Monday, 4 May 2009


Yesterday there was a blog meet up in Melbourne, organised by the lovely vintage verve. I was good to go, already in town – and then just didn't feel 100% and had to go home :< The pictures are starting to come up on the blogs of those who did attend, and it looks like they had a lovely time. I hope I can make it to the next one!

To avoid feeling too sorry for myself when I got home, I decided to start altering a 1930s dress I got a few weeks ago. It is quite damaged, and also a bit big on me; the extra fabric is a bonus, as I can cut off the damaged bits AND make it fit. I just fell in love with the colours and the pattern. Sew far, so good... although clearly my head wasn't quite on straight, as I managed to misplace my needle. Oh dear. Let's hope it's not a bare foot that finds it!

The colours of the dress actually inspired my outfit today. This is another of my '70s dresses, and I love the lacey collar and tiny pleats (both of which I have managed to completely miss in pics!). I have also got some ribbons to tie up my shoes... and this brings me to something I want to go into a little more detail v. soon :)

cardigan – yawn
'70s dress – thrifted, from savers
tights – thrifted (new, as ever)
shoes – erm, target, with grosgrain ribbons from cleggs

music – a time to remember 103.5fm music from the olden days


Parapluie said...

Oh, what an amazing dress! I love your shoes and the little detail of the ribbons :)

Vintage Verve said...

Oh Darling! We missed you yesterday. I hope you are feeling better. Hopefully we will see you next time.

How clever you are. I wish I could sew. Dress is fantastic.

Q's Daydream said...

You look lovely! I hope you're feeling better :o)

Diana said...

this is amazing! great job!

styledigger said...

You mixed the colors perfectly!

WendyB said...

Love that color combo.

kimvee said...

I really like this dress and all of your previous outfits as well :)

Skye said...

I am deadly curious about that 30s dress - I hope we see it in it's entirety soon!

PS. hope the needle is found in a non-painful way.

Jimena said...

you look very pretty in that dress. the colour is beautiful.... and the shape seems so classic and romantic. i really really like it!

Grant said...

I was sad you didn't make it Esme darling, but I do hope that you're feeling better now :) I love the combination of the vivid aqua blue and the smouldering red in this ensemble - beautiful!


esme and the lane way said...

Parapluie: thanks! I am rather fond of these ribbons too :)

Vintage Verve: I am so sad I missed it! :< But I am much better thanks – and will be at the next one! :D

Q's Daydream: thanks heaps – and yes, thanks! :D

Diana: thanks!

styledigger: thanks! Sometimes I love bright colours :)

WendyB: thanks, it was fun to wear, but did feel loud – which is ok with me :D

Skye: hopefully I'll finish it soon (depends on lazyness :) ) and yes, me too – it's still awol..?!

Jimena: thanks! It's sooooo '70s. A girl at work says her mum had one just like it, and she did not approve! :D I love it though!

Grant: I know, I wish I was there and could have finally met you too! Thanks v much! :D See you at the next one hey!

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