Tuesday, 24 January 2012

new year resolutions... only a little bit late

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Ok, I am almost a month late, but I don't really mind. I've never been sentimental about dates and see no reason to worry about that now. Like most people, I like making New Year resolutions – and I do usually stick to tradition with this, and do it closer to, well, the change of the year – and, if you follow me on twitter, you'll know I got a few ideas in early. Here they are. At least the fun ones. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to talk about more important things… perhaps that can be another resolution!

So, here they are, in no particular order...

miu miu Fall11 620
Wear glittery shoes
Presumably aided, at least subconsciously, by Miu Miu's beautiful glitter booties (I want! I want!) I have decided to wear glittery shoes – or, rather, find more occasions that call for the wearing of them. Yes, I could wear them to the supermarket and to the post office and to the pet supply store to buy kitty litter but really, I want more glamourous occasions for twinkly toes.

Go dancing
A few years ago, a few of us went to swing dance classes for beginners. I could barely get to any of them, because of the long hours I was working at the time, and most of us drifted away after a few weeks for various reasons… except one. This one now dances in a troupe, travels the country, does aerials and generally has a blast a lot of the time. I might not be doing aerials any time soon (or ever) but I am going to overcome any shyness and self consciousness about my basic (oh, so basic) dance skills and go to socials. And dance. And enjoy it. So if you see me at one of these events in Melbourne, ask me to dance! I will smile a lot and almost definitely won't step on your toes.

vintage circle skirt patterns
Make a circle skirt
I often talk about how I'd like to sew, in fact far too often, considering I don't actually go on to make plans to actually do it. But this year I will. I want to make a circle skirt, and hopefully will get one finished in time for this summer. They're supposedly super easy, I have a sewing machine, and I'll make the time. And the skirt.

And that's it… so far. And you? What are your plans for this new year? I think 2012 is going to be a great one!


Frankly My Dear said...

I think I've unofficially made a new years resolution to sew more often. I'm almost finished a circle skirt, but the hem takes so long! It's like sewing around the Great Ocean Road!
Loving the look of glittery shoes! :D


Polly said...

It's Chinese New Year, so I'd just use that as an excuse for the resolutions being a bit late...it's what I do!

BusiChic said...

Yes to glitter shoes and circle skirts! I can say that circle skirts are SUPER easy, I made one out of paper and sticky tape for a friend's party. I used Lady Melbourne's tutorial and blogged my own steps here: http://randomshitchez.blogspot.com/2011/02/pinata-goes-bang.html?m=0

Hope that helps and look forward to seeing what you make! Cx

Esz said...

Oh yay sewing! Please do make a circle skirt - they are so fun :-)

One tip I will give you is to do the zipper by hand. Look up tutorials on how to do a hand picked zipper (Casey has a really good one) - they are neat and so much easier to do than using the sewing machine :-)

On the dancing - I really want to learn to swing dance too! Swing Patrol have classes at the Czech Club (I think) on Queensberry St in North Melbourne which is only blocks away from home but I don't finish work til late so I can't really go. Not to mention the BF isn't even remotely interested AND he's more than a whole foot taller than me which could make things awkward.

Q's Daydream said...

Circle skirts are super easy! It'll take ya like and hour ;o)

Alli said...

The dancing and sewing are two that are on my list this year too. I've put off the sewing for soooo long (chasing 2 little boys around everyday is definitely time consuming), but I have decided that I will make some time for 'me time' and I will start making (or at least attempt to, lol) all the gorgeous clothes that I love so much. Goodluck on your sewing adventure ;)

Angel said...

I want to make a circle skirt too. SOunds fun. But I don't have a machine, wonder if i could do it by hand...
swing dancing sounds awesome!

Laura said...

Ooh, that first photo is so gorgeous...I want to hang it on my wall!

What fun goals! I would love to learn to sew as well, and a circle skirt sounds just perfect. Most of my goals involve taking better care of my health and getting more organized...trite, perhaps, but necessary! In general, I would just like to live more simply. Much easier said than done.


Stephanie Lynn said...

Circle skirts are very easy as long as you can put in a zipper! I've made four for myself. :)

Vickie said...

oooh, I love glittery shoes :)

I have sewing a skirt on my list for this year too, good luck with yours

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I agree on all counts.

I shall join you in your quest for glittery shoes (Miu Miu wil never happen, here) while doing the ironing.

I will aim higher than a teatowel when it comes to sewing.

I will go and do some Swing Patrol classes. Maybe we could get a bunch of bloggers/readers together and meet for classes. More incentive.

Frances said...

I'm going to learn how to cook my veggies in a way that I'll actually want to eat them, wear more hats and gloves, and enjoy being a girl more.
In fact, I've just made myself two circle skirts, and have fabric stashed up to make two more! I may not have done them the most professional way, but all they took was a bit of math and some simple sewing, were dead easy, and look fabulous. And the twirling! I'm sure you can make one in time for summer, since I'm no expert and can make one in a Saturday.

Georgia Rose said...

My resolutions are almost exactly the same! My heart deeply desires a corduroy circle skirt, or lots in all different colours.

Suzi Maynard said...

Funnily enough, I want some glittery mui mui's too. They're just too cute! x
Suzi x
For the Love of Audrey

GinCherry said...

Yesterday started Chinese new year so you're not too late :)

To say honest I never had a resolutions for the new year cause this occasion doesn't mean anything for me :) But maybe it's better to have few resolutions cause in the end of the year you can look back and realise what you achieved :)

I would love to go to swing classes but the problem is that my man does the night shifts and it's impossible for him to go with me and I don't have any friends who wants to do that. I wrote to the dances classes and said that I don't have a partner so they put me in the queue of 18 girls but just 6 can join the classes :D

Sarah said...

Sewing a circle skirt is actually very easy so I'm sure you'll get to it! I also want a pair of glittery shoes, haha I think it's just amazing and you know, I'm not going to wait for the right occasion :). Just do it! x

Tors said...

A circle skirt is on my to-make list too, Casey has an excellent tutorial here that I'm planning to use.

I want to go dancing more, I love the idea, unfortunately finances aren't in agreement at the moment but here's hoping things pick up! If you do go, will you do outfit posts? I'd love to see what you choose to wear to go dancing, I can live vicariously through you!

A Certain Vintage said...

i'm really only making my fun resolutions around now too - i think february feels more like the year's start as january is such a recovery from the indulgence of Christmas! Besides, it was Chinese New year only yesterday. The sewing is definitley high up on my list too. I have even gone so far as to cut out my material for a circle skirt and then stop!


Janey said...

I like your resolutions! Especially the circle skirt one. They are by far of the easiest things to make. I'm currently on my 4th. So, needless to say, they are rather addicting.


Lauren Helen said...

I have a sewing machine too, and I really hope to start to try to use it! My boyfriend is amazing with a sewing machine, while I'm totally clueless!

Miss said...

Glittery shoes always a must! :)

Kathryn said...

I've started dancing too! I'm getting used to making a fool of myself but it's much more fun that way. A circle skirt is on my list too.

Charlotte said...

Ooh those glittery shoes!

And you should totally make a circle skirt - they're super easy, and really fun to wear. I made one for Casey's sew along a few months ago and I'm planning at least three more (got a bit carried away with applique embellishment ideas!)

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny

E. said...

Great resolutions! I made a crazy long list -- we'll see how I do!


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