Sunday, 21 August 2011

1940s bow print dress (mint green!)

sping blossom in winter

I was hoping to save this dress for another month or so – not for any particular reason, really, it just seems like such a spring time dress. But it is like spring, here, now!

40s dress green eyes h

So, here it is, my new 1940's mint green dress, with a purple yellow and black flowers and bow print. Could anything be more perfect for me?! I wore it on Saturday with my favourite cardigan (yes, that one again – I promise I do actually wash it, sometimes) and vintage fur collar, and my enormous t-bar platform shoes. I forgot how comfy these shoes are – they are like walking on air!

40s dress green eyes f

40s dress green eyes c

40s dress green eyes

As I mentioned a little while ago, I have been playing with wearing coloured eye shadows. I used some greens and purple for a very subtle look for the day – as I am already wearing my bright red lipstick I don't want to go too over the top with colour on my face for things like going out for breakfast! – and did a stronger green eye shadow look for seeing a friend's band that night. There are pictures – you know, night time ones with the horrible flash effect – that I could pop on here soon. I guess if I am being fussy about not using the flash I have to do these heavier make up looks in the daytime..!

40s dress green eyes b

white blossom in winter

40s dress green eyes i

40s dress green eyes e

(I wasn't eating the flowers, I was waving hello with them!)

And that's it for today! It is so nice to actually feel better. I have loads of posts lined up and I can't wait to share them over the coming week. I hope you all had lovely weekends too! x

white flowers winter


Andi B. Goode said...

That dress IS perfect. That's one of the best prints I've seen. And I like the green eye shadow, too. =]
-Andi x

Esz said...

Wasn't the weather beautiful today!
I am totally envious of your photography skillz - and that dress is awesome :-D

Riikka said...

Such gorgeous photos! I wish it was spring here too, instead of fall fast approaching. Love the look, especially the mint green dress!

Dulcie said...

You are such an English Rose! :) x

Hannah said...

Beautiful dress, I have been experimenting with eyeshadows at the moment tis fun x

Kelly said...

I know what you mean about lovely winter weather. I did the exact same with one of my floral dresses last weekend ...

Kelly @ 
Elegantly Academic

Helen said...

gorgeous dress.your make up looks lovely. i know what you mean about night time photos, i just end up desaturating the hell outta them!

Sher said...

you always find the loveliest dresses, bow prints are the sweetest:)


Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Lovely dress that matches so nicely with the colour of your eyes! And those shoes are cri-ay-zy amazing! Great outfit!
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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Trixi said...

You look amazing. The dress really is perfect for you.

cakesandshakes said...

Mint green is one of my favourite colours, works so well for blue-eyed brunettes - and I love the way vintage can inspire a new trend, angora sweaters seem to be everywhere at the moment!


vintageveggie said...

the shoes the shoes! i also have a couple pairs of crazy high platforms and it always surprises me how comfy they can be when made right.

Emma Robertson said...

Ohh I love your dress, it's so wonderful! I also really like the colored eye shadow, I'd love to see the pics of it darker.


faith said...

You look pretty as a flower! The dress is lovely and the eyeshadow is just peachy.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So pretty :)

Harlow Darling said...

Gorgeous, I really love how the green eye shadow looks with your blue eyes :)

I was just wondering, on a comfort level, would you say those shoes are comfy enough to endure shopping trips and days out? Or are they the sort of shoes you'd wear on a not particularly active day? I love them so much but seeing as I can only find Jeffery Campbell shoes online I'm a little bit nervous about buying them without knowing if they are the sort of shoes that can be worn for a long outing!

Julia @ Boredom Abounds said...

What a lovely dress - it is very Spring-like, isn't it?

ursula said...

That dress is fab! I'm loving mint green at the moment...

Dial V for Vintage said...

This must be the most perfect spring dress I have ever seen, what an amazing print! The colours are so beautiful, almost like real flowers blossoming on your dress! :)

bespokehome said...

You have the most amazing skin. Would you pretty please share your skin care regime?

fahnie's said...

Hello, I love your make-up and the shoes.

Sleekit said...

You have captured the weekend weather so beautifully! I have been perusing the Jeffrey Campbell website and thinking of purchasing a pair of those stunning T-bars but can't decide what colour, such a statement shoe

Sleekit x

Barn House Antiques said...

Your makeup looks great, matches your outfit perfectly!

esme and the lane way said...

‪Andi B. Goode‬ : thanks so much! I am pretty chuffed with the dress :D

‪Esz‬ : thank you! They are just point and shoot pics, I think the beautiful weather gave everything a glow :D

‪Riikka‬: thanks! I wish we could swap, and I you could have spring and I could have autumn!

‪Dulcie‬ haha thank you :)

‪Hannah‬ cool, it is fun isn't it! I am definitely going to do more :) Are you blogging your experiments?

‪Kelly‬ yay! And yet, and yet… I want a last hurrah of cold weather :D

‪Helen‬ : thanks! Aha, good trick! I could try that – will mean losing all the greens of course!

‪Sher‬ thanks! I know, it's funny how bow prints are almost always so popular throughout the decades..!

‪Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage‬ : thanks! My eyes aren't usually so green; must be all the leaves!

‪Trixi‬ thanks very much :)

‪cakesandshakes‬ : they are, aren't they – which is great, as it makes getting them so much easier! :D

‪vintageveggie‬ : exactly! It's all about the balance. These ones are perfect,

‪Emma Robertson‬ : thank you! I might pop it up, I'll see ;)

‪faith‬ : aww thanks :)

‪Sweet Harvest Moon‬ : thanks!

‪Harlow Darling‬ thanks! The shoes are my most comfortable heels, even though they are so high. I can walk around in them, go shopping etc in them and they are fine. These ones do rub if I don't wear tights or socks with them, though. They also come up a little big; as they don't do half sizes I went up to a 7 and maybe should have gone down to a 6.

‪Julia @ Boredom Abounds‬ : very!

‪ursula‬ : thanks! Me too!

‪Dial V for Vintage‬ thanks very much!

‪bespokehome‬ ha I wish! It's make up mostly ;) But I will do a skin care post, too :D

fannies' thanks!

‪Sleekit‬ oh I saw your link to them, aren't they amazing! They are SO comfy, I def recommend them :)

‪Barn House Antiques‬ : thanks v much :)

Blanka said...

Lovely dress. The colours are just amazing!

Rianna said...

So. So. Gorgeous!

Zuuwa said...

i am wondering who takes the pictures of you... it is so interesting and your eyes ...

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