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lime crime lipstick review – glamour 101

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A couple of months ago I took a big step: I got a lipstick that wasn't MAC.


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I am rather devoted to my Mac matte lipsticks. I love the velvet-like finish of Ruby Woo, and Russian Red is great for everyday.

But late one night, browsing the web, I saw, again, the price difference of MAC lipsticks between here and the US – US$12 vs. AUS$35, at the time. It's a pretty big difference, non? And frankly I made a scowly-pouty face and shut down the window.

I'd heard so many amazing things about Lime Crime that I thought I'd take a look. To be honest, so much continual praise actually makes me a bit wary; I think it can be a bit too easy to say something’s great because everyone else says so, and no one wants to feel left out. I don't want to jump on the me-too bandwagon for no good reason!

Anyway, I went straight to the lipstick section, and of course loved the vintage-styled, Veronica Lake-esque image. I chose the Glamour101 opaque wine lipstick. Described as a brown-based retro red, the blurb tells us that the lipstick is vegan friendly, highly pigmented with a creamy texture, and it is promised to last for hours.

And this all sounds pretty good to me!

So, how did I find it?

In a word: fantastic!

The delivery and packaging: it arrived really quickly, and the cost was reasonable. The packaging is definitely distinctive! I never would have thought that purple and unicorns and twinkly holograms would be my thing but I actually quite like it. Plus it makes it easy to find in a drawer/at the bottom of a bag.

The colour: is a great red, definitely strong but not as vibrant as some of my other ones. This makes it great for everyday wear. I find it is actually slightly blue based, and I wouldn't describe it as wine coloured, but more of a, well, red. That said, it does have some peachy, berry undertones… and now I feel like I'm talking about actual wine. Let's quickly move on to…

The texture: it really is creamy. The sound of this did worry me a little, as I’m used to matte lipsticks that are most definitely not creamy, that last all day and refuse to budge for something as minor as, say, a three course meal plus drinks. I have actually found this creamy texture really comfortable, and quite moisturizing, too. It also doesn't smudge too easily. It does, of course, come off a bit after eating or drinking, but usually it comes off pretty evenly, and a quick reapplication gets it back to perfect.

The finish: has a little shine without actually being shiny. A nice smooth, creamy look, it lasts all day and does stay put. In fact, the one con I can think of is that it is a little bit hard to remove..! I take mine off at the end of the night with paw paw cream or cold cream, tissues and a face cloth. It takes several goes. I don't think of this as a big problem.

EDIT: a reader asked: is the shade darker or lighter than Mac's Russian Red, and did I use a lip liner? 
I found the shade maybe marginally darker than Russian Red, and a bit less vibrant. It is still a red, though, and not a dark or wine red. I did use a lip liner (and should have mentioned this, sorry, I completely forgot!) and used the same one I use most days, MAC's Cherry. I find it works perfectly with this lipstick. Hope that helps! :)

The verdict: well, I am proudly in the converted camp. I think this is a great lipstick, and it’s become my go-to red for both everyday and evening wear. Considering I use it this much, it is lasting really well. Everything, from supporting an independent business, to the colour, the quality, and the price, is perfect for me. I can now make some happy pouty faces, and I will definitely buy this again!

EDIT PART TWO: please tell me if there is anything else you want to know. I am quite new to doing reviews and want to be helpful! Do let me know if you think there is something I can add/do differently that would help you :)

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Jo said...

Ohh, the colour looks incredible on you! <3 And I love the darling packaging too! (I am always extra happy when my lipstick has a pretty exterior too!)

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Tegan McIntosh said...

I have been desperate to try lime crime for the longest time, now I just want it even more! That colour looks so good on you!!

Lanah said...

Lovely as always! Thank you so much for this review- your timing is impeccable, it really is.

I've just been considering buying this very same lipstick. I too am a matte MAC girl and was worried about the creamy texture of this lipsticks.

Would you say this colour is darker or lighter than MAC's Russian Red? It appears a bit darker in the photos on Lime Crime's site, yet it looks quite light here on you.

Also, have you used a lip liner here? I have MAC's Cherry lip liner and wondered if it would suit this colour well enough. What do you think?

Thanks so much, keep on blogging xx

Harlow Darling said...

Such a gorgeous shade of red! I've heard great things about Lime Crime's eye shadows too! Have you ever tried anything by Besame? All of their products have such ornate vintage style packaging :)

Andi said...

The shade looks perfect on you! Any tips for picking out the right red on the internet? A lot of reds look too pink on me so I'm not comfortable buying lipstick unless I can see the shade in person.

sacramento said...

I your hair already blonde???
Happy Christmas!!!

Frankly My Dear said...

looks great, i'm a bit sloppy with my lipstick. it's generally whatever i can find first in the bathroom drawer. the price difference is quite annoying. it's the same with benefit and I think it might be a good iea to just buy online from now on...

Andi B. Goode said...

I've wanted to try Lime Crime for a while now but have been wary - I think I may just take the plunge after this review. :) It looks great on!
-Andi x

Mary said...

For a momnet I thought it said Juicy couture! haha, it is lovely, I like it a lot. I need to try it too! &
I can't wait to read more from you!

Happy Holidays!

Your newest Follower,
Mary from ♥ ♥

Concerned Reader said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your purchase but I just thought I should let you know that the creator (Doe Deere/Xenia Vorotova) of Lime Crime makeup has a history of being a bit shady. She has threatened bloggers with legal action when given a less than positive yet fair review in addition to many other things such as becoming somewhat abusive to people unhappy with their purchases. The Doe Deere Lies tumblr gives a reasonably unbiased outline of some of the problems with Doe Deere and Lime Crime Makeup.

Luna said...

:O I love your blog, just get here by accident ;D

Miss Emmi said...

I can't buy Lime Crime, just heard too much about how shady a seller Doe Deer is makes me wary (insulting your customers is NOT good service) and getting her fans to spam Temptalia because she gave them a bad review was shocking (that's probably why you read so many good reviews on the web...) I think I'll just stick to buying Revlon mattes when I'm in the market for a cheaper red!

esme and the lane way said...

Jo: Thanks – and me too. I think packaging is almost half the fun of makeup!

‪Tegan McIntosh‬: thanks! It's a really wearable colour :)

‪Lanah‬ : thanks, I'm glad it's helpful. :) I think the colour is a little darker and a bit less vibrant, and not as blue as Russian Red. The Lime Crime one does photograph a little bit lighter than it looks in real life, but not by much – I think it is a red rather than a wine, or darker red, colour. And I use MAC cherry lip liner with it, too! It works perfectly :D

I'll pop this into the post, as I think the are really useful points and questions; thanks for asking :)

‪Harlow Darling‬ : I've never tried Besame but I really want to; their packaging is gorgeous! And of course the fact that they are vintage-inspired floats my boat! :D

‪Andi‬ : thanks! I don't have any tips I'm afraid, as colours can look so different on screen. I took a gamble with this one because it was described as brown based, and seemed quite blue, too, which I know works well on me. Usually I think I'd want to try it on first, too :)

‪sacramento‬: hehe nooooo !!! Happy Christmas to you, too!

‪Frankly My Dear‬: Oh, is Benefit cheaper US too? That doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately the MAC website won't ship US to AUS, I guess for obvious reasons, so I am stuck with AUS prices for now.

‪Andi B. Goode‬ : thanks, love! I really do recommend the lipstick, it's never going to be MAC matte but it is awesome :)

‪Mary‬ : hello, and welcome! Thanks :)

‪Concerned Reader‬ : yikes this doesn't sound too good at all. I hadn't heard of any of this before, so thanks for the heads up. I will have to investigate!

‪Luna‬ : I'm glad like it! :D

‪Miss Emmi‬ : oh, no, a second mention of this bad stuff. I hadn't heard of any of this before. Definitely leaving a bad taste… as I said to the concerned reader, I will investigate!

AngeliqueDama said...

I really love that shade, and it looks great on you, that shine of the lipstick is amazing! Love the way it glitters a bit:)
And, that white cardigan is sooo sweet:) I can see it on the last picture a bit:DD

AngeliqueDama said...

I really love that shade, and it looks great on you, that shine of the lipstick is amazing! Love the way it glitters a bit:)
And, that white cardigan is sooo sweet:) I can see it on the last picture a bit:DD

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics.

Emma Robertson said...

I've always wondered about their lipsticks, this is a great review! I may have to give them a try.


Lauren said...

Lime Crime do some great lipsticks - I have a bright bright pink that is wonderful, and stays on for ever. However, some of their other colours can be a bit difficult to build colour on - they look amazing in the tube, but don't deliver on your lips. My Beautiful Rocket (I know, the names are great) is a particular example!

Up Toon Girl said...

This looks great on you.

I'd be really interested if you ever did a comparison with Rockalily lipstick - Rockette Red is now my favourite red after also converting from Ruby Woo.

Cee said...

What eyeshadow do you use? The kind of peachy colour you are wearing in the photos? I always admire it when you wear it

Blithely Unaware said...

This looks amazing on you!

I'm a MAC Russian Red devotee, it seems like every time I stray I'm severely disappointed but you've kind of got me thinking I could give this a go. Plus the packaging sounds amazing.


From Ashes To Lashes said...

I´m using LimeCrime Retrofuturist lipstick, the reddest of the reds, and I can surely say it´s one of my best buys. But the funny thing is the unicorn on the package tends to rub off and soon it will be just pink and funny-looking. But anyways- your shade of choice is great, I ought to get myself another one:)

Have a nice Christmas!

CherryMakeUp said...

You are absolutly beautiful!
So happy that I found your blog!!!

esme and the lane way said...

AngeliqueDama: thanks! The cardigan was from Forever New, and is surprisingly good quality for a cheapie! The beads are holding on so well! x

Cee: I use a few, and I can't remember which one here, I'm afraid! I use mostly cheap eyeshadows from sportsgirl, so it's but ideally I'd like some matte ones – I am looking :)

Blithely Unaware: MAC are so good it;s hard to stray, isn't it! I just wish we had the US price here.

From Ashes To Lashes: that one looks amazing, too! My unicorn is still there, maybe I hold it differently!

Blogger CherryMakeUp: thanks very much! x

Momographica said...

I feel with you, MAC is my top brand and I can't live without it.Just today I used my MAC red nail polish and I am very satisfied with it.To be honest I trust few brands beside MAC but this one you suggested look very good. There are lovely colours as well (Cosmopop and Glamour 101 are gorgeous).

This make-up truly suits you.

ginger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and just subscribed to your youtube channel, I love how your hair is done here. Currently trying to grow out my bangs and having a little trouble finding a variety of styles to wear, this would be perfect!
Please do a tutorial post or video!


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