Monday, 1 February 2010

yellow summer dress

yellow summer dress5

After a chilly start we had a perfect summer day, and so I wore my new (to me) pale yellow summer dress. It is an 80s does 50s, with a cream print and little cream buttons on the front detail. Cute!

yellow summer dress1

yellow summer dress6

I have also finally found a way of curling my hair with hot rollers (that only took me four year, hehe) but today's go, the first attempt with this particular product, worked out really well. I am going to grow my hair long for a while, so it is nice to have a way to make curls other than pin curl sets. It gives a really different result, and for half down, like it is here, I really like it.

yellow summer dress3

yellow summer dress2

yellow summer dress7

yellow summer dress4

yellow summer dress8

As a side note, I have decided to actually look at the camera for the next month. Hey, I might even try smiling next ;)

dress, belt, scarf thrifted
shoes retro and vintage market


♥Lola said...

So pretty! What products did you use to curl your hair?

Angel said...

You have such great finds. I love your girly look!

The Damsel said...

that bright red is the perfect accent colour

Lily said...

URGH! I have spent my entire life trying to figure out how to curl my hair. Hot rollers/curling irons/hair straighter are useless in my hair. Finally a couple of weeks ago I discovered that pin curls and rags are the only curls that will stay in for longer than 2 minutes.

I am also as pale as you. I would really appreciate it if you told us what foundation you use! I am going insane trying to find something appropriate!

Anniina said...

Oh my, I fell in love with your bag! It's perfect.

Sal said...

Those red accents are AMAZING. And I can't wait to see your smile!

MrJeffery said...

love the touch of red!

Darla: Retro Ways said...

Such a pretty outfit you look stunning. I wish the weather was nice in my neck of the woods, its raining here in Texas all week.

You lucky gal, enjoy.


Toosdai said...

so cute, the whole shebang! i love it!

esme and the lane way said...

♥Lola: thanks :) mop defining cream mixed into water, in a spray bottle. Smells nice, gives soft non-crispy curls that last. Love it!

Angel: thanks! I have had some luck with summer dresses lately, usually they are hard to find.

The Damsel: I thought so too :)

Lily: my powder is a couple of posts down :) I think I might just have the same hair type as you – but it can be done! :D

Anniina: it's so cute, but I never use it. I need long straps on my bags!

Sal: thanks! Hehe I am working up to it!

MrJeffery: it is almost always a good thing!

Darla: thanks :) Oh no, poor you – but in a few months we will be shivering an you can bask in the sun :)

Toosdai: thanks!

Laurel said...

Lovely! Such a pretty dress and oh those shoes, once again: gorgeous.

I really love the way the curls bring out the colour of your hair - its such a gorgeous rich colour (note to self - need to visit a hairdresser soon).


Lady Melbourne said...

I love the new-ish look to the blog, the photos are just gorgeous. But then they always were!
Is that the new dresser you were after?

Love it all!

Q's Daydream said...


fashionforwriters said...

This is so super pretty! I love that your photos always have a color scheme and pale yellow is the loveliest color for summer dresses, not to mention your curls are wonderful.

xo Jenny

sarah louise said...

I love the pale yellow with red! Impeccable outfit, you look lovely.

Sarah Louise

Andi B. Goode said...

Such a pretty dress. And yay for looking at the camera!
Also, I definitely think you should go swing dancing (I think you mentioned you were interested on my blog) - I'm almost 100% certain I'll be going over to Melbourne in November for the Melbourne Lindy Exchange! =D
-Andi x

Ms. B said...

What a darling dress and I have a vintage red handbag almost just like that one! When I bought it, it still had the original receipt in it from when it was purchased in the early 60s! Truly one of my better thrifting experiences!

Dizzy Dame said...

your beautiful!

esme and the lane way said...

Laurel: thanks! Ha, me too, I need a hair cut.

Lady Melbourne: thanks dear, it's getting along... and yes, it is :)

Q's Daydream: thank you!

fashionforwriters: thanks, it's not always exactly planned, though :)

sarah louise: thanks very much. It was nice to wear.

Andi B. Goode: thanks! I am going to a new class next Tuesday. I went to a different swing class last year, and unfortunately some of the people were just a bit too strange, and rude! Most were nice though, but still... yay, Melbourne! The swing scene here seems pretty big, and lots of nice people :)

Ms. B: thanks! Oh, that's one of my fav things about vintage! Wonderful!

Dizzy Dame: heh noooo, but thanks :)

HannahandSophie said...

this is so gorgeous! you take such beautiful photos..
amazing! :)

Justice Pirate said...

I just looked through loads of your entries and I am in awe of your adorableness (and beauty) and fashion! You seem so very sweet!!! I shall be keeping track and commenting in the future!!

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