Wednesday, 10 February 2010

beauty products

A little while ago some of you asked me to post about my favourite beauty products, and here they are. My skin mostly behaves itself, as long as I treat it well and keep on top of things. These are the products I don't want to be without, and are the best I have found after lots of trial and error. Everything I use on my skin is cheap and simple; I've tried some expensive ones and they just weren't any better. More money for important things, then, like shoes.

beauty products

I use the Shea butter as both a cleanser/make up remover and a body cream. One of the few creams that doesn't irritate my arms. (I also like using almond oil as an all over body moisturiser from time to time.)

Witch Hazel
so many uses. Great toner, for removing your make up remover, for wiping over your skin on hot days... it's brilliant. I wouldn't mind trying an alcohol free one, but this is the only one I see on the shelves here and anyway, I don't know if it can be bettered.

Garnier clean sensitive eye make up remover is the only one that doesn't make my eyes red and sore. Gets everything off, too, including liquid liner.

Vitamin E oil
I use this every night under my eyes, on two little dry patches on my cheeks (that aren't dry anymore, now), and anywhere that seems to need it. This cheap and cheerful oil also cleared up a strange pigment thing that started to appear on the bridge of my nose, so I've seen it work wonders.

tea tree oil any brand, it doesn't matter, this stuff is amazing at clearing up spots very quickly. Bam!

Olay factor 30 everyday on my face, neck, and hands all year round. Anywhere that is exposed. Every single day. Yes, sunscreen feels gross, but it has to be done. This one is actually not too bad; it doesn't mess my skin up (most sunscreens will) and doesn't even have a blue tinge... I can't ask for more. It's a perfect base under loose powder for everyday make up, too.

Lucas Paw Paw cannot live without it. Best lip balm ever. Also fixes my summer mozzie bites, which turn into pink fried egg yolks without this stuff. Magic.

And that's it! Not the most glamorous set of products, but they work for me. You can't have it all all of the time. What do you swear by?


harbourmaster said...

Have you tried the Nivea 30+ 'daily face veil' (or something to that effect)? Very light and doesn't feel greasy at all!

Andi B. Goode said...

This is a great idea! When I'm not wearing red lipstick I use Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm, which is cooling on your lips (so nice!). I also like Lucas' Paw Paw stuff and Witch-hazel. I'm generally too forgetful to actually use a product regularly, though. Haha.
-Andi x

Shannon said...

Yay - we have the same sunscreen and toner and makeup remover :)

I really need new tea tree oil though. My skin has just broken out and if i use anything harsh liek clearasil it will only get worse.

Zohar said...

I have oily facial skin so I need to use water base products on it - I also try to make an effort and get products which havn't been used on animals. The tea tree oil is intersting to me... I've never seen anything like that in Israel, maybe the US when I visit..(leaving tomorrow yay!)

Q's Daydream said...

i really like all of these picks. i have to go shopping now ;o)

♥Lola said...

Such a great post Esme! I love vit e oil and lucas paw paw :)

Kelley Anne said...

I used to use your Olay sunscreen, but recently switched to Cetaphil's spf 50. Its also very nice. You're right most sunscreens do terrible things to my complexion too.

casey said...

I recently "rediscovered" the beauty of witch hazel and have started using it daily. I love how great my skin is starting to look already! I'm going to have to try the vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil too.

I love that you use the less expensive products too! I have tried the more expensive stuff, and it always has too much perfume, or makes me break out. :p No use spending more for what doesn't work! ;)

♥ Casey
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Rosie said...

Tea tree oil is great! I found a really great pimple cream called ZapZyt, I'm not sure if its available in Australia, but it works wonders! I want to try the witch hazel and vitamin E now!

thevintageyear said...

Isn't paw paw ointment just the best?? It's not available in the UK so when I was over there I was on the TINIEST ration, so scared to run out lol. So if you ever move back there then make sure you stock up!!

Tea tree oil is so great & versatile too.. tis so great I tried to lug a small bottle around with me while backpacking and it was constnatly leaking and making everything smell! but it works great as a pimple zapper and insect repeller so it was kinda worth it :)

Mmmm... have to hunt down some vit E oil!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Yep, I was having a terrible time with my skin and honestly, I think I was overloading it with too many products. Lately all I've been using is plain lye soap in the morning, Purpose cleanser at night and Cetaphil moisturizer both times and my skin is on its way to recovery. Sometimes the simplest stuff is the best stuff.

Emily Kennedy said...

This is SUCH a cool post! Thank you! As always, your presentation is divine!

Trinadi said...

good to see you have products that you can buy from Coles!!!!I Use Tea
tree as a cleanser its fantastic.

Sophie said...

Been meaning to try witch hazel for a while...looks like I may have to!

Kahani said...

Ooh thanks for sharing. Now what I'd love to be introduced to is your red lippy collection!

esme and the lane way said...

harbourmaster: no, it sounds good, but Nicea stuff makes my face sting :< (?!)

Andi B. Goode: oh, I've read so much about Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm. Can you get it here, or is it only online? I'd love to try it!

Shannon: aren't they good? And Lady Melbourne uses the sunscreen and vit e oil – great minds... :)

Zohar: it's really good, just a tiny amount really helps spots :)

Q's Daydream: cool, let us know how they go :)

♥Lola: thanks, I wasn't sure about doing it at first :) Aren't they amazing!

Kelley Anne: ah factor 50, I'll have to try that! Altough Cetaphil stuff makes my face sting a bit (like Nivea! I must have sensitive skin!)

casey: I only started with Witch Hazel quite recently too, and isn't it sooo good... good luck with the vit e and tea tree oil, they really are miracle workers :) And yay for cheap products!

Rosie: cool! I haven't seen it here, but then plain old tea tree oil is so effective :)

thevintageyear: oh no not available?! That would be terrible! Oh and leaky TT oil is smelly, poor you :p at least it keeps the insects off :)

Ms. B @ Millie Deel: I absolutely agree about the simple skin care, less is definitely more in my case too. Good luck with your skin, it's so annoying when it plays up :)

Emily Kennedy: but it's so plain hehe! Thanks though!

Trinadi: hooray for cheapy products! And getting them from the supermarket is really convenient too :)

Sophie: I can't recommend it enough, it made my skin really clear. Love it!

Kahani: my pleasure :) Actually, I will do that with my lipsticks, I've only got three though :) But I can ask for suggestions...

esme and the lane way said...

Shannon: oh I meant to add: have you tried milk of magnesia (the indigestion stuff) as a face mask? My skin used to play up all the time and that really helped. Good luck with the breakouts, they're so annoying :<

Danielle said...

I'm late! Sorry! Great post good to see the products that you use - your skin is beautiful! I am going to trial the Viramin E oil and the Olay Factor 30. Thank you for another great post! Xx

esme and the lane way said...

Danielle: hehe not late :) Thanks! I think the camera makes my skin look better than it is, I must say! Vit E oil is amazing, I do recommend it with some vigour! :D

Andi B. Goode said...

I'm not sure if you can get it here - I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. I think National Pharmacies have Burt's Bees products - are they an Australia wide chain? Sorry I can't be more helpful. I got all of mine from a friend in the US who used to send loads to me. If I have an unopened one somewhere I can send it to you, if you like.
-Andi x

Sarah Jane said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Simple is always best!

I am definitely going to pick up some vitamin e oil for those random little dry spots of skin!


Kahani said...

I have an indecent number of red lippies. But am ever the voyeur.. =P

Zenobie said...

I have the Lucas Paw Paw balm, it is amazing. Seriously I have tried more expensive products and this beats them all.

咖啡機 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
harbourmaster said...

You can get the Burt's Bees range at David Jones :)

Eyeliah said...

thanks for sharing, I've been meaning to purchase witch hazel and tea tree oil - with your endorsement I better get on it.

esme and the lane way said...

Andi B. Goode: it sounds like I can find it in DJs – bu thanks v much for the offer! :D

Sarah Jane: I'm glad you liked it. I like reading about other people's regimes, too. Yay for vit e oil!

Kahani: hehe I could easily get too many..!

Zenobie: it's funny isn't it. Everyday red pot is just so good! :)

Comment deleted = yet more 'over 18' links... go away! Do not want!

harbourmaster: yay! Can't wait to try it. Even the tin is pretty!

Eyeliah: cool :) I tried them from recommendations from other people. Sometimes word of mouth on these things is sooo helpful!

Poppy said...

Lucas pawpaw is wonder cream I brought a huge jar before coming to Canada for the winter and it has helped with everything from dry lips to chapped hands, the odd pesky pimple and even exzema.

Harlow Darling said...

I have to disagree with the Tea Tree oil, I used some on my face for some tiny blemishes and ended up with a huge patch of burnt skin on my cheek! It took a week to go away and it was impossible to put any makeup over it to hide it.

esme and the lane way said...

Harlow Darling: ouch! That sounds horrible :< Tea Tree Oil is pretty punchy stuff.

Lady Melbourne said...

How funny- I did a post a while back about what I use and it's almost exactly the same as you!!

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