Monday, 21 November 2011

vintage red dress, flowers and a party

red 1940s rayon flower b
vintage dress (1940s), hair flower from sportsgirl, socks from forever new, shoes by zu, bag by mimco, bangles by lovisa

Every now and then I find something that is just so right for me. Yes, ok, it tends to mean dresses, sometimes it's shoes, but it is really nice to have something that you feel so completely comfortable in. Something that feels so right.

This vintage red dress is one such thing. Another 1940's printed rayon dress, the colours, the print and the style are exactly – exactly – what I want. I feel it expresses something for me perfectly.

red 1940s rayon flower e
red 1940s rayon flower n
red 1940s rayon flower o
red 1940s rayon flower p
red 1940s rayon flower k
red 1940s rayon flower d

I wore it for the first time to a party at Domain Flowers. You may have noticed that I am rather fond of flowers! Being surrounded by beautiful arrangements is heaven to me. As is being surrounded by lovely people.

red 1940s rayon flower f
Cecylia in vintage.

red 1940s rayon flower i
Iolanthie in fantastic self made flower band – they're the best kind!

red 1940s rayon flower l
Jane in Chloe.

red 1940s rayon flower m
Kyra – in a stunning necklace by Ghost & Lola.

red 1940s rayon flower h
red 1940s rayon flower j
red 1940s rayon flower g
red 1940s rayon flower q
red 1940s rayon flower c


AngeliqueDama said...

Love your hair, socks, dress:) You're one true charming and beautiful lady:)

Helen said...

your hair looks so beautiful here!

marnie said...

your hair is amazing! and red looks ridiculously good on you.

Jo said...

Your dress is so beautiful! <3 I love the socks you've paired it with too, and your hair truly looks spectacular!

Lost in the Haze

Kim said...

Beautiful dress! I love it with the socks too!! :D

JoJo Styling said...

You look absolutely stunning in that dress. I love your photos too - just beautiful and enjoyable to look at. Thank you.

JoJo Styling said...

Ms Esme - just a quick question; do you do your own photography? Jo

Miss said...

It looks lovely and green there!!! Makes your red dress and accessories pop in the photos!

Q's Daydream said...

That dress is divine! It reminds me of Anna Sui S/S collection. That I'll love you forever for posting in twitter! ;o)

petapledger said...

Everything in this blog post is perfect, I love, love, love your outfit! x

esme and the lane way said...

Thanks very much! :D

Jojo: Usually, but this time John took them (under duress and making a cross face, at least on the inside) and then I edit them in Photoshop :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Sensational dress. I am going to TRY the sock/heel combo this summer. You pull it off with ease.

Mabel said...

This is such a great look on you. You always look so put together! Love your hair as always :)

Mabel Time

RDYN! said...

Ohhh that dress is such a splendid find! Its' so bright and vibrate. The party sounds the perfect time and place to wear it out!

Iolanthe said...

Oh, Esme. Your colourful blog has made my afternoon. The jewel-tones in your pictures are very special.

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

you look so pretty

Aureart said...

Yes, You're right I think also that this vintage red dress,the colours, the print and the style are exactly Celebrating your type of Beauty!
Quel vestito vintage è il perfetto complemento alla tua bellezza. theway, ver invinting cupcake and cherries..Mouthwatering!
Cheers. . . Molti compimenti
Ciao dall'Italia

Harlow Darling said...

The floral print on your dress is so unusual! All of the parties you've been going to lately look so decadent, it's like you're in a Sofia Coppola film :)

Sleekit said...

You have such a gift, I will always pop over to see what your up to : )

Sleekit x

LoriLynn said...

your hair, makeup, and outfits are always nothing short of magnificent! xo Lori

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, wow. That dress is gorgeous. It really is perfect for you.
-Andi x

Doll In Sugar Coma said...

oh gosh! what a nice outfit!

Charis said...

Such beautiful beautiful photographs... maybe one day I'll be as good as you with a camera!

sacramento said...

What a wonderful post, ahhhhhhhhh
You are such an inspiration.

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