Wednesday, 9 November 2011

some nice things out, some nice things at home

perfect boilled egg b

While I slowly got over the last bit of my cold – the tedious bit – yawn! – here are some nice things recently: some nice food and drinks out and about in Melbourne last week, and some nice things at home, too. Great coffee at Captains of Industry, and the perfect boiled eggs with soldiers at Pope Joan's. We shelled green beans from my mother-in-law's garden and they were delicious with a little olive oil and garlic and salt and pepper. And this is the colour I painted the inside of my built in robes; it makes me happy every time I look at it! Of course it is about to be buried under all the stuff that goes into wardrobes so no more flowers and calm, empty shelves. Simple pleasures are sometimes the best!

perfect boilled egg a

great coffee in melbourne

green beans

green beans b

flowers wardrobe shelves b

flowers wardrobe shelves


Teresa said...

Eggs and soldiers! YUM! Love freshly shelled peas too. Fantastic photos as always. :)

Bonnie Friday said...

nom nom nom those eggs look amazing! Are they in a ceramic egg carton? if so wow!!

The wardrobe looks gorgeous, very retro and homely! love!!


Frankly My Dear said...

DIPPY EGG! despite it being a school morning tomorrow, i am actually going to make some! scrumptious, mmm... doesn't gooey egg always look great on camera?

Beth said...

I love reading your springtime blog posts right now. I'm in the States, and it's snowing outside my window at the moment. Your blog is a nice little escape in the morning!

Makay said...

Wonderfully crisp photos! :)

wishiwereaudrey said...

I use that jug as a vase as well! Such a pretty colour for your cupboard.
Alice xx


Miss Marie said...

You can get boiled eggs and soldiers at a cafe?? That's so wonderfully cosy!

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

love the photos

Rae Veda said...

Beautiful photographs! Thanks so much for sharing. xo, rv

Mara said...

Those eggs look SO good, and I don't even like eggs! But they look tasty. :) And the flowers! So pretty.

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