Monday, 13 February 2012

your questions, my answers, and some nice prints, too

bernie dexter eiffel tower dress

Hello, and Happy Monday to you! I hope you've had great weekends.

I had a couple of questions today in the comments and I thought I'd answer them straight away! I have a whole pile of things I have promised to do for you, and I am getting to them one at a time. There is a (long promised) hair tutorial, a post on vintage and pale skin, sharing your tips on dealing with stress, sharing the things that you love when you introduced yourselves…and more! Here are those questions and answers to get us started.

Harlow Darling‬ asked:
This is a random question, but you are the only blogger I know that owns a Bernie Dexter dress, and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to clean it? The tags always say "dry clean only" but of course this isn't always true with many garments, so I just thought you might be able to help me out as you seem to have had your Eiffel Tower dress for a while :)
Thanks :) :) :)

I agree about the dry clean only thing not always being true! I wash my Bernie Dexter Eiffel Tower print dress by popping it in the washing machine along with everything else... I've never had any colour run or shrinking issues etc! I probably washed it by hand on its own the first time, which I think is always a good idea with anything new... good luck! And here's to avoiding dry cleaning!

birdy dress from modcloth

‪ZoĆ« Yule‬ said...
I have been meaning to ask if you have any tips for shopping on Modcloth?! I'm wary of sizing and fit over the interwebs, but gah! it's hard to resist that site! Especially with the exchange rate where it is... I'd love to hear any wisdom born of experience you might have to share!

I've got two dresses and one pair of shoes from Modcloth, and one of those dresses was by another brand. I've found they are true to size – no vanity sizing with these two! – and would personally go for the larger size if I was deliberating between two – as I almost always am. The shoes were a US7, and I usually take a US6.5 – and these 7's were way too big, so I think from now on I would go down a size with Modcloth's own-brand shoes. The customer reviews they have often include sizing thoughts, too, so I hope that helps!

I have been a bit of a bad blogger of late, but I haven't forgotten my promises! Have a wonderful Monday and I will be back tomorrow! x


Harlow Darling said...

You are wonderful! Thank you so much for answering so quickly and saving me some $$$ which can be put towards better more Bernie Dexter dresses ;)

Zane said...

love the beautiful patterns here, so pretty

Lynn said...

I would love to see a hair tutorial! I just put my first tutorial up a few days ago.

Still enjoying your lovely blog every day.

North Carolina, USA

Rebecca Jean said...

I have experience with both of these questions.

I own several Bernie Dexter dresses and have washed all of them in the washing machine without any ill effects. Never machine dried though. I always hang my dresses to dry.

I don't have the time, patience, or budget for dry cleaning. All my clothes get laundered at home - including vintage pieces! This is why I primarily stick with 100% cotton garments. Most cotton pieces can be machine laundered even if the tag suggests dry cleaning. I think they're just covering their bums.

On the subject of ModCloth... darling ModCloth. How I love thee. My closet is nearly all vintage and ModCloth. I adore that website!

Since pieces sold on ModCloth are from many different designers, it is best to know your measurements. The size guide they offer is pretty accurate. If you fall between sizes, as I often do, order the larger of the two. And be sure to check the length in the details! I find a lot of ModCloth dresses are short. I always peruse the reviews before ordering as well. Look to find someone close to your measurements and see what size they ordered.

When in doubt, contact customer service. I have found ModCloth's customer service to be some of the best around! As well as their customers! Posting questions on their facebook page and the ModStylists facebook page has always got the me answer I was looking for.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

Q's Daydream said...

Great advice and SUCH pretty prints :D

Aya Smith said...

This was a lot of fun!!! I love reading Blogger Qs and As :)

I work for a little boutique that buys almost all of the same brands that Modcloth does, and one thing I've noticed is that each of the brands has very different sizing... which is difficult to shop via online. Brands like Tulle and Many Bells Down tend to run a little large, where as BB Dakota runs true to size. Such a range of quality too... each brand is made by a different company, so different results :)

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

eat my shorts said...

Gorgeous fabric, lovely photos :)

Jessica said...

So timely! Off to pick up my Bernie Dexter Capris from the dry cleaners :-)

1st wash so was scared I might ruin them. Often take extra care first couple washes with new items then end up relaxing ;-)

Only dresses I've found I continue to dry clean are ones with a strong contrast in colour eg. have a black & cream pinup couture one that I'm nervous about putting in the wash.

My myotape (they're around $15) helps me easily & accurately take my own measurements at home in prep for online shopping. They don't let me 'cheat' or pull the tape tight.

Have a lovely day :-)

Lauren Helen said...

Wow, those prints are super lovely! And I agree about checking customer reviews at Modcloth. Lots of people will leave their measurements along with their review, which is soooo helpful!

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