Friday, 5 February 2010

hair bow and blue dress


In the past I have always hated summer. I would dread it's arrival, drag myself through it and count down the days until autumn would come and cool things down again. But this year has been different. I have actually enjoyed it! Ok, it definitely helps that our summer has been a mild one (hardly any days over 40C, a first for me here), but I think the biggest difference has been having plenty of summer dresses for these beautifully hot days. I've just loved the relaxed way of dressing. It has been fun!


I like my hair off my face when it is hot, and, in this lighthearted mood – and to match the bow tie at the back of my dress – I added a big bow to my hair.




shoes market
hair bow thrifted scarf

And I have joined Twitter! I am LouLouLaBebe
– ridiculous name, and not some kind of hard-thought-out nom de plume, but what I croon to my cat – whose name is Babycat/Little Lou Lou (yep, two names, like a race horse) – when I tickle her fluffy tummy. Miaow!


Mystery Flight Vintage said...

Yep, you've sealed it, i'm definitely wearing a big bow in my hair today.

Allison said...

I LOVE THIS style is very similar to yours. I'm happy to find someone else who appreciates the flair of the forties and fifties.

Danielle said...

I adore your outfit. It's gorgeous. I am new to your blog and I have been enjoying reading your eloquent posts and looking at your beautiful photographs. I love your style and all the clothes you choose to wear. I like to play around with looks at home but if I wore half of my 'creations' out I just wouldn't deal well with approving or disapproving 'stares'. How do you deal with reactions? Is it just a matter of owning your outfit and wearing it with confidence. You always look stunning xx

Bucca said...

so cute :)

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

I think I'm in love. That dress is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Sleekit said...

such pretty hair, gorgeous

Sleekit x

♥Lola said...

Love this dress and your hair is utter perfection! Following you on twitter :)

Ms. B said...

Oh your hair is adorable and the blue in the dress picks up your blue eyes perfectly!!

Q's Daydream said...

that dress is wonderful! i love the back. Oh, and I adore the warm weather. for me it's much more fun to get dressed. Oh, and I'm following you on twitter now! :o)

Ellie Grace said...

You are the most adorable girl I have ever seen! You're outfits are lovely and your style is just amazing... I love love love all of your pictures!

Ellie Grace

Emily Kennedy said...

Your dress is SUCH FUN! Dude, for reals, summer is all about such light and fun dresses.

Also, Peaches, my cat, is a many-named wonder as well. I babble at her, and some of it just sticks.

Brook said...

I love the bangs... It seems to look way better on people with dark hair... It looks so weird on me... or maybe I am not used to it on myself. But it looks great on you.

Lily said...

Grrrrr hate you hate you hate you!

I've FINALLY got my hair back to blonde (and completely frazzled it in the process) and now I see pictures of you with your amazing dark hair and all I want is my dark hair back!!!

bow = amazing
dress = amazing
shoes = amazing
hair = super amazing. And that fringe!! ARRGGHHH!!! Amazing!!!

Madame Bovary said...

wow!! your hair is beautiful! have you done it yourself?
the look is very cute!!

Gracie. said...

Ah, I want your clothes! They are so pretty. I love the bow and that dress. Cute shoes, by-the-way. xx

Talia said...

amazing shape of the dress. so feminine. I love it. And the color is just perfect for your beauty ;)

Sher said...

Hmm, I feel like you could get away with anything, even a big bow in your hair:)

Polka Dotty said...

The hairbow looks great, and I love your shoes.
In my opinion you can never go wrong with a bow.

Sal said...

Everything about this outfit is downright magical.

sara said...

i love love love everything about your outfit! your hair, the bow, the dress (especially the back!) you're so gorgeous!
i'm the complete opposite of you, however! i love summer so much and dread the winter months :(

megannielsen said...

So cute! But i especially love the back of that dress, it's a really unexpected detail.

Eyeliah said...

light blue and red are one of my fav combos, so pretty. I will go add you on twitter now. :-)

Helen said...

i'm going to get practicing braiding now :D

Ulrika said...

Oh, what a lovely outfit!!You should do a tutorial on how to tie a scarf into a bow like that, i never get it to look like that!xxx

thesocialcode said...

very very cute.
I love your blog! your photos and style is so inspirational.

check out-

Zohar said...

loveliness :) that shade of blue looks wonderful on you!

Treacle said...

Gorgeous outfit! It's not just the modeling that's striking, the photography is excellent too. :-)

soulier dans la neige said...

very cute dress :) and that's the perfect outfit and hair for hot summer days (can't wait to have them back again !!!) :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Geez you're bloody gorgeous you are! And that pomp is perfection. I'm so loving all the recent outfit posts and pleased to see you posting again so often.
xxx Much love xxx

muchlove said...

I love your dress and big bow. Loving your red lipstick too. Your whole look remind me of those gorgeous 1950's pin-up images :)

Wanderlust said...

I could pore over your blog endlessly! Your style is inspiring. :)

WendyB said...

You're such a pin-up girl!

kimvee said...

I love all of your looks! You definitely can pull off that pin up girl look, so pretty :)

Stéphanie said...


Chelsea Rae said...

What I would give for it to be summer in the US. I desperately need to take a trip to the southern hemisphere.

The hair bow looks great on you and the bright red shoes definitely completely the soft, sweet outfit with a punch of vixen rouge. Amazing!

stilettostetico said...

The way your RED lipstick sublimates your ethereal pale skin is Utterly Gorgeous, AND I really like the way your Dress' back cleavage delicately tend to decline Summer on such an exquisitely sensual mode . . .
ps: "Retro GLAM" Style is insolently Timeless thanks to classy creatures like you, AND it subtly sounds as such a "wrong paradox" Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anastasia said...

Oh my god, you look adorable! Like Snow White only more fantastic...I'm so jealous of your hair!
Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!

esme and the lane way said...

Mystery Flight Vintage: excellent, did you do it? :)

Allison: thanks! Oh, me too!

Danielle: thanks very much! I guess inner Melbourne is pretty relaxed about the way peopled dress, and I either don't notice or don't really mind if anyone looks. I've never noticed a bad reaction, anyway! :) And I don't think I'd care so very much if I got one.

Bucca: thanks. It was a cup cakey day!

Roxanne Rosensteel: hehe thanks!

Sleekit: thanks, I like wearing it up.

♥Lola: thanks! And tweety tweet!

Ms. B: thank you :)

Q's Daydream: thanks! Oh, days of 25-30C would be lovely... I'm getting a little over the hot ones! Cool, tweet!

Ellie Grace: thank you very much :)

Emily Kennedy: it is, when it cools down the grown up dressing starts... and I am happy to hear it's not just me that babbles at my kitteh! :D

Brook: thanks! I definitely prefer it on me with dark hair. When my hair was blond I like it but it looked messier for some reason when you looked close up... :<

Lily: no no no I looooove blond hair, and wish I could have kept mine whitey blond! Enjoy the blondness! :D

Madame Bovary: thanks! Yep, it's pretty easy, and there are some great tutorials out there, like :)

Gracie.: why thank you!

Talia: thanks! I should shorten the straps though, it sits just a bit too low, I love the shape too though :)

Sher: I'd probably try if I liked it!

Polka Dotty: thanks! I agree, they are just summery fun :)

Sal: thanks!

sara: thanks! Ah, you'd love Australia then!

megannielsen: thanks! Yeah, that part kind of won me over on it :)

Eyeliah: me too. Thanks! Chirrup!

Helen: it's the best way of keeping my hair of my face when it's so hot. Love it.

Ulrika: thanks! Oh, it really is just a straight forward bow. :)

thesocialcode: thanks! ok!

Zohar: thanks! I love blue, I don't have enough blue in my wardrobe though... hmmm, must fix ;)

Treacle: thanks. Really? I'm just trying for in-focus at the moment, it's harder than it sounds!

soulier dans la neige: thanks! hehe it's so funny how so many are waiting for summer, and us here are getting ready for cold!

Super Kawaii Mama: thanks! Yes, it was about time I got on with it. It took me so long!

muchlove: thanks! That is a great compliment :)

Wanderlust: thanks so much :)

WendyB: I wish! I'd like to be on a plane's nose!

kimvee: thanks! I love the old pin up girls :)

Stéphanie: thank you!

Chelsea Rae: And I want snow! :D Thanks. I didn't want to look too cute, I think red heels takes off the edge :)

stilettostetico: thanks :)

Anastasia: thanks very much!

psyche said...

I love the bow. :) how did you do that?

Charlie said...

that bag and those shoes are amazing!

vinny and vernelle said...

hello there! i am always on the lookout for ladies who might like to get some of my deigns in exchange for some photos and you would be just perfect! take a look at my shop and let me know what you think...i currently have two lovelies in Sweden who i work with...jessica silversaga and johanna ost....more details later if you are interested! xoxox jessie

cc22 said...





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