Friday, 24 April 2009

old camera flash!

I have thought about this for a little while, and decided to give it a go. I don't get home til after dark, but I really, really miss posting outfits – it's what I usually enjoy most in other blogs – and so here are some really bad pics from my old camera, using the dreaded flash... far from ideal – and so fuzzy! – but I wanted to post this dress, as I love it :) The rubbish-ness of the pictures made me laugh in all of them :D Please bear with me!

BUT here is a new old dress. It is from the '40s, and I picked it up for super-super-cheap as it had some damage. But I loved the print, and thought I'd see if I could repair it. And I could! Even with my very basic sewing skills (and having to do it twice, as the first time I somehow managed to sew it from the wrong side – der! :D I think I was really tired) it is now good to go, and a new favourite of mine already. It was also really long – calf length – which felt really frumpy on me. A large part of the hem's fabric was damaged, and had split, and gone kind of crispy, so I didn't feel bad about lopping off a good 8 inches, and doing the hem with hem tape (hem tape, I love you!) I am happier with the result than I expected.

The collar is velvet with a silver trim, and I (albeit very carefully) handwashed the dress – it made it through with flying colours. I hate dry cleaning, and like the smell of freshly laundered clothes... what can I say?! Oh and I also have finally got some black nail varnish. I have ahd it on my mind for ages, but wasn't convinced, but since putting it on on Sunday night (and updating every couple of days, it's a cheapo brand and chips easily, and chipped black nails is a bit too teenage lazy-goth for me!) I have loved it. I've been thinking about really dark, almost black lipstick too... we'll see.

Today I wore it with a cardigan-coat-thing that has something of a '40s shape, and my chunky, very comfortable and very loved-by-me black peep toes – and it is raining now! Luckily it didn't rain on my way home or I would have got soggy feet :) yet more proof I need to get me some more closed toe shoes..!

vintage dress –
vintage (or at least retro) cardigan –
shoes – zu, via their fantastic online service.

music – the detroit cobras hey sailor


Cassiopeia said...

absolutely gorgeous dress! which etsy seller? :-) looking lovely and glad the alterations worked so well!


GracieFrances; said...

that is a really cute dress.

curious rose said...

your dress looks really nice, i esp love the velvet collar!

Patrizia simulacra said...

The photos look great. The dress looks quite divine and it is wonderful how your commentary describes detail and circa. Great photo's and a great commentary.

Parapluie said...

The dress is amazing and the nail polish compliments it very well!

muchlove said...

oooh, that dress is gorgeous!
You still manage to take good shots, even with an old camera :) It actually makes a nice vintage effect, especially in the last shot.

Hannah&Sophie said...

Your dress has such a lovely ladylike aesthetic. And a lovely job on the hem!

When i first saw the top picture i thought your jacket was part of the dress because it matched so nicely.

have a lovely day x

nadia said...

The dress is amazing! Good work on the alterations! Don't worry about the pics, you and the dress look good in all of them!

Lavender said...

gorgeous dress. What else is there to say.

Vintage Verve said...

Dress is fab and I love the way you rock the stockings and peeptoes.

xx VV

Sal said...

Well done, beautiful. You saved a fantastic dress from languishing unloved! It looks amazing on you.

HoneyBunny said...

Oh the dress is absolutely stunning! I love the collar:)

Fleur de Guerre said...

What beautiful fabric! You did good missy!

I am sad I missed the Tweed ride - would've been fun to observe. I can't wait to go to the Chap Olympics in July :)

Hannah said...

I actually quite like how the photos turned out and you're really pretty ^_^

Eyeliah @ said...

I know they may not be as glamorous as your usual photos, but we are happy to have them! :-)

angelaseeangelablog said...

Ohhh you look gorgeous! That dress is adorable andgo hemming tape, iron on hemming web makes my world go 'round.


WendyB said...

Beautiful dress! Glad you photographed it.

ohphilippa said...

it's such a lovely dress, well done for fixing it up!

R. said...

As much as I enjoy the photography of your "normal" blogs, it is nice to see a proper pic of your outfit. You're so pretty :)


Alain de Botton said...

looks lovely

riennahera said...

Your face is very unique.

milk said...

you look so lovely and classic.

Lady Melbourne said...

If you have to use flash, just blow the photo out even more in photoshop to make it look old. Or old fashioned rather. Plenty of tips and tricks out there!
Beautiful dress.

StrikeMatch said...

I remember that dress! It was in my etsy favourites for ages, but I wasn't sure that I could fix it. I'm so glad that you took the channce because it looks awesome on you! The collar is the best.

esme and the lane way said...

Cassiopeia: thanks very much! The etsy seller's name is Nuttinover20Vintage – I do recommend them, they were very honest about the condition of the dress, and really helpful :)

GracieFrances;: thanks! I love it too :)

curious rose: thank you!

Patrizia simulacra:aww thanks! :D

Parapluie: thanks very much! I love the black nail varnish, it seems to match everything at the moemnt, and I didn't want to take it off :)

muchlove: haha aww thank you :)

Hannah&Sophie: thanks! I think so too :)

nadia: thanks very much!

Lavender: thanks!

Vintage Verve: thanks! My toes are getting cold now though, and I have some closed toe shoes for this rainy weather... :)

Sal: thanks! It is such a nice dress, I actually think it is raw silk (!) and I am glad to have it :)

HoneyBunny: thanks! I seem to have such a thing for collars!

Fleur de Guerre: thanks! I love it, though I was wondering if it was kinda '50s..? Either way I love it. And the Chap Olympics sound WONDERFUL!

Hannah: thanks very much :D I am not v pretty at the moment though, thanks to allergies! ;p

Eyeliah @ thanks!

angelaseeangelablog: thanks and yayyyyyyy for hem tape!!!

WendyB: thanks! :D

ohphilippa: thnaks, it was worth it (and not that painful!)

R.: thanks :) I like doing these, too, but I had a new camera and wanted to play with it! :D

Alain de Botton: thanks!

riennahera: isn't everyone's?!

milk: thank you :) It felt nice to wear some old old vintage :)

Lady Melbourne: thanks! Yes, I might have to try out some photoshop trickery, though I just want normal pics at the moment! :D

StrikeMatch: ah cool! That's so funny, it's a small world... it was a gamble for me coz I can't really sew but the rips were really quite small (the dress was in better condition than I expected form the description) and they are kind of hidden by my arm... a happy $8 gamble! :D

Rachael said...

Gorgeous dress! And you still look cute, even with the dreaded flash.

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