Tuesday, 20 January 2009

summer stripes

We are having some more proper summer days here... 'bout time! Today it hit 39C, which is pretty toasty. I wore my much-loved stripy vintage skirt, with a singlet; and a singlet needs a scarf. There is something so not-quite-dressed about singlets, and mine is quite low cut, too, which is not great for work. So a silk scarf came to my rescue, shading my skin from the sun and from view.

This long pleated skirt has white and khaki-green stripes, which I liked with the yellow (ooh or mimosa, perhaps? I forgot about these the other day!) and my newly thrifted white belt, with it's maroon and black detailed buckle. I wanted a scarf, but don't have a green one... and then rummaging through my hat box where my scarves live I realised that purple would compliment the yellow well. My purple scarf also has maroon and white in it... perfect!

silk scarf, yellow mini-wedge shoes (they are more amber in real life) – thrifted
skirt – vintage
singlet – old, from sportsgirl
soft, fabric bracelet – aprilmay

music the tornadoes bustin' surfboards


Lavender said...

Great belt. It reminds me of cigarette lighters owned by the adults of my youth to light their Benson and Hedges.

Blogette said...

Gorgeous outfit. Love the length of the skirt and the hint of Burgandy. The belt is great!

HoneyBunny said...

wow I really love the look! I wish there could be summer here....

Brigadeiro said...

Gorgeous pics & outfits!!! I'm heading your way this long weekend for the tennis, thank goodness for the cool change that should be coming! :)

Parapluie said...

Wonderful outfit! The colours are so well- chosen!

Rachael said...

I love the whole look, I've never been able to pull off skirts that length, but you do it so well.

Ambroisine said...

Great pictures, i love the red background.. And your outfit is lovely !
the silk scarf is so pretty and I like the touch of yellow of your shoes :)

vintageveggie said...

so funny, it snowed where i am today!

loou said...

i adore you.

Q's Daydream said...

Love, love, love that skirt! ;o)

kittyscreations said...

Yay for yellow shoes!

Nadine said...

The whole look is soo elegant and perfect!

Sal said...

That skirt is truly fantastic.

sara said...

those shoes!
and also the rest of your outfit. <3

oniomania said...

im with rachel, i could never pull off a long skirt my legs are too short. and the fact that the stripes go horizontal surprised me even more. you must be really tall and lean. so jealous....

a cat of impossible colour said...

Lovely! I really like the length of the skirt on you.

Bucca said...

Totally in love with that skirt! wow

Amelia said...

I love the scarf! That skirt seems like a perfect summer-y length. I love it against the striped background.

Skye said...

Corrugated iron and 38 degrees = very Australian and very, very hot!

StrikeMatch said...

I love the two different kinds of stripes and the cute yellow shoes.

corrie said...

Ohhhh that SUN! It looks so nice and warm and you look absolutely lovely.

I just recently found your blog, I love the mood of your images.

Hippy Chic said...

gorgeous darling! I love that highwaisted skirt & scarf :))


Linn Ekholm said...

I visit your blg from time to time and I´m always amazed at how well-dressed you are! I love your style and the photos look lovely!

We could sure use some of your heat here at the moment. Sweden is cold!

A dreamer said...

cute shoes. that skirt is beautiful. the scarf is such a great touch too.

richardfitzme said...

I quite like the yellow shoes. To be honest there is something missing with that outfit yet I cannot define 'what'. Maybe it is the singlet even though you have dressed it up with a scarf? You still look lovely though.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Lovely. I too did the skirt and singlet top thing i this heat. It can be hard to beat it, but the swish of a big skirt sure goes a long way.

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Porcelain Blonde said...

Love the stripes - both those in your outfit and also the lines in the photos :)

Thats how I wear my t shirts and singlets too, and for the same reasons!

You're manging to look super stylish in our crazy heat. Thats no mean feat xxx

thevintageyear said...

Yay I love this outfit, scarves are so handy! & I agree with one of the comments above; that skirt length is incredibly hard to pull off but you do it wonderfully :)

Elizabeth Bennet said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I'm currently freezing my tush off in grey, cold Italy.. I can't WAIT to get back to summer and light cotton dresses and colours and drinks with umbrellas in them.


PS... shameless plug.. take a look at my photos on my blog when you get a chance! xx

Lady Melbourne said...

Yep, I'm adding to the chorus of those who wear their singlets the same way!
Photos are look fantastic darling, just radiant.

esme and the lane way said...

Lavender: thanks! Haha that's pretty funny, B&H were the smoke of choice in my youth too. Better than Winnie Blues, surely! :D

Blogette: thanks! It felt like an odd colour mix at first, but I like it :)

HoneyBunny : thank you! Oooh, I'd swap, I want Autumn now :)

Brigadeiro: thanks! Cool, and so far the weather has been pretty perfect, I hope you have a great time here :)

Parapluie: thanks very much!

Rachael: thanks! I was a bit doubtful at first, but W_R ladies inspired me to try :)

Ambroisine: thansk very much! It's just by my house. I like having little bits of colour sometimes :)

vintageveggie: ah, snow! I cannot imagine it being that cold. :)

loou: awww thank you :)

Q's Daydream: thanks! Me too – and it doubles as a dress...! Huzzah!

kittyscreations: here here! :D

Nadine: thanks so much! :D

Sal: thank you :)

sara: thanks heaps!

oniomania: thanks – oh, no, I'm 5'4 and enjoy my food :D

a cat of impossible colour: thanks very much! :D

Bucca: thanks heaps! :D

Amelia: thanks! It's nice wearing scarves in summer, keeps the burning sin at bay. Te stripy bg was initially accidental, but when I saw it I liked it :)

Skye: haha I KNOW! But 42C, THAT'S hot :D

StrikeMatch: thank you :D

corrie: thanks very much! It has been a bit toasty lately :) And thank you, I'm really glad you like it.

Hippy Chic: thank you!

Linn Ekholm: thanks very much! Is there snow in Sweden now? I'm getting obsessed with snow. I love it! I hope the cold there stays romantic, and isn't too much of a hard slog. :)

A dreamer: thanks very much!

richardfitzme: thanks. It is not, say, a formal kind o outfit, but I still really like it and would wear it again happily. Variety is the spice of life and all that ;)

Super Kawaii Mama: thanks! Sometimes the combo is just required, when it is v hot and anything more than the minimum is unthinkable :)

vicen: I don't entirely understand :) I will have a look.

Porcelain Blonde: thansk! It just works sometimes, I think. The heat sure isn't the easiest time for stylin', hey :D

thevintageyear: oh, thanks very much! :D

Elizabeth Bennet: thanks! I think it's that time of year when we all want the opposite weather. Not too long to go now! :D And I will :D

Lady Melbourne: thansk very much! Where would we be without our singlets on hot summer days?! :D

Maggie May said...

pretty head to toe!

A red lipstick said...

I love your skirt!
Btw you're so lucky because it's summer there, where I am it's cold and rainy. I'm sick of wearing warm clothes and lots of layers now!

Jenna said...


Great blog =]

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Ashley L. said...

This is simply adorable! I love your style.

Miss_Red said...

I love the details on this outfit, especially the belt and shoes - they tie in perfectly! I don't know how you are so chic in this incredible heat :)

Aurélie Muller said...

c'est sublime, j'aime beaucoup! comme toujours!

Misha said...

Every time I take a peek in here I am amazed of how many lane ways you've capable of finding and turning into a great photo location :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh my, 39C is very hot indeed but I stil envy you of being where it's warm since I'm right now in the middle of a snow blizzard... ( I did spend two hours in +39 actually, I went to hot yoga class today :)

I totaly liek your soft flowing skirt and those yellow shoes. Very pretty!

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