Monday, 12 January 2009

monday morning

The first day back at work after a long break.

what am I doing – a smell check?!

Having looked for so long for some basics – a black skirt, a grey skirt, a pale blouse – I found all three during the holidays, in local op shops. I wanted something simple and work-like today; I am out of practice at getting up so early! Again, it was mild today, and so tights and cardi were required, at least this morning. It has since warmed up; 37C tomorrow!

The ever-bountiful laneway (which gives my blog half it's name) gave up a chest of drawers today. I didn't take these home, but they were welcome in my pictures this evening.

cardigan – witchery
bow – made form an old dress
blouse, belt, skirt – vintage and thrifted
shoes – country road

music pulp monday morning


Parapluie said...

Love, love, love, your outfit! It's simple but wonderful, it just fits :)

Mirthe said...

Love the tights and the shoes!

I've tagged you:)

heleen db said...

That bow is extremely cute combined with the rest of your outfit! Love it.

Sal said...

The bow, the belt, the shoes ... another enviable ensemble. You look smashing as always, lady!

Q's Daydream said...

Adorable!!! :o) I love the bow!

Nadine said...

I love the big bow. It's so cute!

Lydia said...

This floored me! Basic, and yet so interesting!!!! I really like everything, it's inspiration for when I wear my grey tights =D

Skye said...

I want to see what you wear for 37 degrees, no tights and no layers, I'm guessing!

Very pretty in a business-like kind of way!

thevintageyear said...

Gorgeous outfit, very work appropriate! Gah I really need to get myself a big black bow, after seeing Sally Jane and your posts featuring them - I've been meaning to bow-i-fy a white blouse for a while already. You look terrific as always!

mel. said...

really pretty!!

Emily said...

I love everything about this outfit! Also, I've linked to you :)

Grant said...

You look amazing Esme dear, and I'm so happy that you're back to posting again!

I've missed your craftmanship.


WendyB said...

That bow just makes the outfit so perfect.

cleo said...

oww i love your outfit:)that bow is so cute and commbines all:)

Miss Karen said...

What a gorgeous outfit! I love the giant bow :D

brooke said...

the tights and cardi together look fabulous!! and the bow does just make it. beautiful photos again!!


Andrea said...

Adorable outfit, love the bow!

Lavender said...

Such an awesome big bow. I think I need one of these.

Blogette said...

Love the bow. Your outfit is so lovely with the stockings! I can't wait for winter again!
I've tagged you!

Amelia said...

I love this outfit. It's so well tied together, especially with the color of the belt and the shoes. The bow is amazing!

esme and the lane way said...

Parapluie: thank! :D

Mirthe: thank you – cool, I'll check it out!

heleen db: thank you :)

Sal: aw, thanks v much!

Q's Daydream: thanks!

Nadine: thank you!

Lydia: thanks very much! Sometimes I really like simple :) And I always love grey tights!

Skye: thanks! Oh, and yip – I showed not just bare legs but toes, too! :D

thevintageyear: thank you! I wanted big bow for ages and then suddnely remembered I had an old cotton dress with a wrap tie thingy... hurrah!

mel.: thank you!

Emily: thanks! Oh, cool – I'll link you back!

Grant: thanks so much! Aww, you flatter me – half my pics are out of focus! Though, then again, perhaps that's not a bad thing ;)

WendyB: thank you :)

cleo: thanks!

Miss Karen: thanks it almost feels a bit conspicuous. Almost. But not quite. :)

brooke: thank you very much :)

Andrea: thank you! :D

Lavender: thanks – and I can recommend them. :)

Amelia: thank you! :)

Lauren said...

The shoes and the bow! Perfection.

x x x

Yvonne said...

who takes the photos of ur feet? do you just set it up low with self timer?
lol sounds weird but i really like the leg/feet pics u take.

HoneyBunny said...

I so love this outfit!!! it's gorgeous!!!

Bella Gelato said...

Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore your bow!!! I love your blog from what I've read so far!Hope you had a fabulous day!

Indie.Tea said...

That is a such a wonderful outfit...very classy vintage look :)

lauren said...

oh! you're such a doll, this is one of the best outfits i have ever seen, it really is. i just love it.

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