Monday, 12 April 2010

bye bye summer, really


As I may have mentioned (just once or twice) our Autumn took it's time to get here. Now it seems it definitely has. Hooray! Here are some pics I wanted to post earlier, but never quite got around to, of summery things I won't be enjoying now for a good 7 months. Well, not quite like this, anyway :) I have looked forward to cooler weather for so long. I am also looking forward to taking pictures outside again...




rischa said...

Love your outfits! Where did you find your flat t-bars? They're awesome and not easy to find. I love heels, but I always regret wearing them when I have to stand on the train!

esme and the lane way said...

rischa: thanks :) the red flats are from etsy. I love heels too, but sometimes flat shoes are the best!

Harlow Darling said...

Oh wow we have the same sheer bow blouse and I just so happened to wear it in my latest blog post, how weird is that?

I'd also love to know where you got your flats, I've had a hard time finding any t-bar shoes at all, let alone red ones, so lovely, you always have the nicest shoes :)

Krista said...

Love the polkadot shorts with the knee high socks, too cute :) PS i just saw the pic of you on spokesndaggers modelling the new Hopelessly devoted range, just gorgeous!

Esz said...

Love your hair in pigtails - way cute :-D

I think winter well and truly has set in - finally! Yesterday was the first day where it was sunny out (some of the time) and I actually thought I should have worn tights.

Sarah said...

These are such beautiful pictures. I love your red skirt and I love the hat in the last picture. THese are great inspirations for those of us who are waiting for summer to arrive.

everyday is like sunday said...

i absolutely love your hat! did you thrift it or is there somewhere i can buy it? :) its summer here in the states!

Mel said...

I love all of your outfits, especially that skirt in the first one!

Sahakiel said...

Oh, it's true, now is autumm there, and here in Europe the spring is coming, and the sun, and the hot... wanna change houses?

Those red shoes are spectaculars, and the second outfit is simply perfect!

The Diva's Polish said...

Those red shorts are divine. I love the black buttons! The white shirt with the bow is beautiful and once again I have hair envy ;) Great post xx

Rosie said...

Esme, I love your style! You are always so glamorous and remind me of a genuine pin-up girl.
I can't wait for Winter either and will be excited to see what your Winter wardrobe will be like!
Is there anything you are especially looking forward to? (For me it's my fire engine red coat and swing jacket, I miss them the rest of the year!) ♥ Rosie

♥Lola said...

I adore the top outfit, it's so so pretty :) Just saw your photo for Hopeless on Gabby's blog, you look so pretty!

Felicia_Ceballos said...

I love the way you paired the high socks with your heels

and your hat is too cute

Felicia :)

georgina said...

great photos! love the red shorts especially :)

Solanah said...

Love every single picture!

Closet said...

Oh I agree, today is a shock to the system. We actually had the fire going last night. Time for Winter outfits!

esme and the lane way said...

Harlow Darling :
Oh cool! I will go and see :)
The red flats are from, a little while ago. And thanks very much!

Krista :
Thanks! Oh, and thanks about the Hopelessly Devoted bow, too – it was really fun to do, everyone was so nice. And the range is so beautiful!

Esz :
Thanks! It certainly has, I am a bit too cold now (haha yeah I know, Goldilocks) But I am happy about the new cold :)

Sarah :
Thanks – they are actually sailor shorts, but it is a bit hard to see here :) And I love seeing other bloggers change into Spring and Summer up in the top half!

everyday is like sunday :
I thrifted it two summers ago, but there are quite a few around :) Everyone seems to be lokoing forward to summer up there! :D

Mel :
Thanks! I've just realised they are both shorts, there was a theme, and it's hard to tell :)

Sahakiel :
Change?! No wayyyy, I looooove Autumn :D Summer here is a bit ridiculous. But, I LOVE Autumn in London, and it's very different here :) so N Hem sounds lovely!

The Diva's Polish :
Thanks very much! I was gonna change the black buttons to white, then decided against it, I like them black too :)

Rosie :
Aww, thanks very much! Your coat sounds gorgeous! I am looking forward to scarfs, hats (especially berets) and my cape and long socks and tights and vintage gloves and hehe lots of things! :D

♥Lola :
Thanks so much! The photoshoot was so much fun :) The range is just so beautiful!

Felicia_Ceballos :
Thanks! But the socks + heels get some, ah, attention... :< never mind, nothing too scary :)

georgina :
Thanks very much! I wasn't even going to post all these, I am glad I did now :)

Solanah :
Thanks very much! :D

caramelizedvintage said...

Your place is stunning! I'm so envious. I love the amount of light shining through; it must be beautiful in the mornings.

And speaking of beautiful, that is totally an adjective to describe you and your outfits! They're so whimsical and feminine.

Anniina said...

I love the red shorts! The hat photo is very beautiful, I love the subtle colours and the lace..

Charlie said...

lovely outfit! I love those red shorts! said...

I love that you wear so much red and white! Your photos truly are beautiful, I'm always grateful when you share!

xo Jenny

vio said...

you're simply lovely!
great photos!

Sleekit said...

Red shorts! You need to take them into Autumn with some funky tights

Sleekit x

Ally,The Vintage Valley said...

ohh you always look so the red shorts!!

Justice Pirate said...

the red shoes look excellent! Love everything!


Sher said...

Oh, I adore your collection of summery stuff! The hat is truly beautiful and exactly what I want for summer days:)


sunaina said...

Lovely photos! I'm curious about your autumn outfits:)

Q's Daydream said...

So pretty! Are those tara starlet shorts?! I love the black buttons!
Glad you posted these pics ;o)

Greetz from Tiz said...

these pics are so beautiful!
There is an award for you , check my blog if you like,
greetz from tiz

Amelia said...

these are all so lovely! especially the hat in the last one.
Thank you for the nice comment about the photos; spring has finally arrived in london and it's just wonderful!

Amelia of La Ville Inconnue

Sarah Jane said...

Gorgeous! I love winter clothes but i hate the cold!

Just wondering where you found your red sailor shorts?

Sarah xo

esme and the lane way said...

caramelizedvintage :
Thanks! I'm really happy with my place, the big windows are great, and it has floorboards <3
Oh, thanks very much! :)

Anniina :
Thanks! :D

Charlie :
Thanks very much! :
Thank you! I think the red and white has happened unconsciously but it is true! I am so glad you like :)

vio :
Thanks very much!

Sleekit :
Absolutely, of course black but then my standard whites, too! Navy, purple... fun.

Justice Pirate :
Thanks so much!

Ally,The Vintage Valley :
Thanks very much!

Sher :
And now i goes back in the wardrobe, and out come the jumpers and the coats... :)

sunaina :
Thanks! Well, they will be up very soon, as it is freeeeeezing now! So maybe more wintery really, haha

Q's Daydream :
Thanks! No, they are a local high street label that I found in an op shop... I love the white buttons on the TS ones, though! These red ones are good but don't come up quite as high, which is a shame, but they are still pretty cute :)

Greetz from Tiz :
thanks – oh, thanks! I will!

Amelia :
thanks! Haha your photo with the lion is pretty funny...

Sarah Jane :
I know what you mean! It doesn't get below 0C where I am, so that's not very cold :)
Oh, they are thrifted, and by a local high street label, and surprisingly good! :D

Mosquito Head Madchen said...

I was going to ask the same as Rischa.. your flats are awesome!! i've been looking for a pair of T-bar flats for a long time but I can't find them in my size...
Anyway, it seems that automn has just arrived to your home but spring is coming here... oh no.. that means that in a few months i'll be melting under the spanish sun :(

Sarah J said...

Ohmygoodness me! you remind me of a glamourous Susan Pevensie! whereon earth did you get those Tbars? they are absolutely brill.

Miss Woody said...

gorgeous first picture !

Helen said...

i love those red t-bars! perfect shoes.

megannielsen said...

LOVE all these looks, but the first one is for sure my favourite!!

Jitterbugdoll said...

I just adore that first outfit! Those sailor shorts are fantastic too :-)

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