Saturday, 3 December 2011


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On Wednesday we went to a couple of parties south of the river. First up was one for SO:ME Space, an undercover space with a selection of shops, by the South Melbourne markets in, well, South Melbourne. I loved so much of what was on offer; a really good mix of interesting, well made things. There were bikes, jewelry, clothing, bike ephemera, illustrative art works, books... awesome. The food and drink was pretty lovely, too – I had an oyster shot and while I usually like my oysters au naturel, this one was great, too! I would have loved to have stayed on a bit longer, but I had already promised to go to another party at The Olsen down on Chapel St.

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This party was for One particular Telecom company that had, it turns out, released a dubiously named product earlier that day. I won't go into details as to be honest, I find the name completely inappropriate with a great big dose of cheeseball on top, and it has had plenty said about it already. Poor naming decision or publicity genius? Still, I'm one to at least try to see my glass as half full, and I did enjoy some lovely company and the bright summery colours in the crowd. And in my absolutely-more-than-half-full glass there was an equally colourful purple cocktail; I'm not sure exactly what it was but it was delicious, as well as very pretty!

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We couldn't stay long at this party, either; next stop was my mother-in-law's for a cup of tea and some heartwarming sustenance. (We have been spending more time with family lately, and this is something I would like to share more with you soon.) Some homemade biscuits and some homemade cake felt like the perfect way to round off our evening. Sometimes, just sometimes, a cup of tea is just the best way to finish up a party.
home amde biscuits a


Zane said...

thanks for sharing, love the photos

Jen said...

*sigh* More and more your blog convinces me that I really should try to get a job in Melbourne - so much fantastic stuff going on!

Jen x

Imogen said...

I just found youur blog via the modcloth website. Congratulations on blogger of the moment. That is so amazing and something I've waned for ages but modcloth keeps saying my blog is not what they are looking for. I adore your namesake dress! I totally want to buy it.

adeb said...

Nice pics :)

angelaseeangelablog said...

A cuppa and some cookies does indeed make for a perfect end to ANY evening heehe!

Amazing photos

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