Thursday, 26 January 2012

summer days

books glasses c
dress :: tara starlet
silk head scarf, book :: opshops

Every summer I am torn between pretending to be the outdoorsy type, riding my bike and enjoying the sunshine – under several coats of sunscreen, of course – and being the more natural to me indoorsy type, reading my books and avoiding the too-hot heat – and that sticky sunscreen.

I don't actually wear glasses but if I did it would be thick black cats eyes, or thick black NHS specs. I loved nerdy glasses long before I discovered Jarvis way back in my early teens and it's the kind of love that never dies. (Ahh.) I found this great pair in an opshop and knew they'd be perfect for posing in!

This book is amazing and is by one of my favourite authors ever... but more about that another time!

books glasses a
books glasses d
books glasses e


Kailey said...

Jarvis? As in Jarvis Cocker?! He, along with his band Pulp, is one of my absolute favorites *__*

I'm in love with this look! <33

Q's Daydream said...

Bike rides and staying home reading are equally amazing ;o) You look gorgeous as always! Love the hair and glasses.

Andi B. Goode said...

I love this post! The glasses really suit you. I think I'd wear those sort of glasses, too. Oh, and I'm right there with you with being the indoorsy type avoiding the heat!
-Andi x

Miss Amethyst said...

you look soooo adorable!!!1 i know me to not to sure what i want to do in the summer. You make me want to keep my black hair ... im planning on lightening my hair ...but at the same time i have doubts :P

Nessbow said...

I wish my prescription glasses looked like those. They're the sweetest frames I've seen in a while!

Megan Marie said...

Dear Esme,
I found your blog off ModCloth and it was love at first site! You are one of the only style blog role models I have of being fair and beautiful!
One fair girl to another.

Tors said...

I'm all for staying in and reading but the wolf often has other ideas. I do need glasses (in fact, I really need them right now so apologies for any spelling mistakes because I can't find them). I'm loving yours, I just got two pairs of retro styled glasses last month and I have to agree, the geekier the better!

Tess said...

How cute!

Pırpır said...

Dear Esme,

I've recently found out about your blog through Elegant Musings and I have to say I absolutely love it! :)

I love how it is summer in the southern hemisphere, your very fun to read descriptions. Also, you might be the best vintage dresser ever, along with having the prettiest vintage dresses. :) You and your blog is simply elegant.

Have a nice day,
Pırpır :)

Charline said...

Nerdy and lovely, perfect !
Say hi to Melbourne for me. A year ago from today, I was arriving in that amazing city from Paris.

PS: Thanks for you blog, it's very inspiring.

Suzi Maynard said...

really gorgeous pics! love the glasses!
Suzi x
For the Love of Audrey

clin said...

that's a very cool outfit! like your glasses. greatings from germany

Charlotte, a Menina Maçã: said...

love your glasses and the way your skin color matches your dress <3

Sarah said...

Wauw, you look amazing.. xx

CherryMakeUp said...

You are sooo pretty!!! Love your pictures!

Alli said...

Love the summery.
Hope you had a great Australia Day :)

LandGirl1980 said...

Swit-swoo - look at you! I am the same when it comes to summer (or the UK's feeble attempt at it!)

Miss Meadows said...

As a avid sunscreen user myself, I always get tired of all that stickiness! Don't want it on my vintage clothes! Is it really THAT hard to invent sunscreen that behaves more like a body lotion, and doesn't make every passing fly get stuck on your sticky skin?!!! Grrrr!...Lovely dress by the way! :) xo

Immortality Passion said...

Your dress is perfect!!!

Amanda K said...

I also love Betty MacDonald! I grew up on Mrs. Piggle Wiggle! And her grown-up books are interesting, too. When my mom was getting her masters in library science, she did a whole research project on Betty.

Btw, I love your blog and check in daily. Your sense of style and photography are great.


Lynn said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed visiting your blog! It is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE your collection of vintage clothing, and you certainly pull it together with your own style. I shared a few pictures of your blog on my own (with the permission you offer on your blog's sidebar) and linked back to you. Thank you so much!


Hannah said...

Oh you are adorable! I tend to avoid the sun, but do like being outdoors, which normally means me getting sunburnt and wearing too many layers to cover up hah! x

Superstition Vintage said...

I don't think you could get any more beautiful!!


vio said...

this dress, woaaah! <3


Vintage Hippo said...

aww what a great post! I'm so jealous of all that sunshine you've got!! Gorgeous dress too, the neckline is perfect.

Miss Marie said...

Personally, I enjoy being indoors on hot days. I feel like there's pressure to be outside and in the sun, but I just get uncomfortable in the heat and spend all my time dashing between bits of shade! Instead, I love being inside with a big window open wide so you can appreciate the sun and the breeze without having to get too hot going anywhere.

PS Love the sexy nerd look.

Molly Katherine Harries said...

One of my favourite outfits so far :) love the sweetheart neckline x

Maxine Alice said...

oh gosh, so amazing. I long for a dress like this x

Miss said...

I LOVE the dress. As for glasses, I don't get how people who don't need them want to wear them. They are horrible things. I have terrible eyesight and my one wish would be to have my eyesight back and not having to wear glasses or contacts. Count your lucky stars he he

esme and the lane way said...

‪Kailey‬: yep, the one and only Jarvis Cocker! Pulp are one of my all time favourites, too :)

‪Q's Daydream‬ : thanks! I agree. I managed both on a sunny public holiday yesterday! :D

‪Andi B. Goode‬ : thanks! Indoors on 35C+ days is the best place to be :)

‪Miss Amethyst‬ : thanks! I love your pic here, your hair is amazing black!

‪Nessbow‬ : thanks! It took me years of looking…

‪Megan Marie‬ : thanks so much! And hooray for us fair types, not fake-tanning ourselves! :D

‪Tors‬ : I guess a bit of indoor and outdoor stuff is good :) Yep, geeky glasses are the best!

‪Tess‬ : thanks!

‪Pırpır‬ : how nice of you, thanks so much!

‪Charline‬ : thanks! Does that mean you are in Paris now? If so I am totally jealous! :D

‪Suzi Maynard‬ : thanks! :D

‪clin‬ : thank you! :D

‪Charlotte, a Menina Maçã:‬ : hehe thank you!

‪Sarah‬ : thanks!

‪CherryMakeUp‬ : nah I just pic the photos I like best ;)

‪Alli‬ : thanks – you too!

‪LandGirl1980‬ : thank you love! Oh, how I miss the English summer, so… mild! :D

‪Miss Meadows‬ : haha I know, oh for one that "disappears" when on! :) And thanks!

‪Immortality Passion‬ : thanks so mcu!

‪Amanda K‬ : thanks so much, that's so nice! Wow, I would love to hear what your Mum knows about Betty. I love her so much – I must read her children's books too!

‪Lynn‬ : thank you, Lynn! :D

‪Hannah‬ : oh no, I know what you mean! Better to be too hot than burnt, I guess :)

‪Superstition Vintage‬ : haha thanks :)

‪vio‬ :it is a fav..!

‪Vintage Hippo‬ : the sunshine is lovely… but the heat..! Thanks x

‪Miss Marie‬ : indoors is really best way, isn't it?! :D

‪Molly Katherine Harries‬ : thank you!

‪Maxine Alice‬ : I was so excited when I finally found it! :D

‪Miss‬ : the cruel thing is, I don't have great eyesight, but it can't be fixed by glasses! I wouldn't want to need them, though. They're just a fun accessory sometimes!

Mabel said...

I hate the feeling of sunscreen, but it's a must. I don't go outside a lot because I'm always at work, but I do love to do something outdoors as often as I can. I LOVE your glasses :)

Mabel Time

Tweed & Tiaras said...

That book looks wonderful!. I can't wait to hear more about it!.

rubyslippers_86 said...

Gorgeous frock as always and I love the glasses ver Marilyn Monroe in How To Marry A Millionaire

markedbeautyblog said...

Amazing outfit, you look stunning! And the glasses suit you! I definitely believe that indoors is always the best!! x

Zane said...

amazing photos, absolutely love them

Iolanthe said...

Looking super cute, mamasita! Keep the zinc on and stay out of the heat!

AngeliqueDama said...

That dress is to die for<3

Love said...

What a pretty dress. It`s so lovely.


BloodyHell said...

Love your dress!

Rebecca Jane said...

Looking stunning in these shots - I love that beautiful dress!

MarieBayArea said...

I love everything here. That dress. Those specs.

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