Monday, 3 January 2011

looking forward to

lula a

Although I have had some delicious holiday time, I have been really, really busy. Doing fun things, though, so that's ok.

lula b

But I bought this magazine the week before Christmas.

lula c

I had been looking forward to it coming out for months.

lula d

And I haven't had a chance to read it yet! I am really looking forward to having a bit of time to curl up with it.

lula e


Dropstitch said...

I received my copy in the mail just the other day :)

What did you think? Not my favourite edition in terms of photoshoots.

Sleekit said...

Lovely photography, looks like a cool mag, must check it out

Sleekit x

la pie qui chante pour un oui pour un non said...

Wouahou this mag looks great!!!

Marie said...

Oh, Lula! I really want to buy a number of that too, but they only sell them one place here in Norway, and that is not exactly where I live.

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

Looks like it's full of beautiful pictures :)

xxx Charlie
Feminine Bravery

Q's Daydream said...

Oh, I've been waiting too! We should get it soon, fingers crossed.

jeanine romo said...

Glad you had a great holiday :)

Erin Smith said...

I ADORE lula! Nothing compares to it's photography in terms of whimsy. So dreamy!

I've actually been searching for the latest copy for a while now. They used to sell it in a number of places around Adelaide but this issue has just seemed to have avoided the state altogether! I'm ordering mine from magnation now :)

Becca Jane said...

Lula is amazing, I have yet to pick up that copy, but have been looking forward to it for ages

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Lula is the best. I didn't buy this issue as I didn't think it was worth the price to be honest but I'm mad about it normally. I wish it was easier to get hold of but I guess it adds to the allure. xx

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