Tuesday, 6 July 2010

my new rust coloured jacket – and it is vintage, too


Well, hello, internet bloggy land! First of all, I must explain where I have been – erm, nowhere! BUT I haven't had my usual computer access, and so haven't been able to be a very good blogger. But I now have access once again, and can try to improve... and I can play catch up, too. I feel like there is so much I want to post, but I don't know where to begin. (And don't you hate it when people say "well start from the beginning!"? That is really annoying, especially as when you think about what you're flapping about, they are actually often right.).


So, this is me last Friday, before work. I have a terrible cardigan shortage (terrible!) and can't find any good ones to fix it. I went op shopping last week, and, after a pointless search in the cardigan and jumper section (new knits these days are often sad little dish rags; the ones in op shops are these sad little dish rags after several years of hard labour) something in the kids' section caught my eye. I love this rust colour, and found it was a little jacket... and it fits really well. The sleeves are, of course, too short, so I will turn them into bracelet length ones, and maybe add a button. I could shape the waist a little more, if I start feeling really adventurous with my needle and thread, but it actually doesn't really need it. It is a perfect cover up. And, as a final happy-making touch, it turns out it's not an '80s-doing-'60s, as I had first thought, but a bona fide '60s jacket. Not that it mattered either way (another thing to post about), but it is nice to know, and I admit it – I like this fact!


As the sleeves don't look deliberately short yet, I wore it with a similar coloured blouse, and finished things off with my copper coloured vintage fully fashioned stockings. Actually, I really finished it off with a wide, shiny black belt, to match my new shiny black booties (which deserve a post all of their own... see, I've lots to do here!) but it was Friday dawn (uh, 9.45am), I'm not a morning person and I hadn't had a coffee – so remembering to photograph things properly – belt showing and so on – was never really going to happen... :) still, there is always next time.

rust coloured vintage jacket // op shop (and no, I don't often find vintage at op shops, it's a lucky one!)
blouse // op shop
pencil skirt // circa vintage clothing
fully fashioned stockings vintage, new in their box and unworn when I got them // vintage shop
black boots // melissa (!!!)



Bess Georgette said...

Black and read are one of my all time favourite colour combinations. That jacket is gorgeous — what a great find!

Carys said...

Your jacket is so nice, you look lovely! Your hairstyle is amazing, and I love your shoes!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Sara said...

Oh my your style is so awesome. I am always happy when I see that you've posted something :D Very inspiring outfit!


Charlie said...

you always look stunning! I can´t imagine anybody else wearing what you wear as good as you wear it. those tights are sexy and flirtatious in a great way, and the bow on the shirt looks great!

harbourmaster said...

Oh, the shoes, the shoes! I've been thinking about getting these - tried them on once many years ago but can't remember what they felt like. Easy to walk in? Heel not too thin?

Rebecca said...

That is such a sweet jacket. I never think to look in the children's section. I like the way you#ve matched it with the blouse underneath.

The Collar of the Dove said...

oooh, one of my fave colours!

Justice Pirate said...

I really love how the bow brings this all together so much.

Artesania said...

very lovely jacket :) and so are you! :) how much do you spend usually on your clothes? :)

Q's Daydream said...

That color is amazing! Glad you're back ;o)

Fabiola "Fab" said...

My goodness what a beauty!! flawless hair, skin etc. and you style is just lovely!

Erika said...

Beautiful jacket! It fits you perfectly! I wouldn't take it in at the waist, it's nice as it is.

A pair of vintage unused fully fashioned stockings... Wow! What a find! The new shoes are also lovely.

Rachel said...

Your hair looks perfect and that red suits you quite well!

I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, and I have to say it is one of my favorites since you mix vintage and modern so well.

The Cupcake Goddess said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I really want that jacket! You look simply marvelous in it! Love the shoes too!

Jenni said...

That's a beautiful cardigan! What a great find! Your boots are gorgeous. I kind of want one pair of every Melissa's shoe that ever went into production. :D

Sarah said...

This outfit is so beautiful. i love this red. So vibrant.


Laurel said...

That is such a gorgeous little jacket! I love the colour and the 60s shape and style.

I hope it is not toooo cold in Melbourne as my boyfriend and I are flying over tomorrow for a mid-winter break xx

Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower said...

You look so very sweet! Beautiful rust color, tis lovely with your hair! Your blog is such a delight, trully. Always a new magical vintage item! Kid's sections always have something to offer! :P
I bid you uch peace and love :)
- Ginela at
Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower

esme and the lane way said...

‪Bess Georgette‬
Thanks! I was chuffed to find it :)

‪Carys‬: thanks very much!

Cool, thank you!

hehe thanks v much :)

oh they are soooo comfy, and the heel is just right for walking (I am on my feet all day and they are good for that) but I do recommend going for the bigger size, if you are unsure of what size to get: they are much smaller than my VW t bar Melissa's, so much smaller..!

Thanks! The kids' section has some great stuff every now and then… actually I can't really think of any other time I've found something good, but if you're small (like me) it is worth a look.

‪The Collar of the Dove‬
thanks! Me too :)

‪Justice Pirate‬
hehe thanks :)

thanks! Um, more than some, less than others… but being a big op shop fan I obviously keeps my costs down… and then I spend up on other things..!

‪Q's Daydream‬
Thanks, me too :)

‪Fabiola "Fab"‬
Why thank you!

I agree, and that wool;d be some major sewing… well, I'd have to undo the lining anyway :) I have a few pairs of previously unworn vintage FF stockings, I love them! They are all so resilient, too.

THanks very much! It's not a first choice ideal colour for me really, I just alter my make up to help it along :)

‪The Cupcake Goddess‬
Thanks very much!

Thanks! Oh, the Melissa's are so nice… so many pairs I want haha!

Thanks! It was nice and bright for a really dull Melbourne day…

Thanks! Melbourne has warmed up a good bit – last week was disgraceful. How long are you here for?

‪Razzle Dazzle Cosmic Flower‬
THanks! haha sweet, that's so funny :)

Heather Taylor said...

Looking fab, sweets!

Andi B. Goode said...

Yay for finding vintage in an op-shop!! The colour looks fantastic on you. =D
-Andi x

cclarebear said...

perfectly executed, as usual.

love the jacket!!

alex said...

hello, i literally just found your blog and i adore everything you wear, and it's fabulous to see that you live in melbourne as well! i'm sure you get asked this a lot but whereabouts in the area do you track down your best vintage finds?

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

Oh, my!!! Aren't you the sweetest thing!!! I have to follow you! I love your style. I also love cardies. I just bought a beautiful one with golden buttons! :) The kids departement is a great place for unexpected finds! That jacket is beautiful!

Carla said...

Great look, lovely and sexy stockings


Those shoes!

Typically, when someone starts anything with "I'll start from the beginning", I instantly turn away as I selfishly feel like I can't be bothered with too many details (that sounds way more harsh than intended). Besides, isn't it more important to relish in the present? :)

Frankie said...

Wow! Your outifts are always amazing!

Becca Jane said...

Loving the jacket! Great find!

Everything Tati said...

I love your shoes. AMAZING

Sil said...

OMG I love your hair!

Ms. Morgan said...

I just love your blog. The clothes are soooo beautiful. I *heart* anything vintage just about. Keep it up - although they clothes make me jealous (in a good good way). Hope you're able to follow my blog too. http://surviving-20something.blogspot.com/

Emmi said...

The color of your jacket is amazing! And I just love your shoes :)

Blue Note said...

girl you look FANTASTIC!!

MarieBayArea said...

your rust colored jacket is gorgeous on you. such a pretty color and i love your bow.

Andrea said...

I love all this!!!...and your shoes are too CUTE. <3

angelaseeangelablog said...

Such a great jacket! I was going to buy one similar at Friperie on Smith st but when I returned it was gone, that's op shopping for you!

Love the seamed stockings also


Betty Lou said...

Wow! Perfect!

Erimentha said...

WAAAYYYYyyyyyyy too pretty lovely!


Misha said...

Ooh, so stylish! You totally look like a classy stewardess in this!

Hampton Grace said...

I love vintage, and these pictures exhibit vintage clothes perfectly! So cute.


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