Monday, 1 March 2010

lilac dress and pearl melissa's


Today is officially the first day of Autumn. Huzzah! Melbourne's weather has obliged us with Autumnal weather, too (although it's usually still pretty warm in March, so we'll see how long this lasts) and I have been enjoying the cool- and grey- ness. I need to get on with cardigan buying... I have things for cold weather, but not quite enough for the in-between days.



Remember how I was saying I was looking forward to wearing shoes in colours other than red? I wore my new pearl Melissa t-bars; well, when I say new, I mean I bought them a couple of months ago but didn't wear them much as it was too hot. I love this chunky round toed shape, and the medium height, fat heel – and, of course, the t-bar. They are also waterproof, something I need to keep in mind when getting new shoes for winter. (The purple shoes I want are Melissa wedges, but they are peep toe, ahhh ummm ahhhhhhh yes or no or yes...)


And speaking of colours other than red, I have a new orange-y-coral-y lipstick. I really like the colour of this one, and now want to find a stronger version. (If you have any suggestions for a good one, please let me know; I love Mac matte, but haven't seen the right colour in the limited selection we have here... ) I used a nail varnish to match, and left my moons bare; it's half vintage inspired as I don't like not painting the tips – it looks great in photos, and on other people, but for some reason it just looks messy on me, even though the lines are perfect... and I just like this on me more :) Well, that was long, enough chit chat from me! I'll be back tomorrow with a picture heavy post from the weekend! ttfn! xxx


edit the lipstick is Bourjois orange apprete



1970s dress thrifted
melissa shoes


georgina said...

nice shoes! i've never thought of jelly type shoes since i wore the sandals when i was a toddler!

Michelle said...

Esme you are so super gorgeous! I'm loving the new lipstick colour :)

Ma princesse de pêches said...

Oh wow, you look amazingly beautiful in that portrait after you talk about the lipstick and nail polish. I'm so happy autumn is here too, excited! Great shoes BTW
xx. Peach Princess ♥

♥Lola said...

Love this dress on you, the colour is gorgeous :) What brand is the lipstick?

Krista said...

I love those shoes are they comfortable? There's quite a few pairs of Melissas I like but don't know how comfortable they really are or if they'd feel sweaty, what do you think?

Eli said...

these didnt hurt you? my melissas hurt soooooo bad I couldnt wear them anymore

Harlow Darling said...

Those shoes are lovely, as are you, lilacs are so flattering on you!!!

Erin & Angie said...

That lipstick looks beautiful on you Esme, its definitely your colour, NIce work! Can you post the brand/name please? I live in Aus too and I've been wearing alot of red too and would love that colour you have.

my bat lightning heart said...

Such a sweet outfit!
And love the shoes.
I need to start embracing lipstick.
Coral adds such a nice punch of colour too!

esme and the lane way said...

georgina: Thanks! hehe I had jellies when I was little, too!

Michelle: thanks :) It is nice to have a change!

Ma princesse de pêches: hehe it's coz it's not in focus :D

♥Lola: thanks! It's bourjois Orange apprete. It's really silky and nice to use :)

Krista: they are super comfy, and are lined with something slighty fuzzy, so your skin isn't touching the rubber = which means no sweatyness, and no blisters from that :) They are come up big, though, and if I get another pair I would go a size down.

Eli: oh no! How annoying! No, these are really comfy, walk for hours kind of shoes (hooray for the mid fat heel!)

Harlow Darling: thanks very much!

Erin & Angie: thanks v much! I'll add it to the post :)

my bat lightning heart: thanks! Yep, still in the sweet side, but it is getting cold already! I went years without lipstick, I don't leave home without it now :)

crispybenfranklin said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

Louise said...

Your lipstick colour is gorgeous. I have a lovely orange from Lancome ... check out their range. I really like their lipsticks. Long lasting and vibrant shades.
Nice Melissas too.

vicen said...

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Mystery Flight Vintage said...

i love your melissa t-bars!

..i can't even imagine how grubby they'd get im they were mine though..

thesecretrose said...

Really loving the coral lipstick & pearl shoes!

The one I use (which is really pretty and slightly darker & more orange-y than that) is Revlon's 'Kiss Me Coral'.. think it might suit your skintone too :)

özlem said...

You have such a wonderful milky skin that even coral lipstick doesn't look garish on you. What is the color of your lovely polish?

Miss Emmi said...

I don't think MAC do many peachy/coral coloured lipsticks - I've always found their pink lipsticks too cool/pale toned for my skin. I hear Estee Lauder is putting out a coral lipstick for their Hollywood collection that has been getting fantastic reviews.

P.S. I love the whole matching the lipstick to the nails thing, it's really cute! I don't find it matchy-matchy at all, rather, I think it can tie an outfit together really nicely.

Danielle said...

Love the shoes, love the dress, love the lipstick and love the mani and the long chit chat. Ok, I love it all and the gorgeous pictures. Beautiful xx

Amy Alexandra said...

I am SO happy Autumn is here. Although Wednesday will be quite warm, there is a definite chill in the air.

The coral-y colour suits your complexion perfectly.

sueper said...

so strange - here in europe we can't wiat for summer too start!
great colour of nailposih

Sal said...

Ahhh, Melissas. I adore their entire line, and the pearl t-bars are positively dreamy.

tess said...

amazing shoes!

sunaina said...

what a sweet outfit,
you're very beautiful.

Blue Note said...

great pictures and the colours

Talia said...

I have never seen such a delicate and full of femenity look.

NiftyThriftyBeth said...

those shoes are masterpieces.

Lulu said...

okay, so the only really orange lippy i can say is definitely ORANGE (and if youre looking for coral this isnt the one, but its gorgeous nonetheless) is by Dr. Hauschka.

love the way you did your nails! and that dress is so pretty! you always have the most put together looks. =]

esme and the lane way said...

crispybenfranklin: thanks!

Louise: thanks. I love Lancome mascara and will definitely check out their lipsticks.

vicen: cool, thanks!

Mystery Flight Vintage: thanks haha yes but they are easy to wipe clean..!

thesecretrose: thanks! That shade sounds perfect, I'll have a look later today :)

özlem: the nail varnish is from sportsgirl, it's not so great! I'll keep looking for a more orange (but not fluro) one :)

Miss Emmi: yeah it's a shame about the Mac shades, the finish of them is sooooo good. I think once I would have found the nail+lips too matchy but I like it now, too :)

Danielle: even the chit chat! hehe thanks very much :)

Amy Alexandra: I know I know! Exciting! Thanks :)

sueper: it's the big swap-see time of the blogging year :)

Sal: thanks, me too!

tess, sunaina, Blue Note, Talia, NiftyThriftyBeth: thanks very much :)

Miss Woody said...

really poetic !

Karen said...

Lovely! love the colors ;)

Stefanie Valentine said...

I've been looking at the Melissa shoes for a while now, are they comfortable to walk in and what's the width of them like? I love your half moons by the way, so neat unlike mine! xx

KittyMeow said...

OOh the shoes are so pretty! Are the comfy??

Andi B. Goode said...

I love your shoes! I so badly want some. I also love your nail polish - I never leave the tips, either. I don't like it on me. Besides, in loads of pictures I've seen of movie stars from the 40s and 50s they don't even have the moon bare - the whole nail is painted. It makes me feel better when I'm feeling too lazy to leave the moons. ;]
-Andi x

CTSB said...

You might like MAC's "Vagas Volt". It's a creme formulation and if I had to describe the colour I would say it is a "bright sophisticated creamy organge".

esme and the lane way said...

Miss Woody: thanks!

Stefanie Valentine: thanks :) yep super comfy, they are quite wide, I think. Really comfortable heel height.

KittyMeow: yes, very :)

Andi B. Goode: thanks! Yeah I've seen that in pictures too, same thing :)

CTSB: oh that sounds perfect! I hope they sell that here :)

Dailee Dose said...

you look so pretty!

greenlaundry said...

Sometimes I think you can't be human! Haha, you're so beautiful and porcelain oh! I'm pretty sure Mac doesn't have a good coral colour, I went looking once.

sanjeet said...

e you are so super gorgeous! I'm loving the new lipstick colour
fashion videos

inapeartree said...

LOVE the mani!!

Clare said...

I've been wanting to get those shoes for ages but was so worried about the sticky/rubbing factor, so pleased to hear they're comfortable!
Beautiful outfit as ever, very jealous of your perfect nails.
Also on the continuing t. leclerc powder search - it has now got more complicated because I have found a foundation which may rival it: Lancome tient idole (or something like that) now I don't know which to invest in!

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