Friday, 8 April 2011

autumn city, seventies dress, leaves and laneways

ciflse a

Last weekend, me and my significant other went to the city. We were going to go to a couple of galleries, but it was such a beautiful day we decided just exploring the city streets and laneways of Melbourne was be a much better idea. We even checked out a lovely looking park that we'd always driven past and talked of visiting, but never quite got round to it... and we are so glad we finally did.

(My super-talented sig. oth. took the pictures of me, and of the butterfly. He does get his picture taken, too... maybe I will start putting more of them on here!)

I wanted to be comfortable for walking around a lot, and, even though there was all that beautiful golden sunshine, it was actually not all that warm. I have had this dark green cardigan for, oh, maybe 5 years now, and almost donated it – but I'm very happy I didn't. I do find it hard to find good knits that I like; I am really quite fussy when it comes to cardigans and jumpers, and whilst I can enjoy the benefits of acrylic and nylon et al., I really want pure wool, cashmere, or at least heavy weight cotton. What can I say? I like nice things!

I am pretty sure I have worn everything else here on the blog before. I love how I have things for years and they always seem right. What are your staples? Do you have things you go back to each year?

ciflse n

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cardigan :: witchery
1970s dress, tan leather belt :: opp shops
grey tights :: um? Actually, I really want some more cable tights in grey this winter.
tan brogue heels :: brunswick street shop, long ago.
bag :: courtesy of mimco
sunglasses :: forever new, last summer

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Rohmy said...

Wonderful pictures! I like the light and mood/ athmosphere. Very beautiful.


The Mint Palace said...

Stop it!! You are making me miss Melbourne!! I am planning to move back so I'll let you off this time!! ;) Fantastic photos as always :)

esme and the lane way said...

Rohmy: thanks! It was an amazing day :)

The Mint Palace: hehe it makes it nicer to come back to! :) When do you move back here?

Erin said...

Oh my goodness, these pictures are lovely. I can't wait to be in Melbourne at the start of may. There will be much laneway wandering, i hope. Both you and your gentleman have great eyes for photography. Its a valuable talent :)
Thanks for sharing these!

Jo said...

Gosh, I definitely have 'repeat' outfits! That's why I can't do too many outfit posts! Haha. Gosh, Melbourne actually looks like the best! My boyfriend went there about 5 years ago and he still raves about it! Haha! I need to get over there!


Blue Fruit said...

Oh my goodness these photos are amazing! Such beautiful autumn light ~ and your outfits really suits the mood.

Just stunning!

Blithely Unaware said...

Oh my stars these photos are breathtaking... your posts go from strength to strength all the time.


Have a beautiful weekend. ♥

MarieBayArea said...

Your dress, satchel, tights, and shoes are beautifully put together. Melbourne looks like such a beautiful city. I adore these photos. All the greenery is glorious. I love the green bicycle esp.

Ally,The Vintage Valley said...

beautiful pictures, i adore your dress and the photo of the rusted bike.. xx

Eleanor said...

Stunning photography!
Although we are on the cusp of summertime here, I found myself longing for that hazy autumn sunlight, a good chunky knit and rich fall colors.

*indie_queen* said...

Everything I see of Melbourne makes me want to get on a plane! Lovely pictures, you look so cosy in the cardigan

MissMarbelle said...

70s dresses are pretty perfect for Autumn for some reason! The sunlight looks lovely in those photos.

As for repeat outfits... I hang onto everything I own for years and get too sentimental to part with things, so my wardrobe just gets more and more overflowing :-)

Velvet said...

Fantastic pics! This photoshoot is so beautiful. Your fiancé is very talented.

I prefer cotton or wool over nylon and polyester, but, as you say,is quite difficult to find nice (with nice I mean playful and feminine style) cardigans and sweaters in those fabrics. It happens almost the same with coats.

Saving Capulet said...

can I just say breathtaking photos!! because they are!! specially the one with the brick house, love it to bits!! no words can describe, I felt so overwhelmed looking at it xD

The Mint Palace said...

I am hoping by the end of the year or early new year at the latest... I just have a few loose ends to tie up here first. I honestly can't wait to be back where i feel I belong :)

And yes, I tease, please do keep posting inspirational Melbourne happenings!! ;)

I love your work doll xo

Lisa said...

lovely pictures!
I know what you mean about staples. I have a couple cotton vintage dresses which I just can't wait to wear again every summer.

Rosy said...

Beautiful! I can almost feel the warmth of the autumn sun on my face looking at these pictures ...

SoapyMermaid said...

I particularly like the photo of the bike (interesting angle)..)! :)

Shell said...

so lovely, adore!

Kathleen said...

love the everything! the bag is amazing.

janine said...

These photos have the most wonderful lighting and interesting angles

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