Monday, 12 March 2012

Dita von Teese Von Follies runway show

dita von follies mar12 s
dita von follies mar12 d

Hello! I am back home after a trek into what may as well have been the country – no real internet connection – and have so much to post about. I have been to a few shows for LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) over the past few days and saw some amazing things – and had a really good time, too!

Here are some pics from the Dita show – there are more to come, too, with Dita herself, of course! Her lingerie collection has some beauties, and I had high expectations for her runway show, as we all know how spectacular they are – and I wasn't disappointed! The styling was beautiful, with gorgeous hair, make up and accessories. I love the big rolls and pomps, and the capelets, and the net eye masks, and the net veils over the hair and face with the little pearls, and the little tilt hats, and, and, and – you get the idea. I plan to pay homage to a few of these looks – the hair and makeup and veils, that is! – over the coming cold months!

I've also a video of the finale, here!

dita von follies mar12 r
dita von follies mar12 q
dita von follies mar12 n
dita von follies mar12 m
dita von follies mar12 l
dita von follies mar12 o
dita von follies mar12 k
dita von follies mar12 j
dita von follies mar12 i
dita von follies mar12 h
dita von follies mar12 g
dita von follies mar12 f
dita von follies mar12 e
dita von follies mar12 c
dita von follies mar12 b
dita von follies mar12 p


Maxabella said...

Absolutely oozing sensualtiy. Thank you, Dita. x

Jo said...

Ohh, how exciting that you were able to attend! <3 I love the first hairstyle - so so so amazing!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

poppykettle said...

Those up-do's are amazing! So sculptural. Looking forward to seeing your interpretation of them :)

Bell's Belles Vintage said...

Love the front rolls and capelets oh and the spotty hair net...great post

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Great pics. I have some of those sets. :D

I love the models hair!

Zuu said...

I want all !!! :)

Sleekit said...

These are such great shots, I struggled a bit to get the best setting on my camera, D10 virgin! I left feeling very inspired by the show, sorry I missed you, another time

Sleekit x

Rosina Lee said...

Such stunning pics,
Thank you for sharing

XX Rosina Lee

AngeliqueDama said...

I wish I was there. Wonderful collection!

Madeline Grace said...

May I just say how extremely jealous I am that you got to go to this?! I can't wait to see the other pictures you post from this! Some of her things are just amazing and I wish I couldn't get in America!

-Madeline Grace
Just Let the Sparrows Fly

Mrs Amber Apple said...

wow, it's so great you got to go! i like her new collection, i really hope it comes to the States soon!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Yowza...those are some amazing get ups....and love how voluptous the models are.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous shots, and lovely undies xx

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

I was at this show too!- Simply amazing :)

Johnny and June said...

Wasn't it all just stunning!!! I was in awe of how wonderful each piece looked on the model. Also, just wanted to say that you looked fabulous yourself!! (I was the girl who said a little confused 'hello' to you after I realised it you :) ). But anyway. Dita! What a gal!

Miss Meadows said...

Pretty!!! Love the styling too! THIS is exactly how I want to look - every day! :) xox

anks said...

Those bras are terribly fitted - girth too loose in the chest (you can see how the band drives up the back especially in the gif. The band is the stabilizer of the bra, it should be really tight!). The bras have too little cupsizes - the breasts are overflowing or being flattened.

The designs look too similar to Effuniak which is a quite successful Polish brand.

Miss said...

Oh how awesome. Love it all!

esme and the lane way said...

Sleekit: it would have been lovely to see you! I think you did a great job with your pics! x

Alice McGenniss-Destro: it was fun, wasn't it! :D

Johnny and June: haha I think I said a little flustered hello back – I totally recognised you but then realised we have never met!

Miss Meadows: very inspired – I know what you mean! Perfect little hats...

anks: I didn't spot this myself, and fitting so many models for the show would have been difficult. And I think overflowing breasts were part of the spectacle! :)

MarieBayArea said...

i'm drooling...

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