanks very much!

Sal: thank you!

Rosa: ah, cool! Thanks! Ohhh, but I just love Autumn... enjoy the crunchy golden leaves!

WendyB: thanks! :)

Nadine: thanks very much!

loou: thanks!

ambika: thanks! Often the vintage shoes I find here are actually quite large, I hope you find your size soon!

*indie_queen*: thanks! haha maybe a little heavy, too – though I wouldn't need t worry about sunscreen on my face... hmm, pros and cons!

enc: thanks very much!

Amelia: thank you! Though I wish I hadn't stood in front of the ivy, I just blend in!

Saorise, the Irish nymph: hee thanks :)

The Paper Doll: thanks! Oh, I definitely would... :)

A dreamer: thanks! Avene... I'll have to check them out too. Thanks for the tip!

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