Sunday, 13 November 2011

vintage dress – novelty print wagons

rayon wagons l

I have a new obsession – novelty prints from the 1930's and 1940's. This palest pink rayon dress has a swirling wagon print and I love it! I wore it yesterday for some shopping in the city. Thanks to John for snapping these!

rayon wagons g

rayon wagons h

vintage dress (1940s), bag from mimco, shoes from, bracelets from lovisa – and I will post about accessories and jewelry very soon!

I love the old buildings in Melbourne, and the great shops hidden away upstairs. Look at the view!

rayon wagons d

rayon wagons e

rayon wagons c

Coffee and rosehip tea were absolutely necessary. Shopping (this time for John) is thirsty work. Thirsty, enjoyable work! I actually prefer shopping for other people!

rayon wagons b

We got the train home, rather than the tram. It was a revelation; getting the train is about a billionty times better than the tram. I love the view from the train, too. It's a great way to see another side of inner Melbourne.

rayon wagons k

This dress is definitely a new favourite. The rayon is so amazingly comfortable. The only down side is washing it; I hand washed it once, and while I am chuffed (and relieved!) that the colours didn't run at all, it did shrink the tiniest bit. This time it was a good thing as the dress was a little big for me. Now it is comfortably perfect. One more wash, and will it shrink to be well fitted? And then sung? And then what?! Time will tell..! I loathe dry cleaning, but I might just have to suck it up in this case. Anyway, that's a small thorn. I am going to have to find me some more great print rayon dresses!

rayon wagons f

rayon wagons a

rayon wagons j


Rueby... said...

DRY CLEAN IT. I've butchered 2 dresses and almost killed a third. Way too many missed chances to learn right there. You're lucky it didn't mess it up to bad, but honestly...don't take the chance on rayon in future. New rayon is fine to handwash in cold water but the old stuff is ridiculously unpredictable.

Makay said...

Goodness, you are so gorgeous! I love this {As ALWAYS}! :)

Mabel said...

That is the most adorable dress I've ever seen!

Mabel Time

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Adore the print! x

Dakota said...

Gorgeous outfit! That dress is a stunner; the print is adorable, but the whole cut, with the peplum and fluttery sleeves... it's perfect!!

alittlevintagestory said...

What a lovely dress, such a find! I too have a serious penchant for vintage novelty dresses, my collection is constantly growing.. xx Fran

Esz said...

Another adorable dress! Where did you find this one?

You know I think I like the tram better than the train - but that's just cos I catch the same train every day to work and you've seen everything after a while. I used to like going on the Upfield line and looking into the backs of people's veggie patches. And there is nice graffiti along that I'm on the Glen Waverley and while the houses are plush, there's no nice art past Richmond.

Mara said...

This is so, so pretty! Hopefully it doesn't shrink any more if you wash it again!

Sparks In Spring said...

The prints are so lovely and unique! The dress is one of a kind, stunning hun xx

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

adorable dress, love the print so much

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Lol, another week, another obsession. That's how it is for me, anyway.

You look absolutely fetching.

Nicole said...

Another beautiful frock! If you handwash and dry flat on a towel it will minimise the shrink, and if you can, reshape a little as it's drying.

Tara said...

I love novelty prints as well (I have a post coming up in the next few days about it!), but I've never found one from the '30s or '40s! It looks beautiful and it's such a special dress, I love it!

Sushi said...

Adorable dress, you look gorgeous! x Sushi

Blanka said...

What a lovely dress!!!
You look absolutely gorgeous

Carrie said...

I absolutely love this dress and you are adorable! WOW!

Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Ah, it is sooooo lovely! :) Suits you sir! I never even knew there were inner city trains in Melbourne, I was excited every time I got on a tram! :) x

Helen said...

that pattern is amazing!

Carys said...

Beautiful dress, I love vintage novelty prints!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

So cute! Love the print!

Jamie Rose said...

Oh my that dress is so pretty! I love the print on it too. So unique and cute. I, too, enjoy novelty prints!

Debi said...

What a great find--such ADORABLE fabric! You look so lovely! xoxoxo

Rosy said...

Oh, that dress is soooo beautiful! Dry cleaning is a bit annoying, but the dress is worth the effort.

Emily Baker @ Tales for Karina Marie said...

oh my goodness. This is beautiful. I love where the ruffles are placed. It is EXTREMELY flattering. Did you make it???


esme and the lane way said...

‪Rueby...‬ hehe I might just have too! Sorry to hear you have lost dresses before :< I just hate the smell of dry-cleaning so much! And I wash my dresses with almost every wear, especially when I've been on Melbourne's filthy trams!

‪Makay‬ : thanks lovely!

‪Mabel‬ thanks!

‪Rosalinda Tjioe‬ thanks – it's such a funny swirly print!

‪Dakota‬ thanks so much! I need more peplums in my life! :D

‪alittlevintagestory‬ thanks! What a great collection, and fun to grow it..!

‪Esz‬ thanks! Another online one (easy) – I will start buying vintage in real life, too, promise!

Is that the line that stops at Oakleigh and Caufield etc? I remember using that train, and the views weren't especially good, ha! I think I've just had an overload of the 86 tram – and no good can come from that! ;D

‪Mara‬ : thanks! Yep, fingers crossed!

‪Sparks In Spring‬ : thanks! Although I did a search on it and saw the exact same dress had sold on easy before, but in a different colourway..! Funny old vintage world..! :D

‪My Favourite Fashion Things‬ thank you! :D

‪Miss Tallulah Porkchop‬ thanks! Hehe what a great way to count the weeks..! :D

‪Nicole‬ thanks very much! :D That's what I did – checking the colours hadn't transferred constantly, stress, ha! – and the shrinkage was just under an inch so not too bad! I'm hopeful it's done all its shrinking.

‪Sushi‬ thanks lovely!

‪Blanka‬ thanks so much!

‪Carrie‬ aw thanks!

‪Circus Girl (Zoë)‬ thanks! I LOVE your hair, btw! Hehe yep I used to think the trams were awesome too! The trains are kind of hidden, that's why I didn't get them before! I knew they were there but it just seemed too hard..!

‪Helen‬ I know, it's so funny!

‪Carys‬ thanks lovely! :D

‪Sweet Harvest Moon‬ thanks :D

‪Jamie Rose‬ and to think I used to be indifferent to novelty prints..!

‪Debi‬ thank you! Yep, I love vintage rayon, it feels so amazing.

‪Rosy‬ thanks! You're right – if it shrinks again I'll be sending it out to clean ;D

esme and the lane way said...

Emily Baker @ Tales for Karina Marie: thanks! No, it's from the 1940's... I wish I could sew like that!

Q's Daydream said...

Oh my goodness! Perfection!

Miss Bias said...

You are so gorgeous. Just beautiful imagery.

Miss Bias

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, wow! This is one of the best prints I've ever seen and the dress looks just gorgeous on you. Love the other shots, too - make me miss Melbourne a lot!
-Andi x

Frankly My Dear said...

what a novelty! wonderful photography as well! i can't wait to live in melbourne

Glycine blanche said...

The dress is so lovely and I love the photo of Melbourne.I never went to Australia and I ever love Melbourne !

Dashfield Vintage said...

What a beautiful dress! I can't get enough of quirky patterns. Loving your Melbourne photos. We are thinking about moving there at the end of next year so this is quite inspiring!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous dress. I love vintage prints, there are so many adorable ones and those wagons are fantastic!

Rayon! EEP! I usually get them dry-cleaned but I always wish I could just hand wash them fear-free!

Dial V for Vintage said...

Pretty pictures, and an even more pretty dress! I'd recommend dry cleaning too, although I'm not so fond of it. But if it can save your dress... :)

catssaymeow said...

Such a cute dress and very ladylike. I wish dresses like this were manufactured today (seeing that I don't buy vintage but admire it a lot) *sigh*

Charlotte said...

Novelty print rayon dresses are my greatest weakness! I can surf etsy for HOURS just looking at them.

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

handmade romance said...

the most divine dress i have seen in a while. you look stunning!

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the print in that dress is beyond words, and so are you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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