Tuesday, 17 November 2009

1940s tuesday


My weekend found me some more awesome op shop goodies – I really have been so lucky lately. I found this 1940s unit (can someone tell me exactly what it is?) at one down the road, and before I could say I wanted it, a third of the already low price was knocked off! I certainly wasn't haggling, but there you go! It just meant I said "I'll take it!" with an even bigger smile on my face.



Today I got to wear a 1940s dress I bought from etsy last summer. It took so long to get here, summer was over by the time it arrived. It clearly took the scenic route, and I hope it enjoyed seeing the world as much as I enjoy wearing it now.





Oh yes – I went brunette last week. And I LOVE it!


1940s stripe dress etsy.com
1940s furniture unit thingy local op shop

music fang it! pbs fm


Roxanne Rosensteel said...

What a truly wonderful dress! It just screams summer. Also I welcome you to the world of brunettes! Your new hair looks absolutely stunning

Betty Lou said...

love the unit, can't we see the whole of it?

i have a dress that looks like that, but it's shorter and the buttons are on the front. but otherwhise it's the same color and fabric. But it's new and not vintage

FrivolousFlapper said...

gorgeous dress and raven hair!!!

Kelley Anne said...

Your beautiful dress is complemented by your new hair color and the red lips. Beautiful!

Sal said...

Hurrah! Welcome to the brunette club - you look gorgeous with lush brown locks.

Moni said...

Its beautiful, I dream of finding such finds.
Your new look is very becoming.

SOFT said...

how do you curl your hair? products?

Q's Daydream said...

Wow, what an amazing find! That dress is too perfect as well. Oh, and your hair, I LOVE IT! :o)

heleen said...

Your hair's gorgeous, and its colour matches so well with the dress :) Beautiful.

milk said...

Your hair is amazing!! So pretty. And I love the dress!

Bucca said...

What a cute dress - and you look as lovely brunette as you do blonde :)

Eyeliah said...

wow back to brunette, the blonde was lovely but I am sure tough to maintain. :-) welcome back Veronica!

Andi B. Goode said...

Gosh, you look just as beautiful as a brunette as you do blonde. I definitely love the dark hair on you. =D
-Andi x

esme and the lane way said...

Roxanne Rosensteel: thank you very much!

Betty Lou: I'll try, the dining table is n the way right now... and it's a classic summer dress, amazing how some things just always look good for decades and decades!

FrivolousFlapper: thank you!

Kelley Anne: thanks :)

Sal: thank you. I really missed being dark.

Moni: it was a lucky find... and thanks! I like it too. The blonde was just a fling!

SOFT: I pin curl dry hair, spraying it with a mix of water and a defining cream (that's what the bottle says) till damp, and then leave overnight. Really easy. But products – yes! The cream smells nice and is soft, not crispy.

Q's Daydream: thanks very much!

heleen: thank you!

milk: thanks! It is love for me :)

Bucca: thank you! I think I prefer the dark :) which surprised me..!

Eyeliah: blonde was fun for a bit, but then... every ten days... ten days!!! Little fling for me; dark hair is forever :)

Andi B. Goode: aw thanks so much!

amanda said...

LOVING the hair! Great dress too.

Laurel said...

I am in love with your dress!

Oh and you totally work the brunette look just as well as the blonde.

Looking at your photos yet again makes me wish I wasn't so lazy with syling my hair - you are tres chic. xxx

ps. my new camera scares me more than writing - you are a master at wonderful pictures

Anniina said...

What a beautiful dress!

Lauren said...

wow, i love your new hair colour. you look stunning!

Cassiopeia said...

Gorgeous! Loving the hair flouncing, and your furniture find is uber awesome! :-) Xxxc

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