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review: Sweet Pins seamed stockings

red stockings a

Believe it or not, buying seamed stockings in Melbourne is not always easy. They are often sold out in both big department stores and small boutiques, and personally I find that some of the more easily available brands don't always hit the mark when it comes to quality.

So, I have teamed up with Sweet Pins to bring you a review of some seamed stockings… and they are easy to buy online! Hurrah!

I will of course wear these in outfit posts, too, and tell you which ones they are each time, but here is a straightforward review of the four types of stockings I have had the pleasure of trying. I hope you can cope with my non-professional words (stretchy! springy!) when I describe these things, but I think you'll get what I mean.

calza pennac trasparenze cosner b
calza pennac trasparenze cosner
Calza Pennac Trasparenze Calze Collants (cosmetic/nero)
Ah, the modern vintage classic and the ones we love to wear – the pale-and-black contrast seams! Love these. Nice stretchy, springy material that keeps its shape, and not the kind of dry, tissue paper-like fabric some stockings are made of. Feel pretty resilient, too. Seam is a good width, and I like the heel detail. The welt and the toes are in the pale colour, rather than the more usual contrast; this might be good if you like wearing peep toes (you know, with the smaller hole for your toes) with your stockings. Good value for money. I would definitely buy these.

calza pennac trasparenze
Calza Pennac Trasparenze Calze Collants (nero) (black/black)
These seem (or should that be seam? See what I did?) to be the black version of the cosmetic/black contrast ones above, but the fabric is a little different. Still springy and stretchy and firm and everything good, but somehow more… hole-y? The gauge in the weave (?!) is larger, which wouldn't be a problem… except I caught my engagement ring on them on their first wear, before I'd even left the house. I think that initial 'snick' is familiar to all of us who wear stockings. One snick, one teeny tiny hole… and one ladder ten minutes later. The seam on these is quite thick, too. That said, these are still good value and are an affordable black/black stocking for evening looks.

gio ff b
gio ff
Gio Classic Fully Fashioned Stockings (cuban, black) (black/black)
Oh. My. God. these are absolutely amazing. I've never worn new, as in modern made, fully fashioneds (weird looking word, but well, that's how I'd say it!) before; all my vintage deadstock stockings have of course been fully fashioned (I found quite the supply at one stage, for a few bucks a pop, still brand new in their original boxes, huzzah! But that was a couple of years ago. And now they are all snagged. Boo!) so I am used to wearing stockings that don't cling, but rather follow the curve of your legs. I like that, including the slight wrinkling you can get at the ankle and knee – but not to Nora Batty levels, obviously! I probably wouldn't have considered buying these for myself – the price, could I justify what would seem like such an indulgence, aren't the retro-seamed styled ones more or less the same, etc – but wearing these has changed my mind. They are incredible. Seriously. The cheaper, non-ff just do. not. compare. The soft, fine fabric, the silky feel, the detail in the welt and the key hole… I've never really got into stockings beyond their visual appeal, but these have changed my mind. Forever. Wow. Just… wow.

Wow. Wow!

That's all.

Oh, wait, I should give you some hints on sizing. I tried the 8.5", the smallest on the site. I'm 5'4" and wear an AU6 (sometimes AU5) shoe. I would go down a size if possible, as they are a bit big in the foot, but I don't think the site carries them/the brand makes them, I'm not sure which. However, this does not put me off. Not one bit. Back to the wow... ahem.

trasparenze red
Trasparenze Jessy (cosmetic/red)
I've always wanted to try a red seamed pair of stockings, but was a bit wary of them looking a bit too much. I needn't have worried. I think these look great and give a nice bit of colour, a nice break from getting too traditional or strict with vintage style. They're fun! These ones are again in that nice stretchy fabric, and have a lovely smooth look to them that really makes your legs look great. I love the stripy welt, too! In fact, the stripy welt might just allow for these to be worn as long socks, rolled down a little, the stripe adding a nice detail to some looks, a la the fabulous Sarah Sophie Flicker. The one down side I felt with these is that there is no heel detail, the line just starts/stops. The toes are in the cosmetic shade too. This isn't a big problem, as I wouldn't wear these with sling backs, but it is good to know. These are great value, easier to wear than you might think, and yes, I would absolutely buy them again!


Antonia Glavic said...

How true! I have always had trouble buying seamed stockings in melbourne. There's just not enough variety or outlets that stock for my liking.
I've always much preferred the super stretchy modern fit.. However after your rave I'm curious about trying the fully fashioned!

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

oh cool! I myself recently got a pair of ASOS, so a little less traditional I suppose, but they'll do the job.

Mabel said...

Wow, I love these!!! I have a pair of black seemed stockings from What Katie Did and I love them. I really love your red ones :)

Mabel Time

Q's Daydream said...

They're all so pretty!
Love that dress/skirt too!

Laura said...

Oh my...those are dreamy! I've been wanting a pair of those for ages...someday I'll go for it :)

<a href="</a></a>

Vintage Hippo said...

wow great review! I really have to buy some new ones, these might be worth a shot!

Esz said...

OOooh yay reviews!! I am a total convert to fully fashioned stockings....I dont like the stretchy type at all. Which reminds me its probably time to start hunting them on ebay again. I wish more people made them for CHEAP...cheaper - more affordable. Sometimes the prices on ebay are insane. And buying them new is expensive too. Especially when they snag so easily.

Rochelle New said...

Oooh I love the red ones! So fun!

Melissa Ashley said...

Love the stockings, and the shoes! I'm always afraid to wear white shoes; I'd ruin them in a second. haha.

Circus Girl (Zoƫ) said...

Oh I love seam line stockings! Never heard of these guys, I use What Katie Did! These look nice though! Thanks for sharing! x

Alli said...

I love the white stockings- so pretty. What suspenders do you recommend wearing? Any brands in particular? Ta :)

In The Heyday said...

So pretty, I quite fancy the red seam ones.

SARAH said...

It's amazing how a little line adds such glamour and intrigue.

MarieBayArea said...

lovely stockings. reminds me of burlesque entertainers and dancers.

Lauren Helen said...

These are so lovely! Unfortunately there's actually not one place in my entire city that sells seamed stockings.

AngeliqueDama said...

All of the socks are amazing!
And your heels are perfect:D

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