Monday, 19 December 2011

australian woman's mirror, 1938

awm 1938 g

Yesterday, while looking for my 1950's star hat, I found my 1930's copy of the Australian Woman's Mirror – Tuesday March 29, 1938, to be precise! I found my star hat, too, but that is something I would like to show you another time.

Today I have been sanding a room that I will start painting tomorrow. As anyone that has ever sanded knows, it's not exactly a glamorous task – not at all! – but it is necessary and I can't wait for the fun bit – the painting. I am also going to dye my hair later and then show you tomorrow. I am so, so happy with it!

Anyway, when doing exhausting, tedious work, tea breaks are absolutely a must, and so I went through my old magazine and thought I'd like to share it with you, too.

I just love these old magazines, as much for the adverts as for the articles and stories. Fashion illustration from the first half of the last century fascinates me, and I especially love the one and two colour graphic style from the 1930's to the early 1950's. Aren't these gorgeous?

Of course I love the fashions in there, too. I am going to frame that back page with the illustration of the three ladies wearing hats. I want all three styles – which one is your favourite?

awm 1938 f
awm 1938 e
awm 1938 b
awm 1938 c
awm 1938 d
awm 1938 a


Harlow Darling said...

The illustration in the last photo is gorgeous! I highly recommend checking out the 1930s Sears catalogue book if you haven't already seen it :)
Also, I couldn't help but giggle at the "Jumbuk" thermal underwear range... :P

Ahka Vintage said...

I love old Woman's magazines! They are so hilariously sexist but often have some fabulous tips and hints in them that we seem to have forgotten to use!
Ahka Vintage Blog

Tors said...

Oh my, those long janes look like the cup section is a torture device ... or some weird S&M thing.

I love the last hat, what a gorgeous shape. I really like her outfit too, so often anything with a check is on the bias and it's refreshing to see something with a horizontal check.

esme and the lane way said...

Harlow Darling said...
: oh I've read so much about those Sears catalogues, I must check some out! And I know, those undergarments..! Ha!

Ahka Vintage: I know what you mean, the sexist/racist bits made me recoil at first. Very interesting stuff – and lots of pretty pictures, too! And definitely some great tips, although I'll give the arsnic face treatments a miss..! :D

Tors: haha they do, they're terrible! Erm, strange shape or what?! I like the one on the rights hair though :)

Omega said...

The hats are gorgeous! I've been stocking my etsy store with vintage patterns from the 1950s the last few weeks and the hairstyles and hats just make me swoon. I would love to look that polished every day! :)

Vickie said...

those vintage ads are awesome :)

I think I like the third hat best (on the woman with the check dress) & the middle one's coat is gorgeous

Frankly My Dear said...

i received one of these of a mum of a friend once to do some research for a project at school. i loved reading all the diet pill adverts! so many different kinds of diet pills!

Q's Daydream said...

these are fantastic!

Miss Meadows said...

My favorite hat-lady is the one to the left! But my favorite thing of all the thing you've shown us here is those "Jumbuk" Woven Wool Combinations! Ha, ha! Wonderful! ;) xx

Teresa said...

What a treasure! I love looking at the illustrations and photographs in old magazines like this.

I think the red hat on the right would have to be my favourite. :)

Anonymous said...

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