Tuesday, 5 April 2011

red lace dress

reladr a

I had that weird and rare thing the other day, when I saw someone had the same vintage dress as me. I stumbled onto the blog dora's fur, and the first photo I saw on there was of my – my! – vintage dress! What really made it strange was that earlier that day I had been fixing up the zip on my one. Seeing it an hour or so later all small and behind the computer screen and on someone else was most confusing, if only for a split second or so. I could work out what was going on just that little bit quicker than I can express in words. Which is, you know, a good thing.

reladr c

The reason I as fixing up the zip on my dress was because it was the fruit of my worst etsy experience ever – the dress, described as being in perfect condition, freshly washed and ready to wear, arrived with a broken zip, numerous torn seams, covered in dirt and absolutely reeking of a smelly old pub ashtray c. 1982. When I contacted the seller, they were really rude and curtly offered a pittance for having the zip fixed (which wouldn't have covered half the cost) and then ignored the rest of my emails. I've half a mind to publish their name on here, so you can avoid them (and nothing mean, oh no, ha hum) – but the other half of this mind, the better half, tells me to rise above, and it's this half I'll listen to. Anyway, it was nothing that some serious soaking sessions in napi san (magic stuff) and some seam repairing couldn't fix, and it also forced me to replace a zip – my first time! It went pretty well, but I'm not showing the inside. Anyway, this little (very little!) dress is going to be a favourite for Autumn and winter.

reladr i

Babycat hung out with me when I took these pics. The neighbour's dog was having a bit of a bark, which is why she looks a bit miffed. Or maybe she doesn't like my posing? I like this one of me hamming it up just for her face!

reladr h

reladr b

reladr j

reladr l

reladr k

reladr n

1970s dress, 1960s jacket :: vintage, etsy and second hand shop respectively
shoes :: old and tired and in need of replacing!

As you can see, it was one of those Melbourne days that don't know what to do ith themselves; I was cold enough to need a jacket for going out at lunchtime, but later on when I got back home the sun came out, the tights were off and the warm light was beautiful!

reladr d

reladr g

reladr m


Vintage Hippo said...

That color just looks fantastic on you. Great dress!

Mitzi Cocoa said...

That dress looks wondrous on you. It's perfect with the reddish/burgundy jacket! I am so impressed with your vintage dress collection. I was perusing the vintage shops yesterday and couldn't find anything that wasn't shaped like a mumu/wouldn't cover me all the way from my head to my calves. Do you hem your dresses at all? They all seem like the perfect length!

Melissa G said...

That dress is a lovely number. Makes me think of Strawberry Shortcake.

Yoshi said...

It is a beautiful dress! I'm sorry about your bad experience on Etsy... you have to hate dishonest sellers! I had a similar experience with a pair of shoes (and with a high-profile vintage seller, too). It ended in me throwing the shoes out, though, partly because they were unwearable, and partly because seeing them just made me too annoyed.. I am glad your dress was salvageable!

Andi B. Goode said...

What a great dress, despite the crummy beginnings. =D I really love the tan shoes with black tights.
-Andi x

Dakota C. Walsh said...

What an adorable frock, I love it! The lace collar is so nice.
And how very odd to see the same vintage dress twice!! That's sort of neat.

Claire said...

Argh. It's no good to send people pub smelly clothes. I'm glad that you've risen above it- but it must have been such a bummer. The dress looks lovely on you- what a good color.

I can't get over that winter is coming down under. Here we are getting the first peeks of springtime and I spend my days dreaming of sundresses and sandals and sunshine.

Vintagesuburbia said...

E, great colour! I have had a few bad experiences with ebay lately too (missing parcel, rude seller!). I try to avoid ebay and prefer etsy hands down, but sometimes there are a few bargains on ebay. Still its worth it for me - very difficult to shop in 'real' stores with two little kiddies in tow! I have learnt to avoid those sellers who set out detailed conditions about feedback etc. PS Totally agree with your earlier comments about Camberwell markets - last time I was there someone was selling a shabby 50s sewing basket made of old cards for $50. Yikes!

Jo said...

Oh goodness, isn't it bizarre when that happens?! Yours looks so good though! Like really REALLY good! It is such a gorgeous dress! + I just love the shoes too!


özlem said...

I love vintage but I have no idea where to shop from in Etsy and Ebay. Advising -and warning against- selllers, and telling where you get your outfits would be a tremendous help.

Your grace is inspirational...

Fat Aus said...

this dress is beautiful!

june said...

So nice!! And i love the shoes!

ANewPairOfVintageBoots said...

I love your hair!


The Attic People said...

This dress looks so pretty on you. Guess it was worth all the extra work as it looks adorable :)

Nicole said...

Love that dress on you - and it suits you more than the other blogger :)

Sorry to hear about the bad etsy seller. Glad the dress turned out so fabulous and zip-replacement is a very good skill to have up your vintage sleeve.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Gorgeous! Love your dress, looks good on you :) Love the shoes too!


Ms.Lovender said...

Love your dress especially those laces.

Sher said...

This dress is so, so you:)


Vintage, My Love said...

What a fabulous color!

Lainie said...

Beautiful Dress, I love the colors. Good for you-taking the high road can be really difficult when you are taken advantage of.

Ruth said...

This dress is amazing! I've been really into late 60s/early 70s hippie-esque dresses lately. :D

Sorry about the etsy seller. I hope you got it at a good price at least. :/

Joany said...

ok, I am officially now in love with your blog! Love that dress, fabulous!

taio said...


SoapyMermaid said...

quelle aventure! :) very pretty dress anyway.

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Sorry you had so much trouble with the shop owner! I've had a bad experience like that too!

Lovely dress though :) I replaced my first zipper a few months ago and was surprised at how easy it was!

esme and the lane way said...

Thanks for the lovely comments :) I really am happy with the dress, inspire of the inauspicious beginnings…

‪Mitzi Cocoa‬: I don't usually shorten my vintage dresses, but if they are a little to long I will. For example, some 50s dresses, while I like them at their "original" length, might need to be shortened an inch or two to make them right for me, because I am on the short side. There is a bit of debate about this, actually… I definitely don't like to chop these 50s dresses into minis though! And I know what you mean about finding nice vintage dresses ie not muumuus! Keep on looking, they are out there … good luck :)

‪Yoshi‬: ugh, so annoying! I hate how we connect bad experiences to objects like that boo!… :)

‪Vintagesuburbia‬: Ebay is too scary for me for clothes these days; I know there are some great sellers and clothes on there, but I just hear of too many bad experiences with it… Oh, isn;t Camberwell market dreadful!

‪√∂zlem‬: I would like to recommend good sellers, so I will look into doing this in the future :)

‪Nicole‬: Thanks :) I think we just have a very different style but she looks great too!

‪Lainie‬: it is, but there would be no benefit from me naming and shaming… :)

samecookiesdifferent said...

lover your flower dress!!!!

Your style is amazing!

come and visit
follow if you like <3

thw cookies

Alexandra said...

Nice cat, nice dress, nice pictures :)

flapperborntoolate said...

What a lovely dress! I love the print!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the benefit from naming would be so that others do not get put into the same situation you did. Otherwise, the seller is going to continue to behave that way. :(

- Tessa

Anonymous said...

You're such a doll - that dress is fab on you, as are all your others! And so mature - I'm sure many others wouldn't have hesitated to badmouth the seller. My momma would say something about karma in this sort of situation. :P


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