Thursday, 9 February 2012

glitter and getting ready for a night out

glitter vintage dress shoes

I went to a party last night and was having a thing for glitter. I ended up not wearing the glittery shoes as they simply aren't the silver and coral Miu Miu boots I want so badly but I liked their glitter ball light scattering presence all the same. I wore a teal vintage dress with little sparkly stones on it.

glitter nails silver b
glitter nails silver
glitter  shoes b


Jo said...

Ohh, I do love your glitter shoes! <3 What true beauties!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Meg Eileen Carroll said...

i will get around to doing this one day! they look cute as pie! (I think that's a legitimate simile ...)

Pırpır said...

Topshop had these heels with really tall heels and platforms a while ago. They were very pretty. There seems to be a lot of affordable options thanks to high street brands, don't you think? Of course, they are not as pretty as Miu Mius :)

Hope you had a lot of fun!

CherryMakeUp said...

These shoes remind me of cinderella!!!

Michelle's Style File said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! I spotted you last night- will be sure to say HI next time.


Ahka Vintage said...

Oh heck those are ridiculously amazing shoes! Gorgeous!
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Ahka Vintage BLOG

Suzi Maynard said...

It was really lovely meeting you last night!
Suzi x
For the Love of Audrey

Zane said...

beautiful shots

Rusty Hoe said...

You know you're feeding my glitter and shoe addiction, right? Serious shoe envy right now.

Sleekit said...

Glittery shoes are on my my wish list, preferable ruby slippers that will take me on a wee adventure

Sleekit x

BriGt said...

luv luv luv those shots Esme !
Very arty and ohhh those shooooes !! i'm a shoes addict and love those one !!

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