Saturday, 9 July 2011

wheels and dames

bikcap b

I took these the other day as a test for the cyclestyle pics. It wasn't what I was after for that, but I like how these turned out. It was such a dazzlingly bright winter morning. And while I am talking about bikes, the lovely man that brought my vintage Raleigh back to life has a new website, Wheels and Dames. I am forever grateful to him because when I went to him with my sick old bike, he didn't laugh at me for referring to things with very not-techincal names ("the things the peddles join on to" etc) and because he did such a top job! There are also three Wheels and Dames vintage bikes up for grabs if you subscribe to Frankie magazine – check out the latest issue for more!

bikcap a


Bea W. said...

I only just recently joined your blog and love it. You are gorgeous!! My favourite posts are your outfit posts, especially combined with bike. I got a Schwinn bike for my birthday in April and use it for outfit shots ever since (of course I also ride it A LOT!!). Bikes are such fun.

Tasha said...

I don't even ride a bike but I just LOVE that photo of you! Something so calm and serene, love the colors and your outfit.

withanee said...

simply fabulous capes and cloaks and style. have you come across the equally fabulous frocks on bikes melbourne?

esme and the lane way said...

Bea W.: thanks so much! I know, bike riding is so much fun :) I want to do more bike riding posts, sometimes time gets away from me, or I forget to bring a camera! I will work on it :)

Tasha: thanks! It isn't my usual bloggy style of pic but it just captured the morning so well :)

withanee: thanks! I have, just recently. I really want to do a ride with them! I have to get over my shyness and just go :)

Aureart said...

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Complimenti per il Blog è davvero interessante e ben Fatto con Foto bellisssime.

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Tashrin said...

I love the contrast of your gloves against your cape, and that winter sun is just dazzling. :)

Helen said...

You look so cool on your bike. I actually can't ride a bike, embarrassing I know

Chloe said...

Your blog is amazing. I love it so much :)
I tagged you in a top 10 blog award:

Chloe xx

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