Sunday, 20 March 2011

the last doll standing


Images from the last doll standing

The other week I came across a blog that is my aesthetic exactly; every post – every single post – is perfect. I check it every day. I usually like blogs with original content, but this is the exception proving that rule for me... find it here. It's so beautiful.


The Diva's Polish said...

Oh my, that is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing. I am off to absorb the perfection. :)

mnemonique said...

thank's for recommending I will check it with pleasure. I love to watch your posts.

Rianna said...

Waaaah! This is so sweet of you! I'm mostly just thrilled that a gal with a gorgeous blog such as yourself, likes mine as well.
Thankyou! Lots of love xo

Hannah said...

wow. thats amazing! seeing the pictures i had to think about the musicvideo "blue orchid"

Rachel said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I checked it out, and will be doing so regularly from now on.

Molly said...

That's exactly how I feel about your blog. Thank you for all your lovely posts and inspirations.

Lady Cherry said...

Wow, loving that blog.

G said...

All these images are so stunningly moody.

Velvet said...

Thanks for sharing! I really like ballerina's photos.

Jo said...

Beautiful. I'm off to check it out now! x

The Ginger Fox said...

thanks for sharing...its gone straight to the blogroll :)

Ginger xox

june said...

Very nice blog!

b. said...

Thank you for sharing; this blog looks really beautiful !

lavelle said...

Lovely! This collage looks like a tim Burton film, I will be checking out the blog straight away xx

esme and the lane way said...

‪The Diva's Polish‬
I know, such a good blog – glad to share :)

Oh good – and thanks very much :)

haha thanks! But credit where it's due – your blog is most awesome. :D Hope you get your computer back soon x

what is blue orchid? It sounds up my ally, I'll look it up :)

it's worth it! :)

gosh, noooo! Oh well thanks very much :)

‪Lady Cherry‬
It is just so, so good… :)

yep, just how I like 'em :)

cool :)

excellent, you will love it :)

‪The Ginger Fox‬
hurrah! Good good :D

it is super fantastico :)

my pleasure, I really should share more of them :)

oh, it does too :) Well I love his style too! Glad to share the love :)

Ishawi said...

The photo with girl with red lips came from my coutnry from Monislawa ;) I like her works too.
Love your blog.

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