Thursday, 3 December 2009

and now it's summer


Oh, wow, has it been ten days? How did that happen?! So much has happened since then: 9 bands, 3 new dresses, 2 op shop shoe finds. One hilarious bike ride. Lindy hop around the living room. A thorough soaking in a downpour. My hair has been curled, my lips have been red... and I recognize myself in the mirror again.


This is one of the new dresses. Remade from '70s and '80s dresses, it is the kind of thing I'd like to be able to make myself, from all of those old-ish dresses I find in op shops that have great patterns but are just far too big. So, one day, when I learn to sew... I love this golden yellow colour. I wore it with black shoes, but it also looks good with red, brown, white... so many!





you can see my giraffe, which is what I call one of the scars on my chin :) actually you can see two of my scars here!

dress shappere
shoes target

music emilie simon fleur de saison


Lost In Laneways said...

Lovely dress, and great photography!

flair to remember said...

adore adore adore the dress - love the whimsical photography as well :)


Friend in Fashion said...

GORGEOUS! the dress is divine, as is your photography :)

The Sweet Halcyon Days said...

LOVE the dress! Your blog is the greatest!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh how i wish it were summer here!! The sun has finally popped up but its cold outside. You look beautiful as always.

Q's Daydream said...

oh my goodness!!! That dress is so adorable and your hair looks just amazing!!! Glad you're back :o)

Laurel said...

Your blog is my favorite - from the lovely light to the stunning little details to your beautiful outfits.

I still consider myself a rather 'novice' sewer but you would be amazed how easy it is to alter those huge shapeless op shop dresses with fabulous patterns - especially when you have a dress that you love the shape of and can just use to 'trace' around! You could totally do it!

xxx L

BaronessVonVintage said...

just gorgeous!!!

Wikifashion said...

Love love the dress, it looks fantastic and the red lippie always looks divine :)

Christina said...

I love that dress, those curls, your lips, that big bag... everything! You have such a pretty vintage style.

esme and the lane way said...

Lost In Laneways: thanks so much!

flair to remember: thanks! It's so fun being silly with a camera sometimes ;)

Friend in Fashion: gosh thanks!

The Sweet Halcyon Days: oh thanks so much! :)

Pretty Little Pictures: thanks! It is actually far from ideal summery weather, here, too – cloudy and super-windy right now! I hope you get some good weather in NZ soon :D

Q's Daydream: thanks very much! Oh, my absences are quite ridiculous, I keep meaning to be better..!

Laurel: aw, thanks! I hope to get a sewing machine in the next month or two, and will be trying v hard... my friend sews and is getting a machine too, and has promised to help me – I'll need it!

BaronessVonVintage: thanks! :)

Wikifashion: thank you – I love it too, even though it is not what I normally get :) And I feel SO much BETTER with red lips! :D or should that be a pout emoticon?! hehe

Christina: thanks so much :)

Emily Kennedy said...

If I lived near you I would so be into trading Lindy Hop lessons for sewing lessons. We could totally benefit from each others fabulousness.

vintageveggie said...

gorgeous pictures. loving the red lips.

and sounds like a wonderful 10 days.

chasseusedenebuleuses said...

you look absolutly beautiful! what great ictures you take! i love love them!

Kennedy said...

oh wow, that dress is seriously incredible! what a find, you should wear it everyday! ps: i really like your whole blog <3

Eve said...

I am in love with these pictures! Gorgeous! And your dress is phenomenal!

Anniina said...

These photos are beautiful, and the dress is gorgeous! :-)

RetroJetGirl said...

Wow that third-to-last close-up photo is amazing! You look like an old-time movie star :)

emma wallace said...

You are stunning! Like a movie star! I love the color and sheerness of the dress. Beautiful pics!

Enken said...

Lovely! Mustard yellow is such a good colour isn't it, totally underrated! Especially with red lips!

Heather Taylor said...

You look absolutely stellar! I love your blog, darling!

xoxo Heather

georgina said...

that outfit is absolute perfect, with the curled hair and the red lippy. adore!

KittyCate said...

Wow you look amazing! Absolutely love that dress, I WANT it! And your hair looks fantastic - your hairstyles inspire me to be more adventurous with ym own hair. x

Miss Emmi said...

I absolutely love that kind of mustard yellow - not many people are brave enough to wear it, but it really goes with so much! You look gorgeous, and I love the cute nickname you have for your scar.

Rosa said...

ooo im wearing a dress that colour today! i think its the best colour right now. its strange that your having summer when winter has finaly come to spain! i like ur hair that colour, i recognise it as "I was blonde and dyed my hair brown" inbetween shade that im also dealing with! love it! xxx

Fleur de Guerre said...

Such fabulous photos! You look gorgeous as always.

Sal said...

Breathtaking, lady. Every image is more gorgeous than the last.

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

I absolutely adore this post!!! it is so happy and wonderful. It sounds like you have been having the best time. I love that dress too. I love the lace and your perfect red lips. So wonderful!!

Gaby and Jane said...

I love your hairstyle!! May I ask how you did it? Was it rollers or a curling iron??

Gaby xoxo

WendyB said...

Great red lips!

Porcelain Blonde said...

My fave photo is othe full body shot of yo posing in front of the light filled window - beautiful.

As always you look like an Old Holywood starlet - love the curled hair!

<3 xxx

Raquel said...

adorable dress.

Rachel said...

love these fotos

sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes....your blog is a true gem and.... me like like like! I leave a swedish footprint behind me!

Peace & Love


Ps. my I borrow some pic's from your blogs if I return to yours? Ds

Elizabeth said...

I think I love this dress even more than the last one.

Ruby said...

Hi Esme, I just read your blog for a really long time and now I am so homesick for Melbourne!!!! I'll definitely be back to see what you write every day.

p.s I love mustard, it makes every other colour seem so juvenile.

Viva La Fashion said...

your dress is gorgeous. :)

and i love the look of a classic red lip.

greenlaundry said...

I spent some time going through your archives and what can I say, you have a SPECTACULAR collection of dresses!!!

I'm so pleased I found your blog ;]

Gina said...

love the lace and mustard against your pretty brunette waves!
happy summer to you!

Treacle said...

Such gorgeous photos. I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my blogroll; your site is amazing! :-)

sioux said...

TOP of the TOPS! number 1 ! Super!

esme and the lane way said...

Emily Kennedy: that would be awesome – except I am being taught Lindy myself! I could teach you how to bob about and faceplant the leads shoulder..! (Sorry, J, hope the lipstick came out!)

vintageveggie: thanks! Ahh, it was... :)

chasseusedenebuleuses: thanks so much!

Kennedy: oh thanks so much! :D

Eve: thank you!

Anniina: thanks very much :)

RetroJetGirl: hehe thanks

emma wallace: thanks v much – hooray for being v piccy with pic angles! :D

Enken: thanks! I think so too, it is a great colour :)

Heather Taylor: thank you very much :)

georgina: thanks!

KittyCate: hehe thanks! And this pin curl set is sooo easy :0

Miss Emmi: thanks! Hehe, I names it when I was 4 or 5

Rosa: hehe cool! My hair looks lighter here because of the light, but it is time I topped up the brunette :)

Fleur de Guerre: thank you!

Sal: thanks!

Roxanne Rosensteel: thanks so much!

Gaby and Jane: thank you! Nope, pin curls. Curling irons simply don't curl my hair, and roller curls drop out after 15 mins. Even with mousse. Bah. So pin curls it is. :)

WendyB: thanks Mac matte <3

Porcelain Blonde: thanks very much! It is fun finding spots to take pics inside... not easy, but fun :)

Raquel: thank you :)

Rachel: thanks :)

sinnlighet: thanks so much! And yes, of course :)

Elizabeth: thanks! I do!

Ruby: hello! Sorry you are homesick for Melbs :) And hooray for mustard!

Viva La Fashion: thanks! Red lips are my favourite :)

greenlaundry: thanks – it was fin collecting them hehe :)

Gina: thank you! Now we just need some sunny weather..! :D

Treacle: thanks! Not at all, I am chuffed :)

sioux: hehe thanks so much!


emily said...

hello! just wondering which pin curl set you used, if you have a link for it or something!

sorry dont have a blog i use livejournal

Law said...

I love your skirt and your blog.

April said...

gorgeous everything! i love your hair. how do you find the perfect shade of red for your lips? i'm always afraid i'll buy the worst possible color for my complexion!

prashant said...

- love the whimsical photography as well

beyonce video

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