Tuesday, 18 October 2011

vintage blue dress, pink buttons, red shoes

1940s blue dress red shoes a

Yesterday I wore my 1940's blue dress with pink buttons. It was one of those days where it starts of pretty cold, and by the afternoon gets pretty warm. Melbourne does those days so well.

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1940's vintage dress :: etsy
red shoes :: joanne mercer

1940s blue dress red shoes f

I initially wore my hair in victory rolls, but they just weren't doing for me. Out they came, and the wavy look that replaced them felt much better. Sometimes I like my hair neat, sometimes I like it less done. I have had a good few days of neat rolled hair, so it was time to let my hair down, literally!

ps even I am shocked by how pale my legs are! I'm not actually wearing white tights..!

1940s blue dress red shoes e

1940s blue dress red shoes b

1940s blue dress red shoes c


Rusty Hoe said...

Those shoes are amazing!

Q's Daydream said...

So, so , sooo pretty! Love the red shoes. and yes I thought you were wearing white tights! I wish I could get so prettily pale :o)

Emma Robertson said...

Love this dress! It looks perfect paired with your red shoes. I think your pale skin is beautiful, I loveee pale skin!


Helen said...

Talking of pale legs, you should see mine! White as snow! I love your dress and funky shoes, and your hair looks very pretty and relaxed

Lilian Harlow said...

Words can't describe how much I love this dress... and the way you wear it. It literally looks as though it was made for you.

I wish I had 1940's proportions ;)

Tiffany said...

Your red shoes are lovely, and as for your pale legs, i bet mine match! :]

Esz said...

Waaa I can't get over how awesome those shoes are! :-)

You wear those little Peter Pan collared dresses so well too :-D

Rebeccak said...

That dress is amazing! It makes me want to go and sew sweet little buttons on something of my own!

Gaby and Jane said...

Oh my goodness those shoes are perfection!! May I ask where you found them?

And you look gorgeous as usual!!

Gaby xoxo

Miss Emmi said...

Don't worry, I love your moon-tan! I myself am shocked by just how reflective and blindingly white my legs were in the sun today.

This outfit is gorgeous. I especially love the shoes you paired it with - a bit of a modern touch, looks lovely! I bought a pair that looks similar, can't wait for them to arrive now!

Natalie-Jean said...

You're my hero. You're the epitome of Vintage goodness. You do it so well; the pieces you wear, your make up, your hair. And this outfit is just another example!! Absolute perfection ^_^

Poptartlr said...

I adore those shoes - went in to try them on but my feet are way too wide. Boo!

Döid said...

Wow, great colour of dress! Matches perfectly with your eyes... And the shoes with your lips... =) Amazing! Loving that outfit!

Anniina said...

Love your dress, those buttons make it ten times cuter! :--) The red shoes make it perfect.

esme and the lane way said...

‪Rusty Hoe‬: hehe thanks I think so too! I love them so much! I think I will bore everyone with them over the next few months…

‪Q's Daydream‬: hehe thank you! x

‪Emma Robertson‬: thanks! I love pale skin too, but the blue legs are always a bit of a surprise after winter haha! x

‪Helen‬: as above, I love pale skin too! :D Hooray for us not using fake tans. And thanks!

‪Lilian Harlow‬: thanks! :D

‪Tiffany‬ : thanks! And yay, pale leg twins! :D

‪Esz‬ : thank you! Me too, I do love them. SO…. clumpy! :D I actually forgot it was a peter pan collar dress, gosh I do have a thing for them..!

‪Rebeccak‬: hehe cool! Thanks! x

‪Gaby and Jane‬ : thanks! They are from Joanne Mercer, I forgot to put the outfit info ion the post (again!) – will edit now! I only got them a couple of weeks ago so are probably still available..! :D

‪Miss Emmi‬ : haha moon tan, LOVE it! We should all walk around with our moon tanned legs together and stun the faux tanned peeps of Melbourne! Thanks – I do like my modern shoes – hope yours arrive soon! :D

‪Natalie-Jean‬ aw thanks – but my hair was very much vintage-resting! I feel the need for super-neat hair now… :)

‪Poptartlr‬ : thanks – oh no, really? :< I hate it when something you love doesn't fit. Hope you find a similar pair :)

‪Döid‬ : thanks very much! :D

‪Anniina‬ : thank you :D

LandGirl1980 said...


vio said...

wonderful combination! :)


Immortality Passion said...

I m in love. Your style is perfect :)


Mabel said...

Lol I'm that exact color. But I've always said that tan people look great in the sun, but pale people look better in the moonlight and that's more important. I just realized how cheesy that is. I also love those shoes.

Mabel Time

Blanka said...

So sweet!
Gorgeous dress

busy bee lauren said...

I love your beautiful complexion! Tan is OUT.

That dress looks lovely on you!

Miss Marie said...

I love that you're happy to show your pale legs. I love pale skin, always have, but I remember being younger and being in Australia and feeling so shy about showing my legs because they were so different to all the tanned legs. I'm much more confident about it these days though. Last time I was there, a couple of years ago, I even happily walked around with a parasol, not at all bothered by the funny looks!

Hannah said...

Oh wow you look just stunning, love everything about this outfit! x

Rebekka Seale said...

This is one of my favorite ever color combinations: Navy and red with pop of peach! I think you just inspired a painting...!

Jamie Rose said...

I have pale legs too. Pale everything, actually. And it's awesome!
That blue dress is just perfect and I love the bright red shoes with it.

The little world of fashion said...

Really cool 50's style ;)

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