Monday, 12 September 2011

weekend in the country – day one

country breakfast

This is the first day of our two day weekend adventure. First things first – a good breakfast to get started. Strawberries and pears and yogurt on muesli. Then it's time to pack (I left it to the last minute, nothing new there) and to make myself up...

make up half

and decide if I should be with or without lipstick? The pin curl I put in my fringe/bang had not gone well and needed a bit more work.

pin curl fringe

And I decide on red lipstick after all! It's not a long journey but we were already really hungry, and so some road trips noms were needed: sushi! Oh, and a picnic bar. Yum!

make up done

gladstone bag

peter pan collar black


The house in the country side is beautiful. We were staying with six other people, ranging from good friends to people we had never met before. They were all lovely, but I'd offered to cook for everyone in a moment of optimism earlier in the week..! I had lots of help preparing things, and then... it was all down to me! It went really well. Phew.

candleabra a

candleabra b


all chop



And then what else is good for weekends away? Fires going in the massive fire place, cheese and wine and talking all night. Awesome.



wine wine wine

cheese nom

wine fire

fire sparkles


Brinny said...

Oh wow, everything (especially the food!) looks lovely! :)

not without incident

Blithely Unaware said...

Oh my stars that country house looks AMAZING!! French and gorgeous. Glad your dinner went well, it's always such a gamble cooking for a group of people!


Katie and Reuben said...

This looks like the PERFECT weekend! So lovely.

Katie x

esme and the lane way said...

Brinny: it was, it was perfect – wish we could have stayed longer!

Blithely Unaware: it is so nice. I had a flash of fear cooking for all those people then remembered that it would be fine, and it was! :D

Katie and Reuben: it was, I want more! :D

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Looks like a beautiful getaway !

Trix said...

Aw.It truly looks perfect. All of the sudden not that scared of the outlook to danish fall. I'll just visit the countryside.

Esz said...

Oh my!! Looks soooo much fun. It was the perfect weekend for that kind of thing. And look at all that wine and cheese. Nomnomnomnom!

Dana said...

Sounds like a great little getaway! I love the way you take your pictures, you have a great eye!

Jessie said...

Looks like such an amazing weekend away!

june said...

Wow! This post makes me feel hungry! It's almost dinner time here in Italy...
Btw the blouse is super nice!

The Veda House said...

What part of the country is this? Looks like you had an amazing time paired with some yummy food!

sacramento said...

Wonderful photos!!!

Sorcha said...

All the food here looks DELICIOUS! And you look beautiful. I love that red lipstick, it suits your skintone perfectly.

The Mint Palace said...

Such a beautiful looking getaway from the location to the food but I must admit I am mostly in love with that top you are wearing... gorgeous!! <3

Anonymous said...

Love your photos!!
What kind of camera do you use?

Lou Pardi said...

okay I have finally (almost) caught up on your blog and declare this the Best Post Ever. It's not just because of the food either, honest.

Happy New Year and we must make time for a cuppa in 2012!

x Lou

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