Tuesday, 12 July 2011

how I... do nail moons (this time, they're mint moons!)

As I said a few posts ago, I almost always wear my nails with moons. Initially I would paint them with a steady hand, and got a pretty good result – but of course, perfect is nicer. Now I use stickers to get the curved line really neat.

minmoo g

I usually use plain old stationery sticky circles, but it turns out I am allergic to them (of course) and they give me red, itchy, (had to use the Oxford comma, what with all the talk about it lately!) and puffy finger tips. Mmm, attractive. They go back to normal pretty quickly though, so it's not the end of the world. Still, I decided to try the stickers you can get to do French manicures.

minmoo f

It's really straightforward. Stick the stickers where you need them – I found I can cut these ones in half, so did that for my other hand and always cut the sticky O's in half too. Make sure to stick them on both hands before you start painting! And really press them on to your nail with another nail – you want a tight seal!

minmoo e

Paint on the nail varnish. I was having a mint green kind of day, so when I saw this mint green nail varnish on the way out of the chemist I new I had to give it a try. Paint it on nice and thick, especially around the sticker end. Blob blob blob.

minmoo d

Wait for it to dry. Take the time to admire how well the colour matches with other mint green pretty things in the vicinity, like vintage floral dresses. Don't put your fingers under a cold tap to make things set faster; this might melt the sticker glue and make the stickers soggy and impossible to remove. Believe me, I've tried. Learn from me!

minmoo c

Ready? Take all the stickers off. Now admire the neat lines...

minmoo a

... or not so neat lines. I found these manicure stickers didn't stick that well to my nails, so I had to tidy them up. Hmm. Think I'll go back to the itchy sticky O's.

minmoo b

On my way to the chemist, I'd popped in to my local op shop (as you do) and found this mint green vintage cup, saucer and... little plate (do they have a name?) set. My nails match so well even Babycat approves. Huzzah!


vintageveggie said...

loving this technique. and the color especially!

Emma said...

I think they're called side plates, could be wrong though! I never find this sort of thing in my local op shop. Mines horribly overpriced and full of junk! x

Tasha said...

Oh, all the matching mint green in this post is making me swoon!

I think I mentioned this before but the half moon manicure is my favorite now too. Sorry the stickers make you itch, ugh! They definitely are easier and lead to neater lines than the French strips. Makes you wonder what's in the sticker glue that your skin doesn't like!

Esz said...

Love that colour - Looks fab :-D

When I was little and mum was teaching me how to paint my nails, she always showed me to do the half circles - said it was to "let your nails breathe"...not sure about the validity of that statement - but who would have thought that almost 20 years later it would be popular again.

I dont paint my nails these days cos the polish destroys them and they break and go horrible.

Oh and obligatory *SQUEE* at BabyCat - Ultra-cute!

Vintage Hippo said...

:D I love this! I've always wanted to try this but with pastel pink moons to go with the green... thanks for the sticker idea!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Love Baby Cat inspecting your nails in the last pic. :)

jewytart said...

I love the technique and color! I've been seeing this style on a few blogs, and now I think I'll try it out... and possibly head to the store for some mint polish!

Aliya said...

Ooo I love the last picture with BabyCat checking your nails out!! Love your polish colour so much!
I'm having a little giveaway on my blog at the moment so feel free to hop over there! xx


bonita said...

~ * ♥ * ~

I love your nails Esme, can you tell me what's the brand of sticky O's that you use? Is there a difference I wonder? Maybe a different brand wouldn't give you a reaction.

I think your teacup is super cute too; I collect teacups {and teapots} and that one is gorgeous. :D

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Andi B. Goode said...

I used to do it this way, too. (I started off using just regular stickers with polar bears on them that I had in a drawer haha) But then I got lazy ;] And I found the strip stickers didn't work quite as well, either. They seem to buckle a little or something and the polish still gets underneath. But I LOVE that colour.
-Andi x

Hannah Percyowl said...

Mmm, I love these moon nails, and the pretty mint colour!
I bought myself some strips to do this but haven't gotten around to it.

Rusty Hoe said...

Great technique will have to give it a try tomorrow. Love the tea cup set. I have a lot of green. particularly depression glass,and that would fit in a treat.

AngeliqueDama said...

I do the half moons too. Your mint half moons are supergreat! So creamy, soft and romantic. Love the teacup as well. You always pay attention to small little details, and it's so sweet. I suppose your house looks like a vintage castle:)

Braxton and Yancey said...

I've never seen mint green nail polish before. Not my color, but I looks lovely on you.

hope505 said...

I want moons! Thanks for this...I have seriously been wanting to try out this look!

Now: if you want a "reverse moon" or, one color varnish with a second color moon...would you just paint your nails as usual and then go back when dry and do the moons?
I think I have seen this on you...

If so, please do tell!

Raeshelle said...

wow! okay you win the award for amazing nails, you take way more time than i ever would! and they look great!
p.s. definitely following your blog, it's s very well put together, and i might just have to try your mint moons!(;

positively, raeshelle!
look up. live up. pray up!

Pexina said...

Nice colour! ;)

Bri said...

Great tips for the half moons, I'll have to give this a shot as I am definitely nail polish challenged!

Fourth Daughter said...

So pretty, and what a coincidence, I just did a nail post too! But if you're allergic to sticky things then maybe you won't be able to use the things I used...

Andy said...

brilliant idea

Vivian De Violet said...

I like this varnish a lot :)

Ayr Lox'ide said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I will def be giving this manicure a go :-)

Sunshine Girl said...

your nails look great and I love the tea cup set! I think the plates are called supper plate's or at least my Mum(who's 79) and my Aunt's have always referred to them as such. :)

ps I really enjoy your blog!

Mlle G to you... said...

I used stickers once upon a time but the color always bled under, or when peeling it would try and lift up the painted area. now I just freehand.

In the US we would normally refer to one of the larger plates as a charger. They're always there when you sit down, and in some restaurants they remove it when anything is served, or in tea houses would place the tea cup and saucer on top. almost like a little fancy platform. you wouldn't eat (or drink I guess) directly off of one.

esme and the lane way said...

‪vintageveggie‬ thanks! I haven't worn pastel nails before, & I like it more than I expected to :)

‪Emma‬: aha, yes, side plates sounds right. Oh, my op shop is almost always overpriced rubbish too, it's just having a good patch :)

‪Tasha‬: thanks! There was a mint green hot water bottle purchase that day, too, hehehe I have a new brand of stickers, hopefully they won;t be itchy!

‪Esz‬: thanks! You know, I think your mum was right. It's also the reason they give for leaving the moons bare in my 1930s beauty book (which I must do posts on, it's so awesome) and I really think it makes sense somehow! Shame the nail varnish does that to your nails. I am finding the cold weather is destroying mine! Argh! Hehe I will pat Bebe for you :) Pat Puss for me! :D

‪Vintage Hippo‬ thank sounds great, I love painted moons too! I must do that soon! :D

‪Miss Tallulah Porkchop‬ haha I think she was interested for almost a whole second!

‪jewytart‬: I just love how it looks so particular and distinctive :) Do it! :D

‪Aliya‬ : thanks! Oh, I shall, hope I haven't missed it. I never, ever win give aways though, pouts!

‪bonita‬: thanks! I can't remember the brand, just some cheapies from Woolies. I have a new brand to try out now. Oh, have you done a post on your collection? I'd love to see that :)

‪Andi B. Goode‬ eeeee polar bear stickers is too awesome! :D

‪Hannah Percyowl‬ : thanks! Have you given it a go yet? I love your headscarf hair do, btw :)

‪Rusty Hoe‬ : ooh that depression glass sounds beautiful. I think green is my favourite colour.

‪AngeliqueDama‬ : thanks! Haha I wish it was a vintage castle… a Victorian cottage would do! :D

‪Braxton and Yancey‬: I've only just seen it around recently. It's a pretty strong look, and I do prefer darker shades usually. It was fun to try pastel, too! :)

‪hope505‬: I think I know what you mean! I used to paint the entire nail, and then the top half over it, but that was back when I did everything without stickers. I'll have a play and see what works best, and do a post :) I want to try tips, too!

‪Raeshelle‬ : aw thanks so much! :D

‪Pexina‬ : thanks! :D

‪Bri‬ : hehe the stickers really do help :)

‪Fourth Daughter‬ : cool! I am hoping it is just that one brand, but I am allergic to all sorts of ridiculous things so who knows! It's ok, it's not serious :) Can't wait to check out your post!

‪Andy‬: thanks! :D

‪Vivian De Violet‬ : thank you!

‪Ayr Lox'ide‬ : aw, cool! Thanks! :D

‪Sunshine Girl‬: thanks! Oh I like supper plates, that sounds so fancy :)

‪Mlle G to you...‬ : that's so annoying about the stickers not working. Glad to hear you can freehand, that's impressive :D

I LOVE the sound of charger! It makes the plates sound kinda tough, that's awesome :D xxx I am going to stack them, that's how they were when I found them.

Velvet said...

This is such a lovely colour! I really like it, as weel as the china one. Thanks for sharing your nail moons technique, I'll definitely try it!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Pearl Westwood said...

I really want to try this out, I have some sticky Os. When I was at school I used sellotape to do triple stripes, one nail at a time I have no idea how I had the patience!!

Emma said...

Completely wonderful! I've started doing my nails like this and I love it.


Caroline said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial!

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