Sunday, 28 March 2010

1960s dress form

Yesterday (Saturday) I got something I have been looking for for ages – a dress form. And a 1960s one, still in its original box, no less. I am rather pleased with this; I don't come across them very often, and when I do they are never my size. But this was meant to be. It has my measurements exactly. And the timing is perfect. I have some sewing projects I want to crack on with, and, having got some expert advice, I can now do them with a little help from – it? – she! – well, my dress form needs a name. Enid? Ethel? Maud? When I know, I'll tell you :)


Actually today I am wearing a dress that needs a bit of altering, though truth be told I won't need hmm-hmm's (insert name here) help for this. It has two extra straps on the front and, having worn the dress for the day, I am now sure I won't keep them on here. Snip snip...

red and white stripy dress, dark red bow heels thrifted
white ankle socks two dollar shop. Best ankle socks ever. Srsly. Srsly!
vintage dress form


Danielle said...

Well done! I am thrilled that you found something you've been looking for, for some time. It's such a great feeling when you find it! Your blog has inspired me to 'spring clean' my wardrobe this weekend and it's made me think of all the clothes I'd like for winter! I really love reading your blog and I love looking at your beautiful pictures. Thank you xx

Ellie said...

Georgina! (then she can be Georgie.)
Or Charlie?
Anyway, I'm jealous. Did they have two in stock???

becky said...

Oh, it's lovely. I really like the grey! My poor dress form (Dora), also from the 1960s, is missing her legs, have been trying to think of ways to construct some sort of replacement!

Have fun with your sewing!

Gabaz said...

ooo i love mannequins, ever since i had to buy one for a wearable art project... You look really nice in that dress :)

Justice Pirate said...

it looks so nice! COngratulations on getting it! I love the suitcases and your outfit.

darlingdee said...

I've always wanted a dress form. It' an adorable dress, reminds me of a candy cane. The socks are just the bees knees.


Emily Kennedy said...

That's so cool! What a great find, and I'd like to put forth a name suggestion. Edwina?


Sahakiel said...

Oh dear, I understand you perfectly about the dress, it's gorgeous! And I've got the same problem, I normally don't get the right size for me, but fortunately, at a shop at Barcelona, I can get some of this wonderful 60s dresses at my size-great!!

So, I must say that you look stunning!

Lily said...

Great find! I'm actually not the biggest fan of dress forms. I have one... but I can't drape a whole dress on it... even though it's the correct size things never seem to fit right around the arms and the upper chest area... anyway maybe that's just my dress form!

Your socks are adorable. I'm going to get some!

Q's Daydream said...

yay! dress forms are wonderful! mine's name is Priscilla. I use mine all the time when hemming things and taking things in. do it inside out of course. Oh, and how i love your dress! we should swap wardrobes for our different seasons, hehe ;o)

Sally Jane Vintage said...

What an amazing find! I'm still on the hunt for a vintage one myself.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

What a wonderful find! I'm still on the lookout for a vintage one myself.

Stefanie said...


Lisa said...

Ooh! She's beautiful! I desperatly want a vintage dress form, but for me, the timing hasn't been right yet.
I'v either got no money when I find one. OR I find one, have money, but she's too big or too small.

btw. I LOVE your blog! Such beautiful photos!

Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

Zoe said...

great find! i'm actually kinda jealous! haha

Chocolate and Cognac said...

I adore your dress! And that form is such a find :D

Carys said...

I am SO jealous, I have been looking for one of those for AGES, but I can never get them in my size either! You are seriously lucky!
Love your outfit there by the way.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

sunaina said...

Supercute dress.

What do you think about Edith?

Miss Lottie Lou said...

Congrats on the dress form :)
Your suitcases are amazing!! I love suitcases!!
Good luck with the sewing projects,
Lottie x

PrettyDamnCute said...

congrats on the great find! I've been hunting and hunting for a form to use for pics for my shop. All I've come up with so far are horrid, modern mannequins. This gives me hope!

NiftyThriftyBeth said...

Wow, what a great find, I really want a dress form!

Hannah said...

It's funny; I have almost exactly the same dress form, except mine is brown. Even funnier, she has a name as well. Good ol' Matilda.

I hope you get a lot of use ot of yours.

Sarah J said...

the candystripe dress, the magnificent trunk stack in the background, a perfectly darling dressform... can it get much better?! i've been searching for one too, but all those in my local oppshop's ones are Medium and up. and not for sale. ah well, one can always dream.

Stefanie Valentine said...

I'd love to find a vintage dress form like that, it's lovely. And i need some ankle socks like yours! x

esme and the lane way said...

Ellie :
wahh that's amazing, I was thinking of George! (Going through favourite childhood books, thought of George from the Famous Five). I wish they did have two :) If she (cat's mother?! The woman who owns my local vintage shop) finds more I'll let you know!

Danielle :
Thanks! Yes, it is a good feeling :) I'm really chuffed you do, thanks! :D

becky :
Oh, poor Dora! I have visions of her being propped on with a broom handle and a Xmas tree pot, because they have feet. Actually, would that work?! :) And thanks!

Gabaz :
They're cool, aren't they... and thanks very much! :)

Justice Pirate :
Thank you! :)

darlingdee :
Thanks very much! It is such a late summer find, but I love this dress already :) Oh and socks in summer are soooooo comfy, too!

Emily Kennedy :
Thanks! Cool, Edwina, I love that name! It makes me want the dress form to answer back, "shall we have a Bolly, Pats?" !!!

Sahakiel said
Cool, it's so nice to find things that fit! And thanks very much! :)

Lily :
Oh, how annoying! Is it because they don't have arms? I think mine looks narrower at the shoulder, but I checked and realised it's because its armless... I hope you can work around your dress form :) Oh, thanks!

Q's Daydream :
Ahhh Priscilla, cool! Yes, I think we should. You have the best stuff though!

Sally Jane Vintage :
Thanks! I remember a while ago when you were looking :)

Stefanie :
Haha awesome! I love the name Betty!

Lisa :
Oh I know what you mean, I found a psychedelic one a couple of years ago, but didn't have the room in my flat for it. I didn't measure it, and I like to think it was NOT my size, of course ;) hehe Good luck with your search! And thanks very much, I'm really flattered!

Zoe :
Haha I know what you mean, thanks! I love your hair flower!

Chocolate and Cognac :
Thanks very much!

Carys :
Awesome sailor! Thanks very much :) It's nice, after all the disappointments (too big, or way too expensive and a bit broken, etc...)

sunaina :
Thanks! And whooaaaa, that's weird, Edith was in the top five names I had last night, and is the one my fiance lieks too... spooky! It's a good name!

Miss Lottie Lou :
Thanks very much! I will post the sewing as I go. Hope I don't stuff it up, and have photographic evidence haha!

PrettyDamnCute :
thanks! Argh how annoying. But they are out there, it will happen!

NiftyThriftyBeth :
Thank you! :)

Hannah :
Cool! I like the name Matilda, too. Again, another name I had last night, but this one is already taken, of course! :) It really is funny how great minds think alike..!

Sarah J :
thanks! Oh, I know, why are so many of the ones left big?! Good luck :)

Stefanie Valentine :
Thanks! And yay for ankle socks, cute + practical! :D

Vantage Point Vintage said...

wow great find! look forward to seeing your creations. i absolutely love the dress you are wearing in the picture!


Clara said...

you looks like a pin up
and you're so beautiful!
i love your blog and looks.

Sarah said...

That dress is adorable! Ah, I might steal it, seriously! I always love a vintage dress form. Still trying to find my own. I adore the stack of luggage, lovely!

sinnlighet said...

The environments you create is amazing...

Agneta, Sweden

Katie said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it. You are so gorgeous. I love the dress form. Hmm for names if you haven't chosen one yet. I always thought Trixie, Tabitha and Gertrude were kinda cute vintagey names lol

Sophie said...

that is such an AWESOME the shoes and socks with it!

stacysaddleshoes said...

you wear vintage clothes so well and your white bobby socks always look great on you.I am jealous!

Kahani said...

Oh my those shoes are SO Wizard of Oz. Love them!

Maybe you should name your dressform Judy in honour of the film and all red-shoe loving lasses everywhere.

Bree said...

I just found your blog via the red lipstick. It's amazing! You are so beautiful & inspiring. Thank you!

Husmorsskolan said...

Hi! Found your lovely blog just now... Couldn´t take my eyes of it, for a long while. There´s so many beautiful, inspiering things to se here!!! I´m adding you to my blog list now, If you don´t mind me doing that?
Your welcome to visit me at: Unfortunatly my blog this far is in swedish, but I hope you feel welcomed anyway!
Best regards from Maja, Sweden

Valentina_s said...

blog really adorable

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Saving Capulet said...

oh my, wow! this left me breathless! you look so pretty and cute!

Lindsay Jean said...

So so so cute! I'm jealous, to be honest. Excited to see what you come up with using "her"!

Mel said...

WOW that's so awesome! I've been wanting a dress form for ages...but I don't think I have room in the house for one.

Heather Taylor said...

I like Enid for the name of the dress form!

louise-knight said...

amazing! I love dressforms.. I have three :/ eek! I've just blogged about my most recent find, a beautiful vintage 1940's chil-daw dummy. Perhaps I'll start collecting them..!? :)

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