Wednesday, 6 May 2009

woo! swing

I have just got back from swing class! I only started a couple of months ago and keep missing classes but I love it! The spinning and twirling is why my hair is all over the shop – and this is with some big clips and lots of hair spray... AND a bow!

Because I go to class straight from work, Wednesdays mean planning what to wear around shoes I can dance about in. These little heels are perfect – a good height, and not too grippy! Of course, I never quite manage a forties look for the night – I am still looking for the right bits for that. Also, I am going to a swing ball in a few weeks. What to wear...???!!!

hair bow – vintgae bow tie
(too long, of course, for the forties) skirt with suspenders – cue, a few years ago
fine wool jumper – thrifted
tights – forever new (awesome tights there at the mo – alas, less awesome sales staff)
shoes and bows – tar-jay and cleggs ribbons :)

music, on the wireless shock treatment pbs 106.7fm – I LOVE this show!


Parapluie said...

That sounds like so much fun! Love your outfit, the suspenders are a very nice detail

Sal said...

How incredibly fun! Have you done swing dancing before, or is this your first foray?

That skirt is too much - love it to pieces!

Q's Daydream said...

You look fabulous! I've always wanted to learn swing dancing! :o)

Iva said...

woohoo sounds like fun!!

elena-lu said...

love the photos! that skirt with the suspenders is wonderful :)

Cassiopeia said...

LOVE that skirt... you look lovely :-D

yay for swing dancing... i miss my latin and ballroom. boo torn cartilage :-(


Bucca said...

I wish I could fit in dance lessons :( too much travel time with work + other commitments = no fun during the week!

Lovely outfit - and using an old bow tie in your hair is so cute!

gracie takes fashion so seriously it can turn ugly said...

i really enjoy a bow

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh so fun swing dancing! Love the waist of that skirt.

Emz said...

Cute outfit! I love that skirtttt!! Could I pleaseeee have it?

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Love this!! And yay for swing class, it sounds fun. I did Latin dancing once and it was so much fun :)

harbourmaster said...

gorgeous! you look so Anton's...who do you do swing with? I did some classes last year with Swing Patrol on Monday nights, but haven't had time this year :(

nicole addison said...

i have been dying to take swing lessons, and of course, i love your outfit!

Caf said...

Kinda hard not to love that skirt!

Meaghan Kelly said...

you look great! and that sounds like so much fun!!

Grant said...

You look stunning Esme darling! That skirt is fantastic.

I laughed so loudly at your comment about the Forever New staff! I have been having the worst time with shop staff recently: Thye're all morons!


poet said...

Congrats on discovering dancing! It is indeed a wonderful pastime, I wish I were doing more of it currently, but haven't found a place with enough variety since moving here...

I also want to compliment you on your style - all those vintage dresses are lovely, and your outfits look so elegant. I wish I could wear more skirts to uni, but I have to bike uphill on a roadbike for half an hour to get there, so anything too fancy is out of the question...


milk said...

I love the whole outfit! What a cute post!

Aurélie Muller said...

i LOVE your skirt !

Summer said...

Sounds fun,and love your outfit girl.=) You look great on it.Hope to see more from you.=)

A Writers Den

Solo said...

that skirt was so fab on you girl.;D
You look so sexy on it.Have a great time.;D

Travel and Living

Julia.K. said...

That sounds like it's a lot of fun. Sometimes I wish we lived in a time when knowing how to swing dance was rampant!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Looks like I've missed so many great posts here. You are dazzling me with you amazing shoes and red lips! I'm so pleased your enjoying the swing dancing, I can just imagine you tripping the light fantastic. Such a pity we missed you at the meet up. Must do something lovely soon.

Ashita said...

you look amazing!

i came across your blog and i love reading about it. I am so envious of your wardrobe

and last but not least Swing is so much fun!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh, swing class. I'm so jelaous! I've wanted to go to swing and luindy hop classes for ages but I just don't have the time for it right now :(

Love the ribbon shoes!

Aurélie Muller said...

I wanna another post!!!

Hanna Persson said...

maybe I should try something like that, it sound like fun :)

esme and the lane way said...

Parapluie: thanks, it is fun!

Sal: thanks – first few lessons this year. It is sooo much fun.

Q's Daydream: thank you! I highly recommend it :)

Iva: yay it is! :D

elena-lu: thanks very much!

Cassiopeia: thank you! Oh no, that sounds serious... ouch! I hope it gets better soon :)

Bucca: oof I know, that's why I keep missing classes. My boss is very nice and lets me leave a little early when we can, so i can rush straight to dance class :)

gracie takes fashion so seriously it can turn ugly: haha a bow or a bow?! ;)

Eyeliah @ thanks! Yes, it is very cheering.

Emz: thanks haha well actually maybe!

Pretty Little Pictures: thanks! Cool, Latin, sounds like fun. I went to a terrifying Lambada class once, it put me off for years :O !

harbourmaster: thanks! Swing Patrol on Wednesdays, it's a nice relaxed class. I know, I wish they did some of their beginner classes a bit later, 6.30pm is so hard to get too :<

nicole addison: thanks! And do it, do it!

Caf: thanks very much :)

Meaghan Kelly: aw thanks!

Grant: thanks! Oh, I know, why, why???!!! :D

poet: Oh, thanks very much! Maybe it is your bike? I have an old, low ladies one and can ride in most dresses, unless they are too circle-y, and then the chain eats them :p

milk: thanks :)

Aurélie Muller: thank you!

Summer: thanks very much :)

Solo: thanks!

Julia.K.: thanks! Oh, me too – there are some awesome pics on Flickr about swing dancing in the '40s, all these tough looking kids...

Super Kawaii Mama: oh thanks heaps! And yes, I was sad to miss that. Yeah lets's do something! :D

Ashita: oh thank you :) yay another swing fan :)

the freelancer's fashionblog: thanks – and of course the ribbons were partially inspired by you :D It is so hard to find the time, but it is worth it :D I am happy and bouncing about the room for hours afterwards!

Aurélie Muller: haha I'm trying! One thing and then another gets in the way... ;) proper ones again soon, promise :)

Hanna Persson: I def recommend it, great fun :)

Nadine said...

I love your skirt - it's truly perfect.

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