Friday, 11 December 2009

three white bows

wednesday 9th december 2009 2

I had to put down the paintbrush to go to work... and to get more paint. It is still pretty cold here, so tights and jumpers are called for. Little Lou Lou is in her favourite napping spot and said a quick O Hai.

wednesday 9th december 2009 6

After wearing 5 inch cakes, I chose flats today. I love two tone shoes... and black and white and peach seems good for spring, cold as it is. I missed my red lipstick, though, and it is back!

wednesday 9th december 2009 7

wednesday 9th december 2009 5

wednesday 9th december 2009 4

wednesday 9th december 2009 8

I have two red polka dot dress. One is vintage, and one is not... can you, pardoning the pun, spot the difference? I swear they are entirely different, and both will be necessary this summer! When it warms up, that is...

wednesday 9th december 2009 3

wednesday 9th december 2009 1

peach jumper, silk cami, silk-linen skirt, belt, shoes, tights thrifted (tights thrifted new in packet)


georgina said...

peach, white and black with red lipstick looks awesome!

Emily Kennedy said...

I second Georgina: peach with red lips is gorgeous, especially on you lady!

Gatsby and Me... said...

Hello, thanks for your comment on my blouse! Hey - i'm moving to st kilda in 6 weeks, where abouts in melbourne are you? I got a job at a vintage/s store called frocks and slacks and fancypants..pretty excited!

Q's Daydream said...

so pretty! I love those shoes. and your cat is so sweet! i think you're the one who made me a red lipstick wearer everyday :o)

Love the polka dot dresses!

Tara said...

Absolutely lovely! I wish it was still that cold in Perth!

Heather Taylor said...

You. Look. Amazing.

I love your style!

Jordan said...

I love the polka dot dresses :)

Laurel said...

I am wearing a red polka dot halter dress today (it is a vintage 50s style but new by a Wellington designer)! It is my favorite - I really don't think a girl can ever have too many ....

You look lovely as always xx

Kelly Dare said...

Red polka dots are awesome. I also have two red polka dot dresses, and also a navy blue one that I adore. I really like your photography, do you somehow do it yourself or do you have a lovely person do it for you? It's always really beautiful!

Louise said...

Those flats are so cute. Completely agree that two tone shoes are great.

Treacle said...

That outfit is pure delight!

By the way...I hope this is all right...there's a lingerie giveaway contest happening at the blog and I'd be delighted if you enter! :-)

Andi B. Goode said...

Definitely loving the peach with red lipstick. You've certainly got the complexion for it.
-Andi x

greenlaundry said...

Your eyes are of a gorgeous colour!

jacqueline amy said...

lovely post!
your red polkadot dress looks lovely.

Gabaz said...

gorgeous. Who takes the photos?

Anniina said...

You look adorable, I really love how you combine colours. The sweater is so pretty!

I'm going to sew a blue polka dot dress for the summer, but I need a red one, too!

Miss Emmi said...

That sweater is so pretty! I'm going to take a guess and say that the dress with slightly shiny fabric is the vintage one?

Sal said...

Esme, you can make the simplest outfits look SO elegant.

raita 2 said...

ohhh, these photos are so cute ! =)

sinnlighet said...

My god what a fantastic blog you have, my i add you to my favorite list? Can I borrow some pictures if i refer to your blog? Wonderful photo, I was quite breathless when I saw them!

Peace & Love from Agneta in Sweden

a little yellow button. said...

i love all of your photography! and i think that you are really, really pretty.


a little yellow button.

sara said...

you are absolutely stunning and your outfit is beautiful!

Kass said...

the colors in your outfit are pretty together =]

hannah said...

love this! you're so classic and red lipstick has never looked better!

esme and the lane way said...

georgina & Emily Kennedy: thanks!

Gatsby and Me...: the blouse looks great! Cool, moving to Melbourne – I should pop in that store and say hello :) I'm in the inner north!

Q's Daydream: hehe thanks! yay for red lipstick, I want to try an orange-y 30s-y one now :)

Tara: Thanks! You guys have had some crazy weather... I hope it cools down soon!

Heather Taylor: thanks very much :D

Jordan: thanks, me too, hence two! Oh and I bought a third today at an op-shop... addicted!

Laurel: oh that sounds gorgeous! Have you posted pics of it yet? :D And thanks!

Kelly Dare: See, never too many polka dot dresses :) Thanks! I take them myself, with the timer... argh!

Louise: thanks! But flats with a pencil skirt might be breaking fashion rules..!

Treacle: thanks! Yes, of course, and I'd love to enter, I love lingerie and stockings!

Andi B. Goode: thanks! I liked it with my Moomin skin tone ;)

greenlaundry: really? thanks!

jacqueline amy: thank you! I plan to wear one this week :)

Gabaz: thanks! Me, with the timer... it's... slow... :D

Anniina: thanks! Oh, cool, you can make it perfect :)

Miss Emmi: thanks you! It does look a bit shiny, but it's actually quite faded, and for some reason looks shiny in the pic... but yes, that is the vintage one!

Sal: thanks!

raita 2: thank you :)

sinnlighet: thanks very much! Yes, of course :)

a little yellow button.: aww thanks v much :)

sara: thanks!

Kass: thank you, it felt kinda springy :)

hannah: gosh thanks so much!

Lauren said...

gosh, your style is so incredibly lovely.

Eloise and Éclairs said...

I just love your blog and style and your hair is quite cute!

prashant said...

: peach with red lips is gorgeous, especially on you lady!

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