Thursday, 15 April 2010

peter pan collar dress, part one


Well, I must admit, I have been feeling a little – what's the word, different? left of (my) centre? with things this week. I have rather enjoyed it; it's kind of like a little style holiday. I love, and always will, the vintage and vintage inspired styles – and stylings – that I usually wear. And then sometimes, perhaps because of the change of season, I kind of revisit some favourites of mine from a few years ago, which then, in turn, are definitely inspired by things I see out in bloggy land, and out come the long socks, the straight hair, the later vintage – well, the retro! – styles... it's a bit like kicking of my heels and wiggling my toes in the sand. It feels wonderful, but I will be back in my familiar self tomorrow.



So, in an I'm-making-the-most-of-it-while-it-lasts way, here is one of my new dresses from last week. I have shortened it (temporarily) and, as it is so short, I thought keeping it loose and shapeless (ugh, so negative sounding, but so true) would be the best way to go. After a day's wear, I am going to take it in and give it shape after all (the shapeless tent thing is just a step to far away from home for this little wanderer!) and I'll take in the shoulders, too. I think the late '60s silhouette will be fun, but it has to be just right... so for this dress there will be a part two :)


ps. I am having some problems with my comment moderating; one or two have been eaten! Please don't think I am choosing not to publish your comments, it's just blogger is apparently a bit hungry at the moment. Fingers crossed it's just a temporary glitch :)



The Diva's Polish said...

3rd photo down, Vogue magazine quality. It's absolutely stunning. Love the dark shadows, simply magical... love, love...

gia said...

i've always been a peter pan collar fan! schoolgirl chic! who takes your lovely photos? pls don't tell me it's just you :)

Rosie said...

I can't get over this dress! I love that collar! And your socks are to die for!

SuzieM said...

lovely dress!! better keep it short!

Emily Kennedy said...

I love that you schooled me on the difference between vintage and retro. Thank goodness someone told me!

Kir said...

I love the collar on the dress! :D

Sher said...

You are so beautiful that you look lovely in whichever style you choose to wear! I adore this dress, peter pan collars are the sweetest thing in the world, I think:)


Jitterbugdoll said...

The 60s look does suit you well! I agree that the dress will have a little more oomph once you take it in, but it's a darling look as is!

anni said...

Oh, your style is breath taking fabulous !

Justice Pirate said...

Oh man, peter pan collars make me swoon, don't they do so for you?? I love all the poses with these photos. you are gorgeous, by the way.


Anniina said...

Cute! I love the knee high socks, I would like to try those myself, but I'm afraid I will look stupid instead of cute.

Some Style... said...

very lovely images! love the hight tights, have similar ones in a more lighter shade of grey! aren't they great!? and the portrait mirror pic is just beautiful!

♥Lola said...

Love the dress :) can't wait to see your changes to it.

Laurel said...

That last photo is simply amazing! I say it again and again but your blog is a wonderland of beautiful dreamy romantic images. Gorgeous xx

rischa said...

I love peter pan collars! What label is that dress, because the top part looks really similar to a blouse I have - I'll have to post it on my blog sometime and we can compare :-)

JoolzGirl said...

Love the socks, love the high-heeled mary janes. I used to own a pair but sadly they died after much vigorous wearing... now I have an urgent need to get some more after seeing yours!

Gracie said...

I love this look, and those poses are great! said...

Lady, you look gorgeous in every era and every style! I love it when you go the sweet, 60's style with your center part and straight hair!

xo Jenny

esme and the lane way said...

The Diva's Polish :
hehe thanks, it's actually throw away one but I liked how it showed the collar better than my other attempts :)

gia :
Yep, me, and some things to help get a focus :) like a big stuffed lion!

Rosie :
thanks! Pretty different form my usual things but I liked it all the same :)

SuzieM :
thanks! I will, but it is soooo short! Weird!

Emily Kennedy :
hehe I'm not high-horsey about it though. Some people are, and some just don't know, and there are so many different opinions on it, it doesn't ever bother me though! :D But this dress is 1980s, definitely NOT vintage in my books :)

Kir :
thanks! Me too :)

Sher :
Haha too kind! THanks though :)

Jitterbugdoll :
Thanks! Yes, I feel just too weird without a defined waist... and I'm already missing my vintage proper! :D

anni :
thanks very much!

Justice Pirate :
Thanks! They do, and then sometimes I feel to 'little girl' in them, just depends on my whims :)

Anniina :
Thanks! Don't be afraid of socks! :D

Some Style... :
Thanks! They're pretty good socks, but they do fall down a leeeetle bit.

♥Lola :
Thanks! They should be quite easy, so it should be pretty soon :)

Laurel :
Thanks! I indulged, tongue-in-cheek a bit really, for the unusual-for-me dress!

rischa :
Thanks! It is a Wallis, 1980s. I would love to see your blouse!

JoolzGirl :
Thanks! I'm scared of it happening to these, too, as I wear them sooo much :)

Gracie :
Thanks! Posing feels silly but coz only my cat as there I could be very silly and it was fun :)

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love this silhouette!

ps i cant believe they took out that last bit, either!

Dalena Vintage said...

I love this you! And I love those socks, they're the perfect length. Wherever did you find them!?

Daydream Lily said...

so pretty, and I love how you've done your hair!

Kat said...

ohhh i love your blog :) such great pictures...
if you have time would you look at mine?
thanks xx

muchlove said...

That dress is adorable, especially with that sweet peter pan collar. Also, I love the little braids in your hair :)

heleen said...

Oh, fabulous! It's always great to see a certain garment progress, I can't wait for part 2!

lauren carney said...

well howdy doo little lady!
i saw a lovely link on daydream lilly
just thought id drop by and let you know, that your blog is rather splendid :)
the photos are so lovely, and your outfits are darling

happy blogging,
have fun being wonderful! x

LadyDiaphane said...

The dress is so lovely and this outfit suits you a lot.
As always your way of dressing up is wonderful, marvellous ... I don't know which adjective would be the best ... maybe all ! ^^

best regards !


Amy said...

Love the collar of the dress - and your stockings! They look like just the right weight - not too thick or too thin. Must find a pair for myself.

Jodi said...

oh my gosh! im obsessed with this outfit!

Athena. said...

I love this dress so much!
It looks wonderful; and I adore your blog.

melina bee said...

I aspire to your self portraiture skills. Lovely socks and heels combo. I adore.
melina bee

HBTN said...

gosh, you wear the socks so well. not many people could.

Joanie Coyote said...

This would look good with an underskirt sticking out, too. Maybe a blush color or lace. I love the socks btw.

rischa said...

OK I was a bit wrong about how similar my blouse is to this dress!

a. said...

this dress looks such so super adorable...

AlicePleasance said...

Oh, I feel that way sometimes too!
You look lovely as usual :-)

Annyex9 said...

Love the dress, the socks, the room- everything! Beautiful.

darlingdee said...

You look fabulous!

I love the over the knee socks.


IanKR said...

I love the collar on your dress! Love Peter Pan collars - so cute.

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