Friday, 2 September 2011

The Manufactory

manufactory m

manufactory e

When I went on a bike ride a couple of months ago, I discovered a lovely new little shop. The Manufactory looks pretty much like I how I'd like my house to look: cool old industrial vintage bits and pieces with lots of fresh flowers – and, of course, bird cages. I have two. No one, except Mr Esme, knows about this. This is because they are hidden away in storage. Boo.

In fact we have quite a few nice old things, and I always like to have fresh flowers, but I haven't quite put them all together yet. I think it can be really hard to get things just right, as these things can so easily look contrived, or saccharine, or just too cluttered. Having two rooms (out of four) out of bounds is not helping at the moment.

But progress is being made: we painted the floorboards of our old bedroom two night ago and the colour looks really good. I took pictures and can share them very soon, as promised – along with a million other things! It's nice to have so much stuff to share, but, honestly, I need more hours in the day!

I don't really go to shops very often (except for op shops; I don' t think that counts) and so it is nice, when I do make the trip, to find something interesting. I know there are a lot of great independent shops in Melbourne and I would like to visit them more often. It's nice to get real life inspiration – and I am going to shamelessly steal one particular idea in these photos! You know, sometime in the distant future when I have my rooms back! x

manufactory j

manufactory n

manufactory o

manufactory h

manufactory g

manufactory i

manufactory d

manufactory c

manufactory b

manufactory a

manufactory f

manufactory l

manufactory q

manufactory r

manufactory p

manufactory k


Blue Fruit said...

I haven't come across this shop before - I can't imagine how it slipped under my radar because it looks delightful. So thank you for highlighting it! Have a lovely weekend in this glorious spring sunshine and Happy Wattle Day for yesterday. Virginia

Blithely Unaware said...

I love the glass wear!
And those stars!!!

I'm on the hunt for glass wear for our engagement party, jars, jars, jars. Collecting them madly!!!


Esz said...

Wow that's my kind of shop too! I always get a little daunted by how much things cost in those stores and how far away MY house is from being "complete"...

But then the collection of things for a house is an organic process...Objects acquired over time and certain moments in life is what prevents a house from looking like a showroom.

can't wait to see more pics of your house - You're kind of nesting aren't you :-) (I know that word implies BABIES but that's not how I want it to mean ;-P). I'm sure when the house is all done you'll end up on one of those cool interiors blogs like The Design Files or Desire to Inspire :-) A dream to aspire to!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Seems like the loveliest shop! I love that there are fresh flowers peeping around here and there in the shop!

sacramento said...

What a wonderful place to spend time in, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh)
I adore each and every one of your photos so much.

Miss Marie said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm surprised you got away with them - I thought people in shops generally frowned down on photo-taking. Glad the people here were nicer. And they will probably be rewarded for it because now you're giving them free advertising - I know some Melbourne who will definitely be interested in hearing about this place!

Kari said...

Oh wooooow. So pretty! Wish I could ship everything home!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Gorgeous! I love stumbling across little quirky places like this! Let's my imagination run wild as to what I could do with my place!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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suvi said...

If you like bird cages you might like this idea:

esme and the lane way said...

Blue Fruit: they are pretty new, so that could be it.. and thanks very much :)

Blithely Unaware: me too – aren't they awesome! Good luck with sourcing, so exciting! :D

Esz: I agree! Oh, I will never be one of those design files homes no matter how much I'd like to be; I own too many random bits of paper! :D

Miss Marie: I asked, and set up a special time to take them – just walking into a shop and snapping away is never a good idea. I'd like to show more Melbourne shops on my blog, because there are some really nice ones and I'd like to support my community if I can :)

Kari: :D

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage: me too! Unexpected inspiration!:D

suvi: the link doesn't work...?

bespokehome said...

So very pretty. I have plans to spraypaint some birdcages to hang from trees as bird feeders.

the manufactory said...

What a wonderful write up - I haven't seen our lovely shop look so good - ever - and I am constantly snapping photos as I change the displays...

I am a horticulturalist, amongst other professions, so when we were planning the shop, I just knew there had to be fresh botanical offerings!

We are 3 months old on 16 September, so if you're in the High Street sometime, drop by and say hi.

Tanya Overton
the manufactory
810 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071
(03) 9484 6001

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